and North Node in the 9th House


Work in these areas can help uncover hidden gifts and talents

  1. Reliance on intuition, prophetic abilities, and invisible guidance

  2. Speaking from Higher Consciousness

  3. Spontaneity—developing a sense of freedