and North Node in the 12th House



Work in these areas can help uncover hidden gifts and talents

  1. Being nonjudgmental

  2. Compassion

  3. Surrendering anxiety to a Higher Power

  4. Freeing the mind through meditation and self-reflection

  5. Focusing on the spiritual pathway

  6. Trusting in positive outcomes

  7. Acknowledging connection with the universe

  8. Welcoming change

Tendencies to Leave Behind

Working to reduce the influence of these tendencies can help make life easier and more enjoyable

  1. Hyperanxiety reactions

  2. Overanalysis

  3. Obsessive worry

  4. Exaggerating the importance of details

  5. Critical first reactions

  6. Fault finding—making others wrong

  7. Excessive anxiety over making mistakes

  8. Being Mr. or Ms. Perfect

  9. Staying in unpleasant situations

  10. Inflexibility


The Achilles’ heel Pisces North Node people need to be aware of is their compulsive need for order (“My survival depends on everything being in order according to my view of how life ought to be and how others ought to behave”), and it can lead them into the trap of an unending search for perfection (“If only the people around me were more perfect, I could relax and trust”). But it’s a bottomless pit: Since life and other people are never in a static state of perfect order long enough for Pisces North Nodes to feel secure, their expectations can lead to continual tension and anxiety. Because life—and others—are never ideal enough for them to let go of control, they continually postpone trust and joy.

The bottom line involves accepting that the universe’s plan is better than theirs and that things are unfolding properly, regardless of how it seems. The only place they can create “perfect order” is within themselves, by surrendering to a Higher Power and trusting that everything is indeed in order. The irony is that when Pisces North Node people blindly trust the Infinite and accept that everything contributes to their greater happiness, they suddenly become aware of the larger picture and begin to sense how things are working to their advantage. Then they can let go of control and be happy.


What you want is to be right all the time and to be perfect in the sense that they—and everyone else—are following “the plan” 100 percent of the time. But they want everyone to be in total, perfect alignment with “the plan” that they think is right. First they need to accept that they do not know what “the plan” is. They need to turn away from rigid physical and material planning and refocus on the larger, spiritual vision. Through trusting and surrendering to the wisdom of the Higher Power, they can watch life’s circumstances with the conviction that what is unfolding is indeed part of “the plan.” Then the way becomes clear. They are filled with calm and feel in alignment with “the plan” because the spiritual vision is the energy of perfection they are seeking.

Pisces rules enlightened states of consciousness, the oceanic feeling of oneness with all life. At times Pisces North Node people have slipped into an enlightenment state—a state of total connection with the universe. Their life purpose is to nurture that state and make it part of their daily experience.


These people need to have their own private office or space. They work very well alone and enjoy projects that involve discovering and carrying out a vision where the work is done in private (such as research, library work, or computer work). Pisces North Node people succeed in any profession that involves the individual pursuit of spiritual Truth, including working and living in monasteries or convents. They can be fantastic artists, craftspeople, performers, or musicians—bringing their private dream to others. They are also great promoters, because they are so good at “behind the scenes” activities. Even if they work in a regular job, they need to allow themselves ample time for solitude and reflection.

Pisces North Node people also have inherent gifts for noticing pertinent details and analyzing the significance of information. When they use these past-life gifts as a backdrop for manifesting their dreams, their innate practicality will help them. However, if they involve themselves in professions that stress attention to detail, in-depth analysis, perfection, or accuracy (such as bookkeeping or systems analysis), they are likely to experience anxiety and restlessness. These folks are better off when their profession focuses on manifesting a vision, empowering them to use their practical skills to bring it into reality.


“All is well and everything is unfolding as it should.”

“God’s spiritual government can never fall out of place.”

“When I ‘Let Go and Let God’—I win.”

“My survival is not threatened by disorder.”

“This isn’t my job—it’s God’s job.”



Pisces North Node people spent many past lifetimes as physical healers and helpers: They were the surgeons, doctors, and nurses in many different cultures. These were critical positions where they had to focus and “do it right,” because a person’s life depended on it. Thus, there’s a lot of attachment to and a sense of urgency about doing things perfectly in this lifetime. When things go according to plan, Pisces North Nodes feel confident and strong; everything’s under control and the “operation” is proceeding successfully. But when the unexpected occurs, they panic. Subconsciously, they think when something has gone “wrong,” someone’s going to die.

As medical personnel they had set rules and procedures—there could be no mistakes. Thus, in this incarnation they carry an over attachment to doing things in an exacting, flawless way. They not only burden themselves with this expectation of impeccable behavior, but they tend to apply the same rigid standards to those around them, especially in the workplace. Perhaps because of their past lives in the medical field, they are often very health-conscious, have a fear of contamination, and feel a need to keep their environment spotlessly clean.

Additionally, Pisces North Node people have had past incarnations representing spiritual truth by being of practical service in the world through perfect, “by the book” behavior—as monks, nuns, and “Mother Teresa”-type people. They were role models; others looked to them to learn how spiritual people should behave. Because their behavior resulted in admiration and rewards, they have a subconscious association between being “perfect” and having things in the material world go their way. However, in those past lives they got “stuck” on the perfection of form and lost touch with the essence of their healing power. This is understandable because they had to perform rituals and always dress and act in a certain way. Thus, in this lifetime they want to release attachment to form and get back in touch with essence. It’s time for them to claim the rewards of peace and inner contentment for their past-life service.


In past lives, Pisces North Nodes’ analytical processes were overused and overdeveloped, so now they are born with a propensity to analyze everything. They are constantly pulling things apart to see how they work, and they tend to be dissatisfied until they understand. Their mental processes are in high gear all the time, often analyzing things that should be left alone. Like peeling an onion, they take off layer after layer until there’s nothing left—and then they end up feeling empty and anxious. This lifetime, it’s not set up for them to find the answers they are seeking through analysis.

These folks analyze problems from every possible direction with an intensity that drives the other nodal types crazy! They think of all the things that could go wrong—things they can’t control. Once they decide there’s something to worry about, it puts them in an intense, frantic state that, when activated, is very hard to disengage. It isn’t the present that worries them so much as what might happen in the future. The overwhelming majority of their worries never materialize, but that doesn’t stop these folks from living in a continual state of anxiety.

There are several reasons why their projected “worse-case scenarios” are unlikely to happen: (1) They don’t consider new insights or actions that can circumvent the feared outcome; (2) they don’t allow for outside intervention; and (3) most important, they don’t allow their intuition to provide an accurate “sense” of the future—whether there is actually something to be concerned about. They have to stop thinking in order to tune in and “feel” the future.

Many problems arise for Pisces North Node people because of their tendency to overanalyze. For example, they have a vision and then try to force it into manifestation without allowing the universe to unfold it in its own way. They do see a path, but it’s not necessarily the whole road; it may be just a narrow trail. Perhaps one person can go that way, but when there are others involved it requires a larger vision.

These folks are so accustomed to implementing that they become too narrowly focused on the task at hand and don’t take other circumstances into account. Their best bet—when things stop working according to their plan—is to step back. Rather than panic, they need to remind themselves that a higher plan may be unfolding of which they are unaware.


Owing to past lives spent creating order in situations of chaos, these folks are born with the feeling that they are always supposed to have the answers. So they constantly seek ways to create healing and restore order—both for themselves and others. When they are faced with a problem, they begin to tense up and try to figure out the answer—then the situation worsens and so does their anxiety. It can take days to get over their feelings of inadequacy at not being able to find the “right answer.”

The irony is that these people do have access to the answers, but only when they first acknowledge that, all on their own, they don’t have the answers. They must surrender the problem to a Higher Power and be open to insights that come through their intuitive process, not their analytical process. Then the “right” answers do come, either in the form of an insight or through a general sense of well-being in the situation.

For example, I had a Pisces North Node client who, after years of study in Europe, was highly schooled in traditional techniques for teaching people how to sing. But when she applied these techniques to her students, the results were frustrating and time-consuming. Only when she began to relax and allow their individual vocal dysfunctions to permeate her being, releasing “the problem” to a Higher Power, was she able to intuitively see how to communicate the exact perspective that each person needed to unblock his or her voice. Ironically, by not feeling pressured to immediately know “the answer,” she found that part of her subconscious did know the answer and that she did have a true gift for developing her students’ voices.


Pisces North Node people are always trying to figure out where they “belong”: where their slot is, what their job is, how they fit in with everyone else. This pressing urge is based on an inner feeling that they have no value apart from their job or duty; and the idea of not being defined is terrifying for them.

What they are looking for (the ultimate security) is where they “fit” within themselves. Until they recognize this, they spend time and energy in a futile search, because in this incarnation they are not scheduled to fit in a tangible position. To feel their “fit,” they must access the spiritual dimension of life; this is where meditation, relaxation techniques, yoga, and spiritual pursuits are so valuable. These practices focus attention on the intangible context within which all tangible, material things exist.

Focusing on the spiritual atmosphere behind what is happening in the material world gives Pisces North Node people a comfortable and secure sense of being connected with others and helps them expand their vision to include a larger awareness—a sense of the wholeness of everything that transpires. As they experience wholeness and serenity within themselves, they will grow more aware of the atmosphere they create. By learning to identify with their own energy field, they will be able to “fit into” the atmosphere surrounding them wherever they go.


Pisces North Node people have had so many lifetimes of needing to be “perfect” that they came into this incarnation with a “be perfect” script embedded in their subconscious. They think they have to be “Mr. or Ms. Perfect” all the time. The good news is that in this lifetime, it’s fine for them to make mistakes. In fact, they are not allowed to be perfect—a “glitch” always arises at the last minute to upset their “perfect” image. This is the universe reminding them that in this lifetime it’s okay to make mistakes, to be human, and to be themselves.


These folks are really into planning. They focus on where they want to go and structure exactly how they will get there. Then, because in past lives they were so accustomed to keeping their eye on details, they become fixated on the plan and lose sight of the vision! The slightest alteration of their plan makes them “go ballistic,” because they think they’re not going to get what they want.

They think that if they do everything “just right” they can keep their world under control. They are shocked when, in spite of their attention to detail, their world starts to fall apart (the wife leaves, the business fails, a child begins acting out, etc.). Just when they get their plans all “set,” life sends in something from left field to shake everything up. This is the universe’s way of letting them know that when they get too rigidly attached to their method for reaching their goal, it won’t work—because they’re excluding themselves from the fun and adventure of unexpected things happening along the way. When they have their mindset on exactly what they want, the best that can happen is limited by their own preconceived ideas.

For example, a Pisces North Node person and a friend may want to go from New York to Los Angeles. Pisces North Node will probably plan out the entire route in a specific way that is direct and practical. When they start out, the friend looks ahead, sees that a blizzard is predicted to cross their route, and suggests taking a route that will bypass the storm. Pisces North Node is likely to become upset: She is totally attached to her plan and fears that if they don’t follow that precise route they may never reach Los Angeles.

These folks also have a tendency to overplan, pressing themselves to get a lot done in a short period of time. However, the solution does not lie in structuring their time to accommodate all their activities, but in totally unstructuring it—just observing themselves in action. This approach will create a natural, proper distribution of time that brings ease and balance to their lives.

One thing Pisces North Node people can do to encourage this process is to consciously do less: Plan less, schedule less, and allow for more spontaneity. In this way they can best stay in touch with their vision, which will lead to a more productive use of their time. They need a stronger sense of purpose and a more relaxed idea of how to get there. If they allow everything to flow, it leads them to an inner certainty, a knowing that things will go well for them.


Pisces North Node people tend to be excessively judgmental. They are harder on themselves than anyone else, and this constant judging of “right or wrong” results in tension and guilt. They feel responsible for anything that goes “wrong” in their environment, including what happens to the people they are close to. They feel they personally caused the problems because their behavior wasn’t perfect. This can lead to paralysis in making constructive changes in their lives, for fear of causing problems for others.

These folks have a tendency to blame themselves for little things that don’t meet their self-imposed image. They hate to be wrong, and when they make a mistake they are hard on themselves. They want to analyze it, rationalize why they did it, and explain themselves. It can be very difficult for them to say: “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.” Owing to their past-life perfectionism, they carry a subconscious fear of behaving in a way that reflects badly on the ideal they represent. Thus, in this life “being right” almost feels like a sacred obligation.

The irony is that when they admit they’ve made a mistake, they gain the position of strength because they are standing in Truth. Then they can just say: “I’ve made a mistake, and where do we go from here?” When these folks beat themselves up in their effort to be perfect, they lose and everyone around them loses. They must give up all judgments in order to gain the peace they seek.

Whenever they hear themselves say: “I caused that because I didn’t do a good job,” they know they are plugging in to their past-life Achilles’ heel. Whenever they start judging themselves—or someone else—against an ideal, they’re off path. The universe is teaching them humility by putting them in situations where they “goof up,” so that they can let go of the need to be perfect and get over the idea that “something is wrong.” Nothing is wrong; everything is just “happening.” When they realize this and go with the Flow of life, they are on the right path. Then they are in a position to heal through their own confidence in the natural unfolding of events.


Pisces North Node people are extremely serious because they’re always focused on what is wrong so they can fix it. They are so hyper-aware that when there’s any deviation from “smooth, uninterrupted flow,” they panic and their critical, anxious mood upsets and disrupts everyone around them.

Their past-life work gave them a very narrow focus, and in this life they also tend to become focused in a narrow way. Part of the problem has to do with where they put their attention: on the details of what is happening on the tangible level. Many times, Pisces North Node people become fixated on a problem because they are so close to it they can’t see anything else. They’re like a child with his face pressed against the glass. When they get “stuck” in the middle of a problem in this way, feeling frustrated and ineffective because they are unable to restore order, they can easily become obsessed with some detail that seems to be “out of place.” This can lead to a state of tension and worry that is difficult to shake—like trying to separate a dog from his bone!

Ironically, the way out of this dilemma is also found in their ability to focus: They need to shift focus from the mechanics of the problem, to releasing the situation to a Higher Power. In this incarnation, when they get attached to results in the physical world, they are overcome with nervous irritability that affects their relationships and everything they do. They get so tense that it almost turns their stomach into a knot. When they feel that tightening in the stomach, it’s a signal to step back from the situation and let it go.

Sometimes the best way to detach themselves is to say the affirmation: “All is well, and everything is unfolding as it should.” They may need to say it several times in order to cease over analyzing the situation and to get the psychological distance they need. Then they can pause and see what comes to them. They don’t have to figure anything out; they just need to see what comes. By surrendering the problem to a Higher Power and just being in the situation, the healing energy emerges and the proper resolution is revealed to everyone involved.

For example, I had a Pisces North Node client whose mother-in-law was quite abusive. She became defensive and took it personally if my client didn’t come to visit. She had a problem with alcohol and generally made those around her feel badly about wanting to lead their own lives. For many years my client tried to help this woman to feel better, but she got nowhere. Then suddenly, when she stopped helping, her mother-in-law told her that she had begun seeing a therapist and would like it if each family member would go with her as part of her treatment. My client was thrilled and totally supported her mother-in-law. Her biggest surprise was that it didn’t happen until she accepted the situation as it was, stopped trying to help, and released it: “I didn’t do a thing.” she said.

Magical results happen when these people truly release a problem and get out of the way. They think the world depends on their participation and are surprised when they don’t participate and things get done anyway. When things do fall into place without their intervention, they may take it personally: “You mean they can get along without me?”


Pisces North Node people often have a problem with obsessions—compulsive mental patterns that are not in their best interest. Or their minds can have an obsessive quality that causes them to continue to analyze a situation but fail to come up with a resolution that brings peace of mind. Sometimes, out of the blue, the problem or the addiction will be lifted. Their best bet is to not analyze why, but to simply recognize that the problem is gone and to consciously express feelings of appreciation and gratitude. They need to accept the gift, not analyze it.

