and North Node in the 11th House


Work in these areas can help uncover hidden gifts and talents

  1. Objectivity (seeing the “total picture”)

  2. Desire for friendship

  3. Making decisions for the group’s best interest

  4. Willingness to share unconventional ideas

  5. Willingness to champion humanitarian causes

  6. Active participation in groups

  7. Awareness of equality

  8. Relating to others as individuals, apart from their specific roles (gardener, doctor, lover, etc.)

  9. Creating win/win situations

  10. Recognizing how others are special


Working to reduce the influence of these tendencies can help make life easier and more enjoyable

  1. Insistence on getting one’s way

  2. Making changes just to exercise authority

  3. Attachment to taking risks (romance or gambling)

  4. Willfulness and stubbornness

  5. Attachment to the need for approval

  6. Melodramatic tendencies

  7. Doing what’s expected instead of following one’s heart

  8. Unbridled passion—going to extremes

  9. Unawareness of others’ importance

  10. Prideful responses based on fear


The Achilles’ heel Aquarius North Node people need to be aware of is their need for others’ approval (“My survival depends on others giving me approval”) and thinking that if they have others’ approval their life is on the right track. But it’s a bottomless pit: Aquarius North Node people can never get enough approval to feel satisfied or to feel free to be themselves. Actually, for them the approval of others is a false barometer. They must risk disapproval and be true to their own unorthodox ideas in order to develop the deeper and more satisfying feeling of self-approval.

The trap that Aquarius North Node people fall into is an unending search for risk taking—especially in romance (“If I can just have a happy love life, then I will feel complete and can begin to do my part to help the planet”). However, if they don’t balance this romantic energy with a daily commitment to some type of humanitarian cause, it becomes too intense and they inadvertently destroy the very relationship they want so badly.

The bottom line is that they’ll never feel free to dedicate themselves to humanitarian concerns unless they can forget their personal desires. When they add their considerable talents to making universal causes successful, their efforts are energizing and rewarding for everyone concerned. The irony is that when Aquarius North Node people dedicate themselves to a larger cause, they find that the universe will fulfill them on the personal level as well. They need only be mindful of the old adage: “Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it”!


What you really want is to be in love: to be adored and share “center stage” with someone who returns their passion. To reach this goal they must learn to go with the flow—to tell the universe what they want and let life (with its perfect timing) bring others who will recognize and adore them. They need to learn to receive love naturally—to be alert to the window of opportunity and respond to those who come into their lives to love them. Spending time with like-minded people, openly expressing their unorthodox ideas and visions of the future, attracts lovers who can also be friends and give them the support they need. When they focus on enacting their altruistic dreams, life will send them special people to charge their dreams with romantic energy.


These people are effective with groups, as they can see how to promote open, harmonious cooperation. Their interests are nonpartisan, so they are capable of doing what’s best for the group as a whole. They are successful at furthering idealistic causes or humanitarian goals in which they believe. Aquarius North Node people are good in positions that require objectivity; they succeed as scientists, astrologers, electricians, technicians, computer experts, or in any occupation where the ability to see the future and bring it into the present is an asset. They are successful and happy in work that brings innovative ideas to the public. These natives produce positive results through their own properly applied creative energy, and they are able to see things through to completion. Broadcast work in radio or television is another field in which they have innate talents.

Additionally, Aquarius North Node people are extremely creative and ready to bring enthusiasm, passion, and raw energy to get any job done. When they use their determination to carry through in ways that empower the group or further a higher cause, they energize others. However, if they willfully enter professions that spotlight themselves rather than a higher principle (for example, movie star, corporate head, military or political figurehead), it leaves them hardened and unable to relate to others with equality. They are better off in fields where they can use their skills to further important universal causes.


“When I release willfulness, I win.”

“I don’t know what ‘ought’ to be.”

“When I do what’s best for everyone involved, I win.”

“Once I decide what I want, the universe will bring it to me.”

“I don’t have to dominate others to feel okay about myself.”



Aquarius North Node people were kings and queens in past lives, or entertainers—people accustomed to being “special.” Receiving all that applause and admiration formed an ego encrustation that now keeps them from feeling equal with others—they came into this incarnation still feeling “special.”

To regain a sense of equality and belonging, these folks need to give others all the excess energy of fame that was given to them, and they can do it by using their tremendous strength to further humanitarian causes. They are here to help bring in the New Age. Their destiny is to come down from their isolated thrones and re-establish themselves as part of the collective.

When something unfortunate happens, they tend to respond with: “To me? It’s happening to me?” They don’t believe they are deserving of bad luck. One of the lessons they’re learning is that “life” happens to everyone. But from past incarnations of privilege, these folks are outraged when they are treated like everyone else—they’re naive and spoiled.

In other past-life positions of rulership—as chiefs, kings, dictators, or heads of household—they were Very Important People (VIPs) and accustomed to getting their way. Thus, they tend to be demanding and take it as an affront when others don’t heed their wishes, although they do have good hearts. They have so much emotional energy that they often bulldoze others without even realizing it. They are experts at pushing the energy of the id to obtain the results they want, and in this incarnation they are here to share the power of their will with others. They need to consciously focus on the people they interact with and encourage them to get in touch with their own needs and to manifest their own dreams!


Because Aquarius North Node people overdeveloped their will in past lives, in this incarnation it is sometimes out of control—trying to change things, even against their best interests, just for the sake of change. They may be having a nice time in the most pleasant circumstance, when suddenly their will flares up and demands to have its way. This can be very disconcerting. Aquarius North Nodes’ best bet to re-establish equality when this happens is to acknowledge what’s going on: “Sorry—that was my will getting out of hand again. What did you say your idea was?”

These folks were also well-known artists and other highly creative people in past lives. This caused them to develop an attachment to pride, arrogantly promoting their vision above all others. Their powerful will works to their advantage when they apply it to reach a goal, as it gives them the strength and determination to see difficult projects through to completion; but it’s a negative influence when it spreads indiscriminately into other areas of their life. They have spent so many lifetimes building ego, determination, and personal will that they lost their group awareness. Thus, in this incarnation they need to intentionally expand their thinking to include the individual needs of others.

Their will must be focused on promoting the general good in order to be supported by others. Problems arise when Aquarius North Nodes try to control every step of how their dreams are manifested. If they try to control the process, frustration results. What they want is valid; but they are learning to release attachment to how it comes about. The universe wants to meet their needs, and as they learn to bypass their ego, all they require will come to them.

Aquarius North Node people do have an innate confidence in their power to overcome life’s obstacles. Perhaps this is why they have such tremendous resilience and are able to bounce back from catastrophes with a happy heart and a spirit that is willing to go on to the next adventure. They accurately appraise their talents and needs, and then set about creating positive solutions. They don’t seek security through conventional means—they depend on their own wits to ensure their destiny.

In past lives these folks did everything on their own, and this is one reason they are so willful. They push until the desired objective is obtained or until the resistance is so great that they simply have to give up. When they finally do let go of something that isn’t working, they see a higher answer for why the situation didn’t work out as they wanted. And they have lots of help: The Angels and their own intuition will show them the larger picture, and they can count on help from friends who share the same ideals. This is not a “do it yourself” lifetime for Aquarius North Node people; when they allow others to help them reach their goals, it creates a lot of positive, reciprocal energy.


Aquarius North Node people hate to lose when they take risks. Even in playing a simple card game or gambling with low stakes, when money is involved these folks are not “good sports.” They take it very seriously and forget that it’s a game. They were gamblers in past lives, so now they’re not afraid to take risks. Yet owing to a lack of objectivity, they are generally not good gamblers in this lifetime.

These folks never stop to think about the potentially disastrous consequences of whatever risk they are taking—consequences that would cause those in other nodal groups to shudder! They think they are invincible. Often they don’t slow down long enough to evaluate the odds, weigh the situation, and make a practical appraisal that takes into account the wishes of others. They feel an incredible surge of emotional energy, and they take the leap.

Consider love affairs. When Aquarius North Node’s passion is ignited she wants to jump in and invest 100 percent of her devotion—and her mind will create whatever fantasy is necessary to keep the fervor going. She only sees positive qualities in the other person and puts him on a pedestal, making the relationship bigger than life—which creates the emotional charge to which she is addicted.

She is so completely and quickly invested that the stakes of winning or losing the love object become exaggerated. This blurs her vision, and she often finds herself in the middle of a drama where she is the only player. It’s the same in business deals. If she thinks she’s going to make a “killing” following her gambling instincts, she sets herself up for loss. It is important that she take her time and not gamble with more resources than she can afford to lose, whether it’s her money or her heart!

When Aquarius North Node people blindly follow passion (the “high” that accompanies what appears to be an “easy win”), they always lose, whether the situation is a love affair or a financial gamble. When passion is aroused, their best bet is to force themselves to slow down and evaluate the risk. Then they will have the clarity to make a wise decision. They lose when their only goal is self-gratification. When higher, altruistic “stakes” are involved—an objective awareness of the other person’s situation—it gives them the “edge”—the expanded vision they need to strategize successfully.


Aquarius North Node people have spent so many past lives developing the ego that the superego was neglected. (Here, “id” refers to primal needs and desires, “ego” to the aspect of self that mediates those wants with the outside world, and “superego” to an awareness of other people’s needs, society’s mores, etc.)

All the past lives spent building the ego have given these folks the power to get what they want. However, sometimes they become so involved in getting what they want that they don’t stop to make sure it answers a true need (id). Or they may not get what they want because they discount the superego and forget to ask themselves whether what they want is going to diminish or benefit the other people involved. In this incarnation Aquarius North Nodes need to develop their connection to the superego: The stronger this connection, the more effective their use of personal ego in this lifetime will be.

Aquarius North Node people’s primary lesson is to transform their overactive ego into a vehicle for furthering the evolution of humankind. To rein in the ego requires a spiritual connection and strong self-discipline. They simply must not allow themselves to indulge in petty, negative emotional states. Those patterns of thinking feed their egos and hurt their hearts. Others may “get away with it,” but these natives don’t. They have an overabundance of highly charged creative emotional energy, and whatever they focus on expands and assumes a life of its own. They must turn their backs on thoughts that promote envy, arrogance, and pride—it is dangerous for them to indulge in any negativity.

They are well equipped to use their powerful will in this lifetime—to keep the ego from feeding them counterproductive thoughts. For example, when things don’t go their way these folks tend to blame themselves or others for the outcome and become very frustrated. This is the time to stop the bombardment of negative thoughts and remind themselves: “I don’t know what ought to be.” That thought, summoned at key moments, stops their runaway will and brings them peace.

Affirmations are excellent in helping them break free from negative thoughts: “I am filled with loving kindness. Love permeates my being.” By deliberately repeating this type of thought during the day, they can reconnect with their true nature.

Aquarius North Nodes can also work to free themselves from ego entrapment by ceasing to judge and compare themselves with other people. “Well, she’s better off than I am. She’s got more public recognition, more money, more property …” Such comparisons make them angry and envious. They may look at someone else and think: “She has a less prestigious job, she makes less money, she doesn’t have a good relationship …” and then begin to feel superior. They always lose when they judge in this way, because it precludes any true connection or mutual support. And if they resent someone who is close to them, they do not feel good about themselves.

To avoid falling into this trap, they need to recognize when it’s happening and immediately substitute other thoughts: what to buy for dinner, what to do at work, and so on. They also need to recognize that whether a person is striving to become president of the United States, earn a college degree, or make enough money to feed the family, the struggle is the same. If Aquarius North Node people look beyond external appearances and realize that we all share the same struggle, they will relax and feel equal with others again.

These natives were kings and queens in past lives, and they were not petty. They must use their innately regal qualities of dignity, benevolence, and determination to rise above petty emotional reactions unbefitting the temperament of royalty.


Arrogance is inherent in Aquarius North Node people, as they have spent many past lives in positions “above” others. The energy of arrogance can result in isolation, preventing them from getting and keeping those things in life that are most important. However, arrogance can also be translated into a force that empowers them to do their part to bring about evolutionary change and help initiate the New Age for their generation.

These folks think: “My way is best. If I ruled the universe, things would be a lot better.” When they say “my way is best,” the energy of arrogance is driving them to solve problems and contribute to what is happening on the planet. Nonetheless, it must be coupled with humility: “My vision is best, but maybe I don’t always know the best way to implement it—the vision may be coming about in a way I didn’t anticipate.”

When the idea that “my way is best” is strongly based in a perception of what’s going on in the larger picture, then Aquarius North Nodes’ way generally is best—if everyone involved is taken into account. But if it’s: “I want my way regardless of what others want,” then the approach doesn’t work. These folks need to be willing to be flexible—not so attached to a certain sequence of events that they miss the opportunity being presented.


Because of past lives of privilege, Aquarius North Node people expect things to work to their advantage. If an unfortunate event occurs, their first response is often indignation: “I don’t deserve it!”—which implies that there might be other people who deserve misfortune more than they do. When they think in those terms, they lose touch with their innate generosity and start feeling more special than others—and that’s when others take a stand against them. (It’s the “Marie Antoinette syndrome”: Their pompous behavior provokes others to bring them down.) But these folks are operating from a basic naïvete; even when they provoke others, they don’t realize they are doing it.

These folks are operating from an inner framework of goodness and kindness, are basically well disposed toward others, and believe in the goodness of life. Because of these attributes, they generally seem to have “good luck.” However, when things don’t go their way, the spoiled child within often emerges and they feel outraged at the universe and at life itself. Their anger compounds the problem because they block their receptivity to good and get emotionally lost in the bad luck—which creates more bad luck!

If they allow themselves to sink deeper into negative comparisons, their attitude toward people becomes either resentment or disdain. This makes them unpopular—the people they disdain want to bring them down, and those they perceive as “better off” are not inclined to help them because they can sense Aquarius North Nodes’ resentment.

Aquarius North Node people are learning to suspend judgment and take the time to get to know others more deeply: to investigate why others think the way they do and to find out what they may have in common. They cut themselves off from many happy interactions because they are so quick to judge superficial appearances. The only way out of this self-destructive pattern is for Aquarius North Nodes to consciously evoke their inherent generosity. Through many past incarnations of being “special” to others and protected by the universe, these folks have become generous and usually give back from their good fortune. When these natives bless the efforts of others and rejoice in others’ victories, they open the floodgates to their own good fortune.


Another strategy that will keep open the gates to good fortune is for Aquarius North Node people to consciously appreciate the good things that are already coming their way. It’s important that they come from a place of appreciation rather than arrogance. For example, if they are invited to an exclusive party and inwardly respond with arrogance (“Well, it’s about time they invited me!”), they may feel happy temporarily, but this attitude often attracts misfortune. If for some reason the invitation is withdrawn, their arrogance may cause them to react with: “How dare he do that! I deserve to go to that party! Life is against me!”

Unfortunately, since they have enormous creative energy, focusing on the negative becomes a constant battle. But if they believe in—and are receptive to—life’s goodness, when opportunities are presented they recognize them and naturally move in the direction of success.

For example, I had a client with this nodal position who had an accident and broke her pelvis. As she was carried out on a stretcher, she said to herself: “Life loves me [all Aquarius North Node people know this!] and something good will come out of this.” Indeed, during the time she was bedridden she wrote a proposal for a new project that propelled her business to the national level. A relationship that had ended came back into her life to help her, and as of this writing the two are still happily together. Her whole life was redirected and changed because her receptivity to good allowed her to use this seemingly negative event to her advantage.

On the other hand, I had a friend with this nodal position whom I agreed to meet at a popular New York spot before going to the theater. I couldn’t find her inside, so I went outside and found her waiting in line with about thirty other people—and there was a very handsome man standing right behind her in line. She was furious with me for being late and spent the entire time walking to the theater “making me wrong.” What she was really upset about was the fact that she hadn’t been allowed inside, which she interpreted as a personal insult. (These folks can be as sweet as honey when they are being treated with deference, but heaven help those around them if they are treated as equal with others—as “commoners”!) She didn’t get her way, so she made everyone around her miserable (including herself) and missed the generous opportunity that life had brought her: the chance to meet the handsome man who was behind her in the line!