When they obsess on “why,” they are actually driven by fear that the problem might return. But in the process of analyzing it, they often re-attract the problem. Their best bet is to simply allow negative conditions to disappear from their lives without having to understand “why.” They are learning to appreciate the wonder of life, to recognize how everything flows together and to feel a sense of awe at the solutions that life itself brings to them.


In past lives these folks developed an ego encrustation that revolved around being “right” all the time. Doctors and surgeons are like gods: Everyone reveres them, and it’s easy for them to buy into their own publicity. Then the process of serving other people becomes an ego trip.

So Pisces North Node people often come into this incarnation with a superiority complex. They feel they have to be a role model (teacher, minister, firefighter, police officer, etc.) because, in one way or another, they represent an archetype that needs to bring a certain value to the human stream of experience. As a role model they feel they have to be impeccable. Yet to do things perfectly implies superiority, and this is the beginning of the end for these folks. This is true both in terms of being trapped by the role they are playing and in terms of abusing power in ways that result in others taking a stand against them.

These folks identify strongly with the work or service they perform. They may become immersed in work and be unable to separate themselves from it. What begins as noticing “one more detail” before leaving their job soon becomes the workaholic syndrome. Although their job enslaves them, they may not see themselves as being obsessive—they’re “just doing what has to be done.” They must let go of identifying with their work; then they can do a good job without losing so much of themselves. Even if they are not spending lots of hours on the job, they may spend a lot of time worrying about work. Either way, work is a central, all-pervasive issue in their lives.

They also have a tough time with employees or coworkers. It’s hard for them to let go of wanting to control others’ behavior—they’re not sure others can do the job. Pisces North Node people are learning that their idea of the “right way” to do a job might be different from the other person’s idea, yet both ways might produce good results. They need to give people the latitude to have different styles. They also need to recognize that others may be learning “how to get the job done”—they can’t expect everyone to already know the best way.

These folks feel they have to stay apart from others because they have a certain duty to perform on the earth. They are afraid that if they let themselves be equal and become emotionally involved they might forget their job, and that would strip away their self-definition. To play out their role they have to keep the mask on, because to let go of the mask and yield to their emotions would make them part of the collective whole, rather than a role model.

In fact, when they do act out a role, they attract others to them who actually expect them to play that role. When someone says: “Be this for me,” it feeds their ego but then they’re trapped in that role. The irony is that they are bringing a higher energy onto the planet, but they are ineffective as long as they try to do it on an ego level. They are learning that instead of doing something, they simply have to be who they really are.


Pisces North Node people are attached to a sense of duty for the purpose of creating order. They think they must play a particular role or enact a particular ritual or routine, and that it’s their responsibility to perform this duty or service. To them, becoming part of the Flow would mean agreeing to be nobody. Yet agreeing to be nobody makes them think they’re not doing their job—and that brings up guilt. “If I don’t fulfill my duty, I’m doing something wrong.” It’s a self-perpetuating cycle that is entirely in their minds. It’s based on the idea that they are superior to others and thus have a lofty mission.

Something has to “jolt” them in order to release them from this cycle and force them to accept their own humanity. They may find themselves embroiled in a situation that is truly out of their control. Humility and acceptance are the only way out, the only way they can let go of the vicious perfection/duty/guilt cycle. At some point, letting go would mean saying: “Well, I guess I can’t do a perfect job. I guess I’ll just have to give it to God.” That is when their consciousness shifts and they are able to see a much larger vision.



Pisces North Node people notice the details of everything and seek to categorize everything. They do this partly because moving into a situation that isn’t defined makes them very uncomfortable. They think they need a rigid definition of who they are—their role, their job, the service they provide, their routine, their rules and regulations—to feel stable. But in truth, the fewer self-definitions they have, the better off they are, as it is easier for them to move through life more in touch with themselves and less connected to the ups and downs of their environment.

These folks need to recognize the difference between knowing where they want to go and having a rigid definition of how they will get there. To have a defined sense of purpose, a goal, or a vision is healthy for them and gives them the stability they need. However, their ideas regarding the means for reaching the goal needs to remain fluid—who knows what they will need or how it’s going to happen? They need to release preconceived ideas of what it’s going to take and just keep focused on the goal. They are learning to let experience precede definition, rather than allowing their rigid definitions to limit their experience.

Their inborn tendency to define everything can be to their advantage when it’s kept fluid. They can loosely define present circumstances to see how they best fit with their private dreams. But it should be a temporary definition, left open for future adjustments as they receive more information. If the motive behind their defining a situation is to see where they “fit,” they will lose, because the definition becomes a limitation. If the motive is to see how they can best relate the situation to their vision, they will win, because they are able to receive new input.


Pisces North Node people are comfortable with predictability and routine and have an innate resistance to any kind of change. Even a promotion, if it’s unexpected, is likely to be met with resistance! They are attached to their systems, which give them a feeling of security. Unfortunately, this can evoke a rigidity that prohibits them from freely experiencing life’s blessings.

In this incarnation, these folks are learning to release their grip on “the known” and greet change willingly. They can do this only when they have consciously thought through their relationship with “the unknown.” If they fear the unknown, they will try to hold on to their routines, even against their own best interest. When they are unhappy in a situation or their circumstances begin to change, they need to open their arms in acceptance. After all, maybe the current situation is breaking down because something better is awaiting them. If they can acknowledge that they are facing the unknown, they may recognize what is emerging around them as a possible next step to a greater level of satisfaction.

In reality, these folks get bored very easily—they need change to keep them vital and alive. Their nervous systems are so sensitive that if they try to resist change or control their environment, they go on overload and something starts breaking down, physically or psychologically. Thus, the sooner they can relax and open themselves to accepting change, the happier and more peaceful they will be. Their challenge is to allow the changes that flow through their lives to reposition them and smooth out the rough edges. Rather than being in a power boat trying to go upriver, they need to take a canoe and follow the flow of the stream. They can still steer, but they don’t need to fight the current.

For example, I had a client with this nodal position who decided to make his morning exercise walk more enjoyable by taking his child along. In only a few blocks they came to some standing water. The son wanted to stop and look, but my client wanted to go ahead with his walk. His child got a little misty-eyed and said: “Well, I’m tired. I don’t want to walk.” My client, frustrated because things weren’t going as he had planned, threatened to take his son back to the house and never take him on a walk again. Upset, the boy sat down and looked at the water. Finally my client accepted that he wasn’t going to be able to continue his walk until they looked at the water. It turned out to be a beautiful walk! They stopped to look at ants and pieces of glass and rocks—and they did end up walking a couple of miles (he ran up and down some hills along the way to get his heart pumping). He didn’t get his medium-impact exercise walk as planned, but he spent time with his son and saw sights he had passed a hundred times before and never noticed because he was too focused on walking. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, but if these folks just cooperate with the way it’s already going, the joy they thought they would get from the plan is multiplied by what actually happens.


Pisces North Node people are always rushing around. Despite their incredible ability to focus, their timing is a bit jagged since they are usually trying to do too many things in too few hours. This is why they can have a problem being on time—although generally they are punctual because it’s one of the “social rules.” Nonetheless, they frequently feel there are not enough hours in the day.

The resolution for this dilemma is in slowing down until they match the rate of the Flow—the timing of life’s natural unfolding. The universal Flow has its own timing, frequency, and speed; when one is in alignment with it, there is a natural ease to life. Events seem to occur simultaneously with the time one is prepared to handle them, and there are fewer “rough edges” when one walks in the rhythm of its heartbeat.

Thus, by slowing down and doing less, Pisces North Node people accomplish more. When the frequency they are emitting doesn’t match the frequency of the Flow because they are operating at such a frantic pace, things around them start “glitching.” These folks actually “overshoot” the situation; they suddenly come to a brick wall and wonder: “Why can’t I get things done?”

When they meet this type of resistance, the best thing is to slow down. This allows other people or new ideas to come in to help them. By slowing down, they come into sync with the other parts of their universe; their frequency aligns with what’s going on around them and they become part of the Flow.