These people are learning to trust the Flow. They are very generous, and life responds to them with generosity. If they don’t get their way—or if someone says “no” to them—they need to expand their vision to see what other opportunity life is bringing. They must let go of their limited picture of what will make them happy and be open to life’s bounty—then a wealth of new experiences will bring them unexpected pleasure.


Aquarius North Node people have had too many lifetimes of being the center-stage star and having constant public attention, so in this incarnation part of them resists being in that position. Fear of not playing their role correctly and inviting disapproval is a great emotional risk, and now they, are generally not rewarded when they take the “star” position.

In this lifetime the enthusiastic applause of others does not nurture these folks. But they are great audience members, supporting others in taking center stage. Their natural enthusiasm evokes excitement from the rest of the audience. In this way, they give back the energy of approval to others and remain free to be themselves.

If they can’t avoid being the center of attention, their best bet is to shift the focus to something outside themselves. For example, if Aquarius North Node is a public speaker, he could focus the audience’s attention on the topic. If he wins approval for his principles or projects rather than seeking it only for himself, his enthusiasm becomes boundless and he has tremendous creative power. Approval is like food for Aquarius North Node people. Conversely, their fear of disapproval may be so enormous that they avoid sharing their true opinions or feelings.

In past lives, Aquarius North Node people were VIPs who had to spout the conventional line—that was part of their job. However, in this incarnation they are here to share unconventional knowledge, and they may not always get approval because they are voicing something new. People seldom accept new knowledge easily because it takes time to see its value, come into alignment with it, and integrate it. These folks need to be willing to risk disapproval in voicing their innovative ideas. They must allow themselves to feel the empowerment of their own self-approval.

When they see themselves as channels for knowledge to flow through, it frees them enormously because they don’t have to be “right.” It also frees them from the vulnerability of needing approval from others. When they realize that they’re just “picking up” free-floating ideas and bringing them through, then whether other people approve or not isn’t a factor.

When these folks are in group situations, very often they have excellent ideas that others accept with enthusiasm. An idea comes to fruition and no one remembers that it was Aquarius North Node’s idea. These folks may have delusions of grandeur, but when they keep a low profile they reach their greatest potential and have the most success.

Not waiting for applause keeps them unencumbered to go on to the next, great thing. When they receive a lot of attention, it blocks their access to new ideas. Thus, their fate is to work behind the scenes and with others to make things happen. Then, if fame should come to them, they can accept it in a balanced way and not take it personally.


These folks want everyone to like them—it’s the motive behind much of what they do. If they do something and don’t get validation, they have a hard time dealing with it. Because of past-life experiences, they subconsciously use approval from others as a barometer of whether they are on track and doing a good job. On one level, Aquarius North Node people are still burdened by thinking they have to “live up to” an image. Although in this lifetime they rebel against that restriction, they are so accustomed to sacrificing their real selves to perform a “role” and earn approval that they all too easily behave in ways they feel are expected—contrary to their own hearts.

Their desire for approval often causes them tremendous inner conflict. They are so aware of others’ responses to them that they often manipulate their image in the others’ eyes. They don’t respond naturally to the flow of events because they want to say exactly the “right thing” to win approval.

But by focusing so much on themselves, they inadvertently deplete their natural self-confidence. If they continually worry about how they appear to others and need a certain amount of approval to be happy, the balance is very fragile. They are under constant pressure to present an image they think is required for the positive feedback they think they need.

These folks are much better off when they respond authentically from who they really are—and then see how the other person responds and whether or not they approve of the other person. When they interact honestly with another person, the other’s response will show them whether they want to spend time with that person. This is a stronger, healthier position for the Aquarius North Node person.




Before Aquarius North Node people can gain the self-confidence needed to successfully pursue their goals, the hindrance of excessive personal ego must be discarded. The ego has been so built up that in this incarnation they practically have to starve it to regain inner balance. Their hunger for prestige can be a bottomless pit, causing them to live beyond their means, adopt a superior attitude, and always want “more, more, more.” Others are allowed to enhance and expand the ego, but Aquarius North Nodes are not. Their desire for acclaim can too easily become an ego trip with an arrogant attitude that summons disaster. So the universe often keeps success from them until they learn to respond in a balanced and gracious way.

Life gives them lots of chances. Because they are inherently confident, energetic, and willing to take risks, their spirit of enterprise rightfully puts them in a position to be victorious. And then life watches to see how they handle each success: If they become pompous, life removes some of the spoils. However, if they handle small victories graciously, life brings an abundance of what they seek—as long as they avoid pride and arrogance and continue to receive with thankful humility.

Aquarius North Node people have a mechanism in the psyche that reflects on self-glory and inflates the ego—then the power goes out of their lives and they attract defeat. Whenever they notice the mechanism activating, their best bet is to immediately disengage it. They must stop thinking how glorious they are and consciously remind themselves: “Okay, I don’t know if I’m going to win or lose, but I think maybe I could help others have a positive experience.” This will allow them to re-establish a balanced perspective.

Another approach to circumvent the problem of overdeveloped ego is to deliberately use the ego to benefit other people or humanitarian causes. These people were royalty in past lives; now, by focusing on benefiting “the people” instead of enhancing their own reflection, they will win.


Aquarius North Node people have vivid imaginations and often entertain themselves with fantasies of grandeur. For instance, if they become bored in their professional life, they may imagine they’re going to write a best-selling book and appear on all the talk shows. It doesn’t matter if the fantasy is unrealistic; it’s pleasant and becomes satisfying in its own right. Unfortunately, such fantasies take the “edge” off, giving Aquarius North Nodes a certain level of satisfaction that blocks creative action.