Pisces North Node people feel a need for self-purification before opening themselves up to an energy that can truly transform their consciousness. But this can be an unending process. These folks never think they are pure enough or their behavior perfect enough to open up to higher energies. Moreover, their approach to self-purification is based on rigid rules regarding behavior. These folks try to live up to their own expectations, pushing through obstructions in the name of “duty” in order to “purify” themselves. But in reality, the purification they need is to let go of self-limiting definitions. They are learning to disengage their identity from their function: Their job does not define them; their duty doesn’t make them human.

To attain the higher realms of consciousness they yearn for, they must release all self-definition of being any particular kind of person playing any particular role.

Pisces North Node people have already developed worldly competence; in this incarnation they primarily need to relax and find inner peace. But owing to constant mental activity (trying to analyze everything around them and “fix” what—or who—they perceive to be less than “perfect”), they are often in a perpetual state of stress and tension. As they try to implement these changes they think they need in order to find inner peace, they are constantly tense.

These folks need to spend time alone, to resolve their worries by going inside themselves. They have to pull the issue they are concerned with inside and think about it, feel it, and go through an inner process to release it. They need time to process the anxiety pulsing through their system. Pisces North Node people need this private process of inner purification, and they can only do it when they have solitude.

Once they are able to detach from being so involved in everything, they can begin to objectively watch themselves respond to each situation as it comes along. Through this process, the attachments that held them in bondage to the material plane will begin to dissipate. Everything within them that is resisting the natural flow of events will begin to drop away, and this is the only self-purification they really need.

If they try to interact with their environment without taking the time to resolve their tension, they will continue to be plagued by anxiety-producing thoughts and worries. Their need for solitude and meditation must be understood and honored by them and by those close to them. They must systematically spend time in some type of meditative activity to release tension and allow their inner happiness to grow.


As soon as things in the outer world start to “go wrong” and they begin to feel tense, the best thing Pisces North Node people can do is to take it as an “omen” that it’s time to pull back and take a second look from a distance. To their amazement, they often find that less is better. When they apply more energy they become more enmeshed, feel more anxious, and make more mistakes. As the outer problem seems to get worse instead of better, they finally become so frustrated that they throw their hands up and surrender.

It would be much better if these folks surrendered right at the beginning. One of their greatest tools is their capacity to open to their own spirituality through the process of surrender. No matter what may be occurring in their lives, they need to trust that the Infinite is on their side and that something better is unfolding for them. As they give the resolution of the situation at hand over to the Infinite, they expand into a higher place in their own consciousness that empowers them to recognize how events could resolve in ways that are more to their advantage.

For example, I had a client with this nodal position who owned a small nursing home. She became increasingly involved in all the details of the business until she had no time for anything else: for play, for family, for fun. Unexpectedly, three violations were filed against her home in rapid succession, leading to the possibility that her facility would be closed. All three incidents were unrelated and “out of the blue.” She panicked for fear of losing her only source of income. She prayed unceasingly for the outcome to go “her way” so she could keep her business. Then, at some point, she simply relaxed. She realized that if she negotiated with the board, rather than close her down they would send an administrator to run her business for a trial period. And although she would have to pay the administrator, she could see what an advantage it would be for her to pull back and let someone else run the business. Then she could focus her energies on promoting her home and filling the empty beds, which would yield enough money to cover the salary of the administrator and actually increase her income. Most important, she would have her life back again.

Pisces North Node people are learning that the universe’s plan for their happiness is generally a lot better than their own!



Pisces North Node people have had so many incarnations of service that in this lifetime they are ready to rest and recharge their souls. This is why they become physically exhausted when they spend too much time in the outer world; they need to retreat into an inner world of peace to heal. This is correct for them; there needs to be time in their lives to escape from daily routines.

These folks occasionally slip into higher states of consciousness without even trying. Once they have experienced this they always want to reclaim it. They may spend hours in meditation, practicing every technique they can think of, and may even become completely isolated in order to regain that state. But when they try to push for it, they push it away. The idea is for them to relax and accept that they are surrounded by it, as a fish is surrounded by water.

When they are in that state, they are happy just to enjoy life. But they have so many ideas about the roles they should play (the teacher bringing others to the Light, etc.) that their mental activity pushes away that natural state of bliss. If they simply relax—without a myriad of activities scheduled for the day—they will find the energy they seek naturally flowing around them. Pisces rules enlightened states of consciousness—the oceanic feeling of oneness with all life. Pisces North Nodes’ life purpose is to do whatever increases that higher state of consciousness—to make it part of their daily life—which will automatically help those around them.

These folks’ ability to create organization and definition is a tremendous asset, but not when it’s applied to the material world. When they are in tune with the larger picture (keeping their peripheral vision open and simply moving through life with an expanded awareness of what’s going on), they can make sense of the chaos and see the Flow. Then they will know what to do to align with the Flow in a practical way that accomplishes their dreams.

Pisces North Node people want to surrender to the Infinite, to a Higher Power. If they cannot do this on their own, they sometimes become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other means of escape. They are trying to silence the anxiety from their overly analytical processes. They may unconsciously turn to substance abuse as a pathway to get them into Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, or other groups that focus on surrender to a Higher Power. Interestingly enough, the sign of Pisces rules drugs, alcohol, excessive sleep, self-destructive behaviors—all forms of escapism—but also rules meditation, the highest forms of spirituality, and unconditional love and bliss.

To prevent problems, these folks need a place of solitude, even in the workplace. Work can be a major source of stress for them because it stimulates their tendency to “fix things.” At work, they are much better off with their own space: a private office or a corner where they have a sense of privacy. If they work with a group of people, it helps to turn their desks away from other people and face the wall. They are much happier and more productive when they have a “space” with no one else’s energy around them. It helps them remain calm and see situations from an expanded point of view.


The one thing Pisces North Node people can commit to on a lifelong basis is learning and growing. Often a need to understand and accept the people around them will point to exciting directions for research and study.

These folks excel at any type of work that is inspirational, spiritual, or promotional. They have brilliant imaginations; when they focus on ideas that help manifest a vision, they are on track. Their job is to stay in touch with the vision and impart to others how to take care of the details. They are great at charging others with enthusiasm when they share their ideas from the vantage point of the vision, reminding others of what everyone is aiming for.

Pisces North Node people are able to apply this mindset, whatever their job or position. As bank tellers, they could have the larger view of wanting to serve people compassionately through their understanding that many people have financial worries and come to the bank feeling upset. As salespeople, they could keep in mind the larger view of wanting the store to do well, working to keep the customers happy by relating to them from a position of love and service, and being conscious of not making judgments about the salesperson next to them.

Unfortunately, for many of these folks, the worst confrontations seem to occur in the workplace. They love to be the ones who keep the project moving forward. However, their egos can get a bit puffed up if they lose sight of the larger vision. They need to stay focused on: “This is the work that needs to be done.” It’s easy to get caught up in: “I’m the one getting the work done. I’m organizing it, I’m getting this person to do this … I’m getting that person to take care of that detail … And where’s my coffee, Mac?” They will only have enough energy to keep the project on track if they are humble and stay connected to the vision. Otherwise people resist them, and then they don’t know what to do. They become disconnected from their power.

Another issue in the workplace is that Pisces North Node people are subject to mood swings: They go along happily, but all of a sudden their energy drops and they become anxious. Others around them are greatly affected by their mood changes—they have the power to create an atmosphere that everyone responds to. When they are happy and peaceful, they bring the mood up and everyone around them feels better. But when they’re down or anxious, everyone feels that as well. This is an awesome power, and they may not even be aware of it.

When these folks become anxious, others feel anxiety and begin to perform less efficiently. When they feel calm and confident, others feel it and naturally become more productive. Thus, Pisces North Nodes can correct the behavior of others simply by filling the atmosphere with positive, confident thoughts and energies.

What precedes their affecting the atmosphere in a negative way is a reversal in their own mood. Their mind may become too involved and critical about details. They get upset when things aren’t working the way they think they “should” or when another person isn’t doing the job in a way they think it ought to be done. Or if something unexpected happens they may think the universe isn’t supporting them and get absorbed in a whirlwind of tension and anxiety. So Pisces North Node people need to recognize that they really don’t know how life “ought to be” unfolding. Maybe the other person has to make a certain mistake because that will facilitate seeing a far bigger problem that has been overlooked.

If their suggestions meet with resistance, people may be rejecting their negative energy rather than their ideas. Focusing on success will help to create success; when they communicate, it will be with a positive attitude. When they focus on the vision, the mundane details will take care of themselves.

What doesn’t work for these folks is letting go of the vision and trying to become one of the workers. It is not their job to take care of all the details and organize success on that level—their job is to keep everyone focused on the overall positive vision. That’s where their genius and natural leadership abilities shine.



In relationships, Pisces North Node people have everything backwards. They should be detached from external results and reliant on the flow of a; Higher Power, which enables them to be very personable with other people. However, when they adhere to their role and feel attached to controlling external results, they appear impersonal to others. They put all their energy into their role, and other people cannot see the real person underneath.

When they release the role, they become more human again, allowing their personal power to shine through. In the role, they stay within their definition of how their “character” is supposed to act. But when they become themselves, they react openly to what’s going on around them, responding naturally in ways that lead to mutual respect and appreciation in their relationships.


Pisces North Node people tend to be very earthy and enjoy the sensual side of life. However, they may feel awkward in joining fully with another person in true intimacy—combining both the physical and the emotional. Thus, although they are physically very responsive, emotionally they tend to remain withdrawn and unavailable. They may even go to great lengths to create workaholic schedules to avoid deep emotional connections with others. They’re uncomfortable relating with others on an equal level and allowing themselves to be vulnetable.

They are so accustomed to living their lives according to an analytical process that to allow themselves to be emotionally open is unfamiliar territory. Part of them wants to be pulled into a new way of experiencing the other person, but they often get caught in their fear of the unknown. Emotions can be a barrage of undefined energy, causing experiences to go in unpredictable directions. Emotions don’t make sense, and yielding to those waves of emotion would take them beyond the realm of logical explanation.

They prefer to operate without spontaneous feelings. They know their role: They perform certain duties, act a certain way, and have defined reactions and feelings in specific situations. To step into the natural flow of emotions dissolves their known structures and requires them to be vulnerable. Surrendering to the flow of emotion terrifies them—it feels like death itself! What they are sensing is actually a death of the part of their ego that keeps them from feeling emotional and spiritual connectedness with others. Truly, in this incarnation Pisces North Node people are promised the gift of bliss that unites them with all people. But for this to occur, they must be willing to release their hold on structure and surrender to the unknown. This is the key to their salvation and completion.

One thing that will help in their intimate relationships is to take the time to create a specific atmosphere with their sexual partner. Dinner out once a week, music that promotes a romantic atmosphere, candles, flowers, or whatever else puts them in a romantic mood can go a long way in freeing them from their rigid roles and adding emotional depth to their relationships. The joy and pleasure such rituals will bring are well worth the extra time and effort. Relationships are work, and one of the things these folks are learning is the importance of doing their part. Rather than assuming certain things are going to happen, they need to put forth the effort to consciously create a positive situation with their partner.

For Pisces North Node people, the challenge is to focus on love, to allow it to create every possible vision—the ultimate pleasure and bliss—by accepting love without trying to dictate what direction it should take. If they put their total faith in the love that exists and just let it be, the results will amaze them.

Of course, the love may only be apparent in moments. The idea is to enjoy it while it’s there; when it’s not there, Pisces North Nodes need to recognize that it was real. Rather than thinking in terms of giving or receiving, simply accepting the other person—with no barriers and no judgments—will allow them to access unconditional love.


Because Pisces North Node people were focused in past lives on their own concerns, they often forget to take other people into account when they make plans. Life is going on for everybody, not just for them. We all have dreams to be manifested, mistakes to make, and lessons to be learned, but these folks seem to be innocently unaware of this total picture.

It is not that they do not want other people to manifest their dreams. They are oriented to service and sincerely want to help, but their focus is so narrow they often fail to take others’ visions into account. And when others feel their dreams and agendas are not being considered, they often become adversarial. Then Pisces North Nodes’ tendency is to blindly resist the initiative of the other person. Every time the other person tries to assert his or her plan, the Pisces North Node person reacts with frantic resistance—all they can see is that it goes against their plan. The result is a standoff where neither party wins and communication shuts down.

These folks have had too many past lives when they weren’t allowed to make a mistake, so in this lifetime there’s a chip in their mental computer that says they absolutely cannot be “wrong.” This causes them to become defensive and unable to hear the other person’s point of view, which is the basis of most of their misunderstandings. To establish a channel of communication, the first thing the other person needs to do is to relax Pisces North Nodes’ “be right” mechanism by validating their idea. “You are absolutely right. And … from my point of view, it looks like this: …” The operative word is “right.”

Pisces North Node people are as victimized by that mechanism in their brain as are those around them. The need to be “right” propels much of their anxiety. When they start thinking too much, it helps to reassure themselves: “I did the right thing. I did the best I could with the Light that I had in that situation.” Then they will feel more peaceful.

These folks are very sensitive to shifts in energy. When they tune in to the material world, they respond to other people’s energy all the time. By contrast, if they work to develop a more spiritual focus—through watching themselves objectively and detaching from the material world—they can chart their course from their own vision instead of allowing others to influence them. It’s an entirely different reality. They will find themselves responding to a spiritual energy field rather than the emotional energy fields of other people. Turning their powerful concentration away from the material world and toward the intangible world requires conscious focus. When they objectively observe themselves and the way their bodies respond in different situations, they are able to make choices that are not influenced by the force fields of those around them.


Expectations—for themselves and others—are the biggest source of disappointment for Pisces North Node people in this lifetime. These folks need to stay in touch with their vision in order to really shine—it brings out the best in them. Thus, in a relationship, if they have a vision or a larger goal of what they want to experience (to consistently put positive energy into the relationship, to keep the flow of unconditional love going, etc.), it will work beautifully. They will know what to do at every step of the way. If, however, they are looking at what’s going wrong and the ways in which the other person isn’t meeting their expectations, everything starts going downhill. They need a higher cause—loftier than their daily activities—to give spiritual significance to whatever they are doing.


Pisces North Node people fear criticism more than any other nodal type. They can’t bear the thought of anyone (especially themselves!) thinking they aren’t perfect. So they’re caught in a cycle in which they have to perform perfectly in order to avoid the criticism that would make them feel badly. They can lead their entire life around the attempt to avoid criticism—deep down, they fear it would be a tremendous embarrassment or even a public disgrace to make a mistake.

Owing to past lives when their behavior had to be perfect to save people physically or spiritually, they have a critical eye and easily see others’ flaws. In the desire to correct and heal, they constantly judge the people around them. They may not verbalize their judgments, but others feel the weight of their critical eye and analytical mind. In the workplace, they can be so critical that they alienate co-workers. And their criticism can cause their children to become insecure.

These folks think that if only the other person would fix the flaw that they are so aware of, they could both find love and peace of mind. But it’s not set up to work that way. Subconsciously, others know that it is the native’s job to learn unconditional love in this lifetime. Sometimes, the other person feels victimized by an unwanted habit that is actually—on a subconscious level—being held in place by the Pisces North Node’s refusal to accept the other completely. The native feels victimized because the other person isn’t changing the behavior that the native thinks would bring peace of mind. Both people lose.

To turn this into a win/win situation, these folks need to alter the silent, critical thoughts in their own minds. Rather than focusing on “the flaw” and viewing it as intentional, they need to shift the way they see the person. As they view the other person in terms of his or her helplessness and unconscious habits, their hearts will be filled with love and compassion and their minds will be filled with peace. Then both people win: The other person feels supported and has the freedom to change his or her behavior (or not!); the native is already feeling peace, whether or not the behavior of the other person changes.


Pisces North Node people are always on the lookout for a problem; they think it’s their personal responsibility to see that everything is working smoothly. Because of this constant anxiety, they end up tampering with things inappropriately, which can frustrate and annoy those around them. When their desire to help emanates from their compulsive desire to fix things, people are likely to reject their input. In this lifetime it’s their job to accept things as they are and to offer people a broader view of what’s going on that gives them confidence. Their job is to provide comfort, support, and compassion rather than criticism—no matter how “constructive” it might be.