The irony is that these folks have all the creative power they need to make their fantasies come true—but their motive determines the outcome. In the example, if the motive for writing the book is fame and glory, success will elude them because, in this incarnation, it’s set up for the ego to defeat them whenever they try to feed it. However, if the motive is to help other people, there’s no limit to the heights they can attain! The humanitarian side of their nature must be developed.

Another problem with fantasizing is that it moves reality into the future, which makes Aquarius North Node people much less effective in handling the present. For example, if they focus on fantasies of fame as authors of best-selling books, they may pass up opportunities to write articles for a local magazine. They miss the stepping-stones that would lead to their dreams actually coming true.

The same tendency undermines their relationships. If they are romantically attracted to someone, they begin fantasizing and make the person the ideal future mate of their fantasy. They begin living so much in the future that they start relating to their partner as that ideal person and miss the steps in the present that could, over time, bring about what they want. Thus, their challenge is to stop fantasizing and, instead, respond to the opportunities unfolding in the here and now. When there is not a fantasy attached to their present circumstances, they always know what to do to succeed. Luckily Aquarius North Node people have plenty of will and mental discipline, because it takes every ounce of both to keep their minds from wandering into the dimension of fantasy and delusions of grandeur that block action in the here and now.

To ensure success, these folks always have to be aware of their intent. When they allow the motive of self-aggrandizement to take the upper hand, it immediately drains the energy they need to succeed. For example, if they want to help people by starting a meditation group, they need to stay focused on their altruistic motives. In this way they will have the energy, clarity, and joy required to manifest the idea. The way to make their dreams happen will occur to them as they move ahead, and doors will magically open to make the path easier.

However, sometimes they allow themselves to think of personal gain or loss: “Gosh, maybe I’ll become a guru and people will begin following me,” or “I wonder what my professional peers will think if they find out I’m into meditation.” Either way, as soon as they allow themselves to think of personal gain or loss, all the energy for accomplishment begins to dissipate and they end up doing nothing.

Also, involvement with ego interferes with their vision to such an extent that they may overlook what people actually need from them. This limits their success. But when their conscious motive is 100 percent altruistic, they will tune in to the specific help needed on the planet at a given time in a given situation. Once they truly see an existing need and respond to it from a place of nonego, they reap success and fame.


These folks are better off when they choose a more humble path, walking away from the spotlight and acclaim. They instinctively seek credit and fame; but when they get it, it inflates their ego and they lose their sense of graciousness and equality. When Aquarius North Node people adopt an attitude of humility, their lives become magical and everything works to their advantage. They finally see clear, practical outlets for their gifts. But if they maintain a prideful position, their talents may not find expression so easily.

For example, I had a client with this nodal position who wrote a book containing many New Age ideas. Right away she swelled with pride, considering which major publisher she wanted to handle her book. It didn’t occur to her that because she had no pre-established reputation in the field, she might also want to approach a smaller publishing house. The large publishing houses turned her down, she turned up her nose at starting smaller, and she ultimately abandoned the project. Everyone lost, including the people who would have benefited from her ideas if she had been willing to begin more modestly.

Arrogance can also be a problem when the universe sends others to help bring Aquarius North Nodes’ ideas to completion. Often these natives don’t want to share the credit or the money, and they don’t want to lose control. They fear that if they work with others they may have to give up some of what they want. “Their way” and “their ideas” become paramount; they become less interested in solutions that will actually help other people—the humanitarian attitude they need to develop in this lifetime.

An example is my client whose husband, a North Node in Aquarius, was a therapist. He was writing an advice column to teenagers and showed his wife a response he was writing to a girl. The wife (my client) disagreed with his approach, and in this case her ideas were actually much better. Her husband was missing something, and he felt it too, yet he went ahead with his own ideas and never again showed her any other responses. If he had the humility to put the goal of helping first—regardless of whose idea it was—he would have been objective and open to her input.

These folks have their own vision and know exactly how they want it to turn out. They want to do it their way. However, if two people come together with a shared altruistic ideal or vision, that will become more important than either one’s idea of how to get there. This is what actually happens when Aquarius North Node people are humble enough to work with others.


In this incarnation, Aquarius North Node people need to make a choice: personal, ego-centered life versus impersonal dedication to humanity. When they choose to focus on personal life, they lose; when they choose impersonal dedication to humanitarian causes, they win—and the personal life they always longed for is magically added!

To fulfill their need for appreciation, they need to get past the limitations of personal ego and give back to humankind as a whole—to find some humanitarian service or cause they can support. Dedicating their lives to something bigger than ego gives them a purity of purpose that enables them to invest themselves without taking the results personally. In fact, altruism helps them develop their tremendous capacity for self-confidence.

Otherwise there are times when they don’t trust their motives. Especially during their youth, these folks may wonder if anyone really does things from pure altruism. But if their conscious intention is to help, their concentration will automatically be on the alert for whatever will work to get people what they need.

Aquarius North Nodes have such a generous nature that they often are devastated when others do not accept their gifts or respond with applause. They can prevent this problem by actively seeking information about what others want and need, and what they are doing that is keeping them from getting the response they want. These folks may have a tough time hearing feedback in a constructive way, but they are learning to see the larger view.

For example, if they write children’s stories, they first find out which publishers are interested in that kind of story. If they receive a rejection slip, they should find out what the publisher needs and then tailor their creative product to fit, or write another story that better meets the publisher’s needs.

Moreover, they are recognizing that they can’t take credit for their ideas anyway, because none of them are truly “theirs”! New Age, innovative ideas are floating in the air, and Aquarius North Nodes’ gift is that their “antennae” are tuned to the right frequency to pick them up. Recognizing this can release their fears of both success and failure, because their ideas really have nothing to do with them personally. Their job is simply to “pick up” the ideas and transmit them to others.

These folks have access to knowledge that helps free people. Thus, when their intention is to empower others, the motive is so clear that the necessary ideas just “come through”—intuitively, or from other people. The only way they can know which information is truly helpful in a particular situation is by paying attention to others’ responses. Ideas that are useful will be well received. If Aquarius North Nodes share knowledge with others that is not accepted, it simply means they need to proceed to the next idea and see if that one is useful. Others will pull the knowledge they need from these folks—it’s a very impersonal thing.

For example, if Aquarius North Node writes a book on philosophy and the publishers turn it down, perhaps that philosophy is not the vehicle people need in order to hear the message. However, if he presents the same message in a novel, perhaps there will be an instant demand. Aquarius North Node can tell by others’ response which format is correct.

If Aquarius North Node people believe that by putting effort into helping their fellow beings something positive will come back to them, then they have endless energy to keep trying until they discover which of their talents others respond to in a positive way. Life is like a boomerang: When they use their creative energy to help others, whatever they need comes back to help them. There is great power for these folks in altruism. When the ego is not involved and they are not personally invested in the results, it’s easy for them to become creatively involved. Self-gain will be a natural byproduct. The universe keeps filling them up because they’re passing on the benefits of their creative energy to others.


Aquarius North Node people need impersonal feedback to gain perspective, because they are so identified with themselves that they can’t see themselves clearly. Input from someone they trust can be helpful—they want to see the larger view so they can cooperate and get what they desire! For example, in a romantic relationship they are usually blissfully ignorant of what is going on. Then, because of factors in the larger picture that they didn’t see, they get hurt. To avoid emotional pain, they need an objective guidance system for their personal life.

These folks need to modify the ego and bring themselves into alignment with the Flow. The Esoteric Sciences (Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Handwriting Analysis, etc.) can provide the objectivity to restrategize. These resources increase Aquarius North Nodes’ powers of correct observation and modify their tendency to automatically react to situations in an ego-centered way. The I Ching is an excellent tool for this; it gives the “inside scoop” on what is troubling them, and it empowers them to come into alignment with what is actually happening.

Astrology is also an excellent tool for fostering objectivity: It allows them to see themselves and others impartially, releasing them from the frustration of trying to evoke things in the other person that are not there, and providing otherwise hidden knowledge of who they really are. It helps them lovingly accept themselves and others, and value others’ individuality.

Aquarius North Node people are very talented in these sciences and could easily enter one of these fields professionally. They have an ability to “read the map” of the astrology chart, or the Tarot—any divination base that is an objective “launching pad” from which to direct their antennae toward the innovative knowledge that can help free themselves and others.

Another resource is their friends. They have great friendship karma. Honest feedback from friends can help them understand where ego is blocking their happiness. Gaining knowledge is their key to freedom, showing them how to avoid defeating patterns of ego expression. In this way, they gain a measure of control over their destiny.

When they step back and deliberately look at situations from the other person’s perspective (what the other person wants and needs), then they can make choices in alignment with what will work for everyone—including themselves—in each situation. But ultimately, to gain the full measure of freedom and love they so fervently seek requires these folks to not only objectively view others but also objectively view themselves. They need to watch themselves brushing their teeth, walking down the street, interacting with others, and so on. As they begin to observe themselves in action, watching without judging, they gain the perspective to authentically be themselves without fear.


Aquarius North Node people are learning to recognize that if they can’t make progress on a current project, the universe is trying to send them in a different direction. They should allow the flow of natural events to show them where to put their time and energy, rather than trying to dictate those decisions from their own point of view. If something doesn’t turn out the way they want it, perhaps the outcome is destined to be something they aren’t yet aware of.

They can free themselves of the negative and obsessive energy of: “I’m not getting my way; it’s not turning out the way I envisioned” by allowing themselves to be distracted in a direction where they can constructively express their creative energies. They need to notice where the universe has opened the doors and be willing to walk through!

Rather than putting out so much personal effort, they need to relax and remain open to the Flow—then they will travel with true power behind them. For example, even though it’s the job of Aquarius North Node to bring in the New Age, if they don’t allow the Angels to help them, they will become too attached to their own personal effort and won’t have the power they need to accomplish this goal. If they rest in the Flow, they will find themselves using minimal effort to accomplish maximum results.


These folks sometimes inadvertently defeat their own happiness through simple misunderstanding. In past lives, others gave them what they wanted and they were happy. But in this lifetime, when others give them what they want, they don’t feel as happy as they thought they would. This is because being so attached to a specific idea of what they need to be happy limits the bounty they can attract. In this lifetime their job is simply to be receptive, to see what life brings; they will discover that this will actually make them happy.

Aquarius North Node people are learning to release their expectations of what they think will bring them happiness and believe that life wants them to be happy. Then they can just accept the next thing along the road that brings them a feeling of joy. When they fight for something, they generally don’t get it simply because the intensity of trying to grab it pushes it further away. In this lifetime they are learning to receive love. If they push with their will and get it, generally they aren’t happy with it. They are learning that if life brings it to them, it is right for them at that time and they can enjoy it. Their greatest pleasure comes from experiencing with awe and gratitude the bounty of the Flow.