Also, instead of focusing on the other person’s problem, Pisces North Nodes should look at themselves to see if something they are doing is a problem. Rather than saying: “Gosh, there’s no way to get along with this other person—they’re just too difficult,” they can look inward and change themselves to evoke a different response from the other person.

In all their relationships, these folks need to surrender to the Infinite. Indeed, the natural unfolding of events may show them that their partner is not compatible. The partner may have deep-seated psychological problems that result in negative behaviors, and Pisces North Nodes’ Achilles’ heel is thinking that they can “fix” the partner. They’ve been doctors and nurses in many past lifetimes, and they think they can put other people together again in a healthy way. But the fact is that if the other person doesn’t want to change, he or she is not “fixable.”

Pisces North Node people need to discriminate between those who are asking to be fixed and those who are not. Many people don’t want to be fixed; they think they’re fine just the way they are. In that case, the natives must fix those parts of themselves that have allowed them to become involved with someone who is engaged in such destructive behavior. When they allow negative energy to injure them, it hurts not only them but the people around them as well. It robs their energy, prevents them from helping others, and sets a bad example for their children and others.

Another problem arises from Pisces North Nodes’ preoccupation with “fixing people”: They naturally attract someone who needs fixing! This can be a subconscious ego trip for them. They have been in the position of “fixing” so many times that they view themselves as better than others. It’s always an ego trip if they think they can help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. In this lifetime, to release a situation with the acknowledgment “I can’t fix this one” can be an act of true humility and the correct path.


Pisces North Node people sometimes become trapped in relationships out of an extreme sense of responsibility to the other person. They are driven by their sense of duty. If they don’t live up to their self-imposed ideal of perfect behavior, they feel tremendous guilt—and this can be a major factor in remaining in a situation long after it has ceased to be of any benefit to them.

These folks can’t say “no” to loved ones or those they feel responsible for, and this can trigger situations where they are taken advantage of. If they are giving because of rules and regulations, they will expect others to give back to them and the exchange will lack the blessed ingredient of love. To bring love into their interactions, they must trust themselves and not give past their personal boundaries. Actually, others are not nearly as needy and dependent as these folks think, and that is why others don’t give back. They don’t really require the amount of sacrifice and service the Pisces North Node person is enacting.

Part of what propels Pisces North Nodes’ sense of duty is a feeling of inadequacy. They think: “All I have to give is me.” They compensate by giving and giving, and they never feel that it’s “enough.”

Sometimes Pisces North Node people will release this pattern because it gets so hard they grow tired of it. They finally realize that if they spend their entire life being of service to other people, they have nothing left for themselves. Once they realize that others are taking their service for granted, without appreciating what the sacrifice is costing them, then they change.

A major step in resolving the dilemma is to put themselves first—not their idea of themselves or their “role,” but their humanness. They need to ask themselves: “If I do this, is it going to benefit me, or is it just for others?” They love to help others, but if they violate the voice within—their own humanity—then they’re performing an empty service and no one wins.

The only way these folks actually know if they’re helping another person or doing damage (“enabling” them or usurping their responsibility and power) is by how they feel about it. If they are doing a service for someone and they feel good and enjoy it, then it’s accurate. But if they feel badly about themselves or unhappy in that environment, it isn’t really a service.

The answer lies in developing a sense of duty to self rather than to everyone else. When Pisces North Node people include duty to self as part of the picture, things begin to come into balance. Their lesson in this lifetime has less to do with how they relate to other people and more to do with how they relate to themselves. Their only barometer is their own inner state of being—their sense of peace and contentment. They need to trust that the self is spiritual, their intentions are good, and when the inner self says “no,” it’s a correct response to outer circumstances.


Pisces North Node people seldom partner with those who primarily evoke feelings of love and inner peace. They marry someone with whom they can remain secure in their self-imposed role. Then they may discover, as the other person begins to take Pisces North Nodes’ service-oriented behavior for granted, that the attraction and structure that felt so comfortable at first have become a jail from which they want to break free. But by that time there may be other responsibilities (children, shared resources, business connections) that keep them bound to the situation through a sense of personal duty—they feel they must live up to their image.

They also connect to the partner on an energy level, and once committed, they think they can’t leave until that energy has been worked out. The other person has to release them from the bond before they feel they have fulfilled their duty and are free to go.

Their sense of duty and the need for perfect behavior can keep these folks in the very worst of marriages, and sometimes they even provoke abuse through their subservient attitude. When they are responding to the other person from their role, rather than from the truth of how they really feel, they are of endless, long-suffering service regardless of how the other person treats them. But if their natural, human response is honest, it tells others where their boundaries are and engenders mutual awareness, respect, and appreciation. It is the key ingredient. It cannot be sidestepped if they want happy, nurturing relationships.

Pisces North Node people are extremely sensitive to energy currents around them. They think they must constructively participate with those currents for their lives to work in a magical way. This is another reason why they stay in relationships—no matter how painful, stressful, or unhappy—until the energetic connection is somehow dissolved. They feel the karmic pull, the magnetism, and think there is something to “work out” before they can move on—their partner isn’t through with them yet. So they keep serving the other person, hoping to complete the karma. However, those attachments can be released on one level by a recognition that the Pisces North Node has been not only unappreciated but used by that other person.

Pisces North Node people think they’re doing their partner a favor by sacrificing themselves, but they’re not helping anyone. They are giving the message: “You can be abusive to others and not appreciate them, and they will stay with you anyway. It’s okay to get your way at another’s expense.” And that is not the truth. When they subconsciously attract a spouse that needs “fixing” and the spouse becomes abusive, they must recognize that in the perfect scheme of things, perhaps their partner’s next lesson is that it’s impossible to abuse people and get away with it.


It can be difficult for Pisces North Node people to leave abusive marriages for several reasons. First, they have a tough time admitting that they made a poor choice. Also, when Pisces North Node people marry, they are relieved to find they have a companion with whom they can share all their anxieties—and they do! The spouse is likely to hear all the problems and injustices that occur every day at work, and may begin to feel like a sounding board for all the anxieties and fears of the Pisces North Node. To the outside world, these folks may seem to be on top of things, but their partner comes to know the frantic child underneath the exterior.

Although these folks tell their partners all their problems, anxieties, and fears, they rarely listen for answers. If the other person offers suggestions, he or she is usually pushed away because the Pisces North Node is looking for a “higher resolution” on a spiritual level. No practical ideas or human empathy will help. However, Pisces North Nodes do come to depend on the spouse as a sounding board, and that is another reason they tend to stay in one relationship. They don’t think anyone else will be able to accept their anxieties, so they cling to the spouse they have.

On another level, these folks feel guilty because they realize their own behavior has not been “perfect”; they allow the partner a wide berth of imperfection that even extends to tyranny. The abuse that they endure can be terribly damaging to their self-worth; they may lose confidence in their ability to ever leave the situation and begin again on their own. But they must be willing to leave relationships that are destructive to their mental and spiritual peace. No analyzing or making judgments—simply leaving the proximity of those who are disruptive to their well-being. This means trusting the inner feeling of spiritual peace to lead them to new situations that are right.

There is a story that several decades ago in Japan, an argument arose among the followers of three of the martial arts: Karate (mastery of offense); Judo (mastery of self-defense); and Aikido (mastery of dodging). The top master in each discipline was summoned to see which martial art was most effective. After the competition, it was the Aikido master who was left standing. Aikido is the art of dodging: You just step out of the way. You never strike a blow or raise your arms in self-defense; you simply move out of the way and the force of your opponent’s attack will cause him to fall over. Pisces North Node people would do well to learn from this story: When there is negativity, their best bet is to not interact but to simply move out of the way.


Pisces North Node people need to be conscious of where they are (not their fantasy) and truthful with themselves about their feelings. Often they really aren’t happy but refuse to admit it. They may be in denial about their sense of entrapment in the roles they play. They feel guilty and think they “shouldn’t” feel that way or they should play out their role regardless of how they feel.