Many of their expectations come from the fact that they have already played out a situation in their head and given everyone their proper lines—so when they are actually with those people, they subconsciously force them into the role of their fantasy. This leads to two problems. First, when the other person doesn’t go along with the script, Aquarius North Node is confused and angry; her expectations are disappointed. Second, when she’s focused on the “script” she can’t see what is happening in the present, so she loses touch with her ability to change the situation to her advantage.

Aquarius North Node people are learning that when they try to remind everyone else of their lines and expected behavior, they forget to play their own authentic part. They need to stand back and observe others objectively. Over time, the other person’s qualities will become clear. The native won’t be disappointed because she is simply observing who the other person is without any expectations. Then she can tune in to how the other person’s behavior affects her. Rather than trying to change people, she can decide who she feels good spending time with.

A further advantage of this approach is that by allowing the other person to be himself, it gives Aquarius North Node space to be herself as well. Then, keeping her goal in mind, she can spontaneously express her reactions in ways that are appropriate to the situation as it unfolds.


When Aquarius North Node people become indignant that others are getting something they are not getting, they may indulge in an overly dramatic reaction that alienates those around them and undermines their own position. This can be anything from a careless “attitude” on their part to a serious misunderstanding that eventually results in disaster. These folks are often too quick to resist the wills of others. When someone else asserts his or her will, these natives tend to automatically respond with resistance. It’s like a reflex. Even if the other person’s action or comment is based on wisdom, the natives’ reaction will still be to try and get their way, which will be exactly the opposite of what the other person wants. This can cause others to lose interest in them.

When these folks use willfulness to achieve their goals, without considering the people involved, they alienate others. They tend to move too quickly; they see the goal and want to get there immediately. This short-circuits the entire process of cooperative partnership—for others as well as for themselves—and no one wins. Often the process is filled with a series of false starts and confusion—all because Aquarius North Nodes did not wait for the logical, successful pathway to reveal itself. They are learning to stand back and watch the situation: to observe what is occurring instead of always being so intensely involved. Then they will find themselves less threatened by others’ assertiveness and less reactive in ways they later regret.

Aquarius North Node people can be so willful, and so intent on what they want, that they sometimes blatantly disregard whether or not something is fair for the other people involved. When they get a little “puffed up” with their own importance, it can lead to carelessness in their relationships with others. Although other people have helped them reach success, they may think they should have the lion’s share of the rewards and forget to consider what is fair. When others become aware of their lack of concern, they may question these folks’ good intentions and whether they can be trusted with leadership. Others become uneasy about how far Aquarius North Nodes would go to get their way. They need to let others see how they (the others) are also going to win, and then those people will be more supportive of the natives’ plans.

These people are learning a very important lesson: Life has to be a win win situation! Others won’t want to play unless their own needs will be met. If Aquarius North Node people consider what is fair for others, it will help them relax about getting their way and create situations that are in everyone’s best interests. Then others will welcome their enthusiastic participation. Also, they will gain a clearer perspective of the motives of the people around them. They may find that a person they have seen as an enemy is actually someone who truly wants to support them. By deliberately cultivating a humanitarian attitude and staying aware of the larger picture, their innate generosity is freed and their energy infuses a group bonding that empowers everyone.



In past lives others put Aquarius North Node people on a pedestal, and over many lifetimes they lost their awareness of how to be part of the “human collective.” But this led to isolation and loneliness, and now they are reestablishing identity with humankind and gaining a sense of equality. When they focus on what they can do to enhance others, they begin to recognize that their happiness is not a by-product of getting their own way. Rather, it comes from the happiness of the “collective”—be it their partner, their family group, or the whole world.


One way these folks can break through the isolation of having been special in past lives is to begin recognizing the specialness in others. When they deliberately acknowledge and encourage the unique, creative life force in others, they feel energized, equal, and part of humankind again. They have a tremendous ability to put another person at “center stage.” If they are ever in a situation where they lack confidence, all they have to do is put the spotlight on someone else. Then they will automatically feel more secure and at ease with themselves.

Aquarius North Node people have an incredible gift for friendship when they access it. Once they come down from their thrones and take an interest in others, they are joyously included. For this to happen, they need to develop a genuine curiosity about others: their lives and struggles. These folks are so charged with the creative energy of success that their confidence is infectious and encourages others to rise above their problems. Then everyone wins, because the Aquarius North Node finally feels loved and included for who he is as a person, rather than for the role he plays.

Their innate confidence, combined with their childlike trust, enables Aquarius North Node people to reach out freely to others, and they make friends easily when they want to. These folks have great friendship karma; if they relate to others from a position of friendship first, they have their best chance at a successful relationship—whether it be with a child, lover, spouse, parent, or co-worker. Cultivating friendship as the basis for all their relationships is the key for their success.

Friendship is an equal relationship in which both people objectively consider what is best for the other, supporting the other person in what will make him or her happy. For example, if a friend has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accept a job offer 1,000 miles away, these natives will, without hesitation, encourage the friend to accept the job regardless of the fact that they will miss the friend.

Unselfishness in supporting the other person leads to wonderful friendships for Aquarius North Node people. Trust is built, because the other person sees that the native is truly thinking of what is best for the friend, without any ulterior motive. And these folks give great advice! Their friends are loyal because they feel the natives’ enthusiasm and good intentions.

In romantic relationships, Aquarius North Nodes’ tendency to feel “more special” than others sometimes defeats them. They do not usually initiate romantic situations, so it is often completely unexpected when someone is attracted to them. But if the feeling is mutual, their powerful passions are instantly aroused. The other person usually makes them feel very important. They are put on a pedestal, and past-life memories of being admired begin to stir.

If they don’t recognize that the other person needs to admire them in order to fall in love, they lose perspective, begin to take their own importance seriously, and inadvertently start dominating the partner. This attitude can cause the partner to “turn off,” and the Aquarius North Node is left with another romantic disappointment. The lesson is to remember that romance involves admiring the specialness in each other.


Owing to their past-life experience, Aquarius North Node people instinctively approach a project with the idea of doing it by themselves, their way. But when they do, not a lot of energy comes back. They are better off uniting with peers who have similar ideals. This is why they have such excellent friendship karma: When they do things with others, they are filled with creative energy.

Anything they approach on their own becomes bogged down and difficult for them in this lifetime. They want to make all the decisions, but when others are involved, they’re forced to stay open, so they naturally expand and become more innovative and creative. And much to their surprise, when they do link with others it’s much more fun (even though they don’t like sharing the control).

In choosing projects, their best bet is to follow the energy that attracts them. Once involved, if their energy soars, they are “on path.” They should do what they can to creatively further the project. Every group has a need, and because their antennae are so sensitive, these natives can see innovative solutions that will create successful results for everyone. The more they give credit to just “seeing ideas” rather than personally “having ideas,” the more ideas will come to them.

If they get feedback: “Your idea is great, but it needs more development,” perhaps it’s time to link with others to modify and develop it. Their motive is to help, and the universe will open the path to successful manifestation.

Sometimes Aquarius North Node people notice the talent and creativity of others and become envious. They don’t want to admit that someone might be “better” than they are. Yet it is only when they access their natural generosity of spirit and stay focused from the perspective of equality that they become open to being successful themselves. Furthermore, it’s important for them to generously acknowledge and appreciate others’ talents, because their greatest individual power is expressed when uniting with others to reach a common goal. Moreover, just as others benefit when these folks point out ways they are special, Aquarius North Nodes also benefit by being open to what others consider special about them. The aspects that others value in them are the qualities they need to accentuate, the strengths they need to build to gain the influence they seek.

Another important factor is carefully choosing whom to work with. They do better with like-minded people who are not controlling and are open to new ways of doing things. Aquarius North Node people are kids at heart—they don’t want any “adult” telling them what to do! They need to work with people who are generous, who respect them, and who value their ideas. When they involve others, their creative process becomes energized and the successes generated by the shared energy are far greater.

These folks have tremendous powers of persuasion. If their focus is on the “greater good” and their way of getting there is indeed a better way, they will have no problem persuading others. Indeed, others welcome their creative, innovative ideas. When they focus—and keep others focused—on the higher purpose that is being served, all self-defeating limitations of ego depart. The natives become objective and are able to access their power.

Aquarius North Node people are talented and have much to contribute, but they seldom achieve their highest goals when they resist sharing the credit and the glory. This is a group-oriented lifetime. It takes a lot of people to bring in a New Age, and when these folks unite with others to manifest new values and ideas, success comes easily and everyone has a lot more fun!


Aquarius North Node people love being in love, but they need to apply the same unselfishness and objectivity in their love affairs as in their friendships. By taking the time to build a friendship before allowing romance to fully ignite, their willingness to “be there” for the other person comes through. This leads to trust, and the relationship has a chance at success.

These folks require equality in every area of their lives, especially romance and marriage. They need to meet their match: someone who is as strong as they are so they don’t overshadow the other person. Both partners should feel complete in their own right. They need to make sure that their basic needs are being met through some vehicle other than the romantic partner. Then they can be a little more objective—not so desperate to get what they want—and they will be more successful with their relationships.

In romance, as soon as they are given special attention it activates past-life memories of when—to keep the attention and adulation going—they performed and gave the audience what it wanted. Now, in relationships, they inadvertently begin to “perform”—to be what they think the other person wants. They can become “people pleasers,” which causes the other person to lose interest, and once again they experience romantic disappointment. They need to stay in touch with their own dreams and actively pursue their goals aside from the relationship.

Aquarius North Node people have an incredible capacity to give love; when they channel all that love into only one person, the receptacle isn’t big enough to contain the energy. They need something bigger. That’s why it is crucial not to focus exclusively on the object of their passion. If they want a romantic relationship to work, they must consciously divert some of their intense energy to other friendships and toward humanitarian causes.


Passion is an intense configuration of vital life energy. When that level of energy is ignited between two people, an instinctive desire for union and bonding arises. However, the process of successful bonding takes time, and Aquarius North Node people don’t want to wait. An addiction to romantic passion is a primary area of challenge for this nodal group.

Generally, the other person begins showing romantic interest in the native. At first, these folks don’t “get it,” but if the other person continues to pursue them, and some physical bonding takes place, then forget it! When passion hits (that is, a combination of physical “chemistry” and a person who meets their romantic ideals), they dedicate their lives to following that feeling and the person who activates it. Because they are so desperate for romantic passion, when it’s activated it’s like getting a summons. They want to live life without regrets of not having experienced the high points.

Past-life feelings of loyalty and allegiance emerge, and these folks become devoted to their romantic ideal. Suddenly these cheerful, friendly