Unconsciously, they are overly optimistic—trusting everyone and everything and constantly being influenced by other people’s energy fields. They are more concerned with what is happening moment by moment in the relationship, rather than with their vision. But when they stay in touch with the larger picture, they are able to follow their intuition and don’t run into things blindly.

There are no shortcuts for Pisces North Node people, but fortunately they are accustomed to hard work. In this lifetime, the hard work required is to not let themselves be controlled by their circumstances. Then they can establish situations that are more in accord with who they really are. If they want to be happy, they must give up the role and start relating from the authenticity and strength of their true nature.



On a deep level, Pisces North Node people know they are headed into the unknown—that is their destiny! Yet they dig their heels in. They are used to organization and form; any new experience is frightening and is met with initial resistance. They don’t know what role to play or what is expected of them. There are certain definitions in their role, and when they move into the unknown, there are no definitions. They fear being swept away.

Another reason they dread the unknown is that they have had negative experiences where something unexpected “blindsided” them. Thus, they are afraid of what they cannot yet see. They focus on analyzing the details, hoping to keep their world under control. Unfortunately, this is exactly the opposite of what will work for them. By being so focused on the details, they lose touch with the larger vision and don’t notice what’s happening on the periphery. Then unexpected things actually can surprise them. (It’s like a driver being so focused on not hitting the car in front of him that he misses the fact that the car on his right is weaving over the line.) These folks need to step back from the here and now so they can gain a broader view of life unfolding around them.

Pisces North Node people may think they have to purify their personality as much as possible before it’s safe to bring in energy that can truly transform and open their consciousness. They think that any blocks in their consciousness will stop the flow of energy, depriving them of the strength to deal with the unknown. Indeed, on their own they don’t have the energy to handle it with clarity and focus, which is why they need to align themselves with a Higher Power. Once they move into the unknown, the clarity and focus they seek will emerge.


These folks hate disorder and chaos. It evokes tremendous fear of getting lost and not knowing where they belong. They need to be willing to trust that a positive Higher Power is in charge and that order is actually the intrinsic nature of the universe. The only way they can reach a higher level of order is by letting go of the current level of order and allowing the chaos to dissolve it so the new order can emerge.

When Pisces North Node people release their iron grip on the old structure, they move into a new realm of experience. In the process, what will dissolve and change is the old way of experiencing. Since that’s what they know as “self,” it feels like the self is dying—which allows a new, more vital and expanded self to emerge.

For example, if a person doesn’t drive, she may have developed many behaviors to compensate for that limitation: forming attachments to people who have cars, depending on others for transportation, asking others to run errands for her, and so on. She may have made an entire life out of that! Then, when she gets the opportunity to own a car, she feels the panic of leaving her old patterns of relating. Yet when she actually begins to drive, a whole new, expanded self and freer lifestyle will emerge. Change is inevitable. When these folks learn to greet change rather than resist it, they’ll find their lives becoming much easier and a lot more fun.


Pisces North Node people often go through acute mental anguish before taking action in the outer world. They can fall into a state of obsessive worry about what others will say and how they will respond. Basically, they fear they are inadequate to handle confrontations, so they tend to postpone taking action until the last possible moment. Much to their surprise, it’s rarely as difficult as they thought it would be. Yet they don’t seem to have much carryover from one success to the next. They complicate the issue so much in their minds that even when they’ve had successful confrontations, the next time they go through the mental anguish all over again.

This is one issue that is too difficult to resolve on the tangible level. Their lesson is to simply rise above it and recognize that a Higher Power is in charge that brings certain situations as opportunities for expansion and growth. Pisces North Node people need to pull back and reflect on how current circumstances can move them closer to their goal. Then they can take action without being attached to the outcome—and just by taking action they will know what to do next. Each step points out the next appropriate step. The key is to not be attached to the result of the action.

There’s no middle ground for Pisces North Node people. All their thinking, second-guessing, and analyzing will not make their lives easier. Without consciously and consistently relying on a Higher Power to see them through their day, life is one anxiety after another—no amount of service seems to protect them from confrontations. When obstructions arise, all they need to do is put the situation in the hands of a Higher Power and take care of each step as it unfolds.

For example, if the Pisces North Node is at a restaurant and his credit card is refused, his immediate response would be panic and resistance: “Why did this have to happen? I was having such a great day, and this came along!” Or “Oh, no! Someone has stolen my card and is running up my bill!” He will go on and on, making a huge upset out of a relatively routine event, feeling sorry for himself and believing that the incident never would have happened if the universe loved him. He traumatizes himself and everyone else by not accepting what has happened.

Actually, the first step is obvious: Call the credit card company and find out what’s going on. In the larger scheme of things, maybe he should have paid more attention to how much he was spending with his credit card, and this is the universe’s way of waking him up before he gets too deeply in debt. Or maybe someone did copy the number, and this is the universe’s way of alerting him. Or perhaps the credit card company made the mistake, and only through this feedback can it correct whatever led to the error. Pisces North Nodes must trust that there is a larger picture unfolding and a greater good emerging out of the incident.


Pisces North Node people have a tendency to structure their time with so much routine and so many rules and duties that their lives become totally predictable. Once they’ve created the structure, they really don’t want it that way. But when events occur that might take their lives in an interesting direction, they all too easily fall back into their daily rut. They’d much rather take a different, more scenic route, but to do that they have to begin to live more consciously.


The first step in living on a more conscious level involves taking time each day for solitude and reflection. They should set aside a regular time—at least 40 minutes a day—to do nothing: no television, no radio, no telephone or other external stimuli. If they like, they can practice a meditation technique, followed by silence as they learn to wait for new revelations. Or they can keep a journal, writing down the activities of the previous day and looking for a “higher reason” behind events. Or they can read from a spiritual book: the Bible, the I Ching, or whatever offers them guidance and insight. They could spend part of their 40 minutes practicing yoga, breathing techniques, or relaxation exercises—gentle, physical approaches to connecting with their inner peace.

The idea is this: It’s their time—no duties, no errands, no work, no role playing, no distractions. It’s a time to get in touch with the larger vision for their life: What do they want to build and experience? At home or at work, what vision would they like to manifest? What atmosphere would they like to create? Evaluating these issues, at least once a week, will give them a sense of taking responsibility for their lives.

This also gives Pisces North Node people a time to tune in to their relationships and family life: Are they spending quality time with the significant people in their lives? If they were 95 years old, what experiences would they regret not having had with each of their children? What kind of closeness or activities do they want to have with’ their mate? Are there any places to which they would especially like to travel? Re-evaluating these issues regularly will provide insights that can add a new and exciting dimension to their lives. And the magic is that it’s not linear. Ideas will simply “occur” to them during meditation about how to bring these things into manifestation.

During meditation, these folks might also reflect on other people who could help enact their vision. Are there friends who can further them spiritually or make their lives more interesting? Are there classes that will open new vistas for spiritual fulfillment and peace of mind? Solitude is the key. By taking those 40 minutes a day for themselves, Pisces North Nodes will be amazed how their lives will change.


Pisces North Node people have spent so many incarnations enacting the vision that they have lost touch with what they are striving to manifest. In this lifetime, it’s vital for them to get back in touch with their private dream—what they intend to create with their life. One way to do this is to make regular (perhaps monthly) “wish lists,” writing down what they want to manifest. This helps them get in touch with their intentions; as soon as they do it, the things they want to create magically begin to occur. Once they stop worrying about what isn’t working, and simply write down the way they want it to be, they will find themselves doing those things that create their dreams in reality.

When these folks get pulled back into a linear, repetitive way of living, it triggers their subconscious past-life issues of needing to have everything rigid and scheduled. Then they get so intensively involved in immediate circumstances that they can’t see the broader picture. They let themselves get caught up in that position time and time again; and although it never works, they believe that’s what they need to do to be successful in life.

Pisces North Node people are learning proper discrimination between what is important in terms of their larger values and their vision, and what is a temporary upset that will soon pass. When they put aside their analytical mindset and their hectic activity, and just allow themselves to be and to pursue their dream, life is much easier. Magically, their dreams begin to manifest.


Detachment is a major issue for Pisces North Node people in releasing themselves from their role. When they can detach from their emotional state, rise above it, and observe it, they can grow and change. The key is self-observation. They must objectively watch themselves: relating to co workers, with family members, driving down the road, and so on.

When these folks can watch themselves without judgment and see how their need to satisfy other people is damaging, then they start to change. For instance, if they become upset on the job or stressed out trying to meet someone else’s deadline, they need to notice how it makes them feel. Then they are using their eye for detail—not to watch the outside, but to watch their internal response (both physical and emotional).

When they begin the process of objectively watching themselves, everything will begin to change. Their health will improve and they will begin to feel more comfortable with themselves and others. Through this process, their focus shifts from worrying about how they fit in with others to how they fit with themselves. That’s when growth begins.



The purpose of this incarnation for Pisces North Node people is to find a spiritual path that will help release their overemphasis on the tangible and tune in to the comfort that is available within the context of a higher consciousness. They need to allow their sense of a Higher Power to permeate every facet of their lives. Then it will work for them to “go with the flow” and allow other people to direct them along their path, as long as their inner being feels peaceful with the advice they are receiving.

These folks are so used to pushing to get things done that they sometimes go into the mode of “I will make this work.” Then they are “off path.” They need to remind themselves to stay in touch with their Higher Power and to allow that Power to guide and direct them, moment by moment. They need to relinquish the incessant analysis and simply watch for the signposts or “omens” that show the next step. Then they must trust those signposts, take a risk, and follow them.

Pisces North Node people are also born with the ability to see the future. They can feel the sequence of events, once they relax into their psychic sensitivity. They often overreact at the first prophecy they see. A picture (a person or a situation) will come across their mind, and they will feel incredible anxiety and insecurity. They know there will be a problem in the immediate future. They have accessed a new gift of this incarnation: the gift of psychic intuition.

This is a wonderful gift—it can protect them from negative situations by warning them in advance. However, their first reaction is panic because they feel helpless. Because forewarned is forearmed, they will eventually realize that if they can see what is coming they can either sidestep it or figure out how to use it to their advantage. Their best bet is to refrain from action until they have more information. They need time and solitude for the insights and correct resolutions to come through their intuitive process.

These folks have a lot of Angels around them—all they need to do is to stay open and watch for the vision of how to use current circumstances to advance their plans. But they mustn’t “analyze” the situation. Their job is to be patient and wait until their psyche reveals how each circumstance is actually a stepping-stone to successfully reaching their goal.

Once they are tuned in to their psychic gifts, Pisces North Node people can see problems months in advance and avoid them. When they pull back a little, they can use the vision of timing and opportunity to make their life more peaceful and serene. They are learning to connect with a newfound confidence in their ability to handle day-to-day situations.


Pisces North Node people have had so many incarnations monitoring their behavior that in this lifetime they tend to not speak their minds. They hold back, not wanting to add “bad energy” to the situation. This leads to a good deal of time spent in wishing they had said something they didn’t say.

Once again, resolution lies in trusting themselves and being aware of their motive. If what they want to say will involve casting the other person as “wrong” or changing another’s behavior, they will lose. However, if they are pulled back from the situation and speaking from a position of love (just being open to the flow of what occurs to them to say in the moment), their words will be appropriate and accurate. It might be frustration or a surge of energy—it could be anything—but the idea is not to censor it. When they say it, it helps make a correction for the other person, and the Pisces North Node person will have risked being himself in the moment.

The irony is that when these folks are being themselves—without a “role”—that’s when they’re really teaching! When there’s no “be perfect” script for what they should say or do, they best demonstrate to others the spiritual principles they value. When they let the Infinite within them respond naturally, it works.

These folks are ready to experience a higher realization of their own perfection—not through manipulating physical matter to “look good,” but through trusting the intangible perfection of things as they are. The inner work these folks are scheduled to do involves letting go of self-defeating patterns—sabotaging themselves by trying to have things perfect according to their self-imposed ideals.

When they trust the universe, they are no longer afraid of change. Everything unfolds as part of the Flow, their intentions are good, and the Infinite (or God, or a Higher Power) is on their side. They can see that everyone who enters their life is sent by a Higher Power as part of a larger plan, so the end result must be positive. When they trust the flow of life, the right people come, the right changes happen, they can feel the positive energy, and they can see the larger picture. The idea is to look for the good. Once they have released their worry to the universe, their feelings of inadequacy are transformed into feelings of ease and quiet power.


From past lives, the minds of Pisces North Node people are so complex that in this incarnation their goal is simplicity. The simple, uncomplicated answers will work best for them now. When they are able to slow themselves down and stay fluid, they can pick up on the bits and pieces of information from their Angels showing them that “all is well.” This recognition alone empowers them to see the correct action to manifest their vision.


In this incarnation, Pisces North Node people are learning acceptance and compassion. Their job is to suspend judgment; when they cease criticizing others, they will cease being so hard on themselves. This opens the way to the tranquility they have always sought. All the silent judgments they make against the other person—the critical things they notice—prevent them from letting down their barriers and truly combining in love with the other person.

These folks are learning that their thoughts about others are actually the thoughts they subconsciously fear others have about them. Thus, when they view someone else, if they see her in a critical way (“Her hair’s too long,” “Her hair’s too short,” “She’s behaving badly”), they project that others are having the same critical thoughts about them. On the other hand, if they consciously know that the other person is doing the best she can with the Light she has, or if they deliberately think of some good point about her and view her with love, then subconsciously they will think that others are viewing them in the same accepting way. That will relax their own self-judgment.

Of course, once they start doing this they’ll want to be perfect and will tend to judge themselves harshly if they forget. When they’re not perfect it’s really to their advantage, because it keeps them humble. Then they can notice that they, too, are doing the best they can with the Light they have at the time, and it will be easier for them to love themselves.

Pisces North Node people have had times in their lives when they’ve slipped into an enlightened state—a state of total compassion with the universe. As they suspend judgment of others and themselves, they gain access to this state of consciousness on a more consistent basis.


Pisces North Node people want to remain in a state of interrupted bliss, and the things that pull them out of it are all the unexpected events in the mundane world that disrupt their plans. One practice they could implement to maintain their inner peace would be to say—no matter what happens—“The Universe loves me, and somehow this will work out to my advantage.” They can repeat it several times if they need to. If they greet all changes with this verbal affirmation, they will be amazed at how their viewpoint shifts.

The idea is to be thankful for every situation that comes their way, regardless of how that situation may appear: “Thank you, God, for this problem with my health”—whatever it is, they must be grateful for it. This can work miracles. As they gratefully acknowledge their current situation and remain open spiritually, their resistance will dissolve; with that, the next step becomes apparent.

These folks can have a difficult beginning owing to the worries, anxieties, and duties that consume their lives. But once they make the transition to focusing on the spiritual reality behind the world of tangible appearances, theirs can be the most blissful of lives! Once they are in touch with being conscious and learning to objectively observe themselves, they become aware of the more subtle energy pulls in the Flow—where things are going and how to navigate to reach their goal. The Infinite seems to take care of them; and as long as they stay conscious, they can accurately see where to take the next step.

Pisces North Node people are immersed in an atmospheric field of magical spiritual power. The irony is that they are totally unaware of it. They act as though they have no power at all and try to succeed from an ego level. All they have to do is relax into the spiritual atmosphere surrounding them, and magic will take over their lives. Theirs is the easiest of all incarnations, if they will only let go of their attachment to making it difficult. If they “Let go and let God,” they can move in the peacefulness of the Infinite itself guiding them.

The most difficult part of their journey is to understand that what is “real” to the other nodal types—the tangible, physical world that everyone agrees exists—is not destined to be their primary reality. To focus on the intangible as the basis of their reality requires a willingness to risk being misunderstood by others. Their job is to bring the experience of spiritual reality to the planet, and they can only do that through awareness of it in their own lives. It is only by being absorbed in the spiritual atmosphere themselves that they can communicate this reality to others through their own quiet joy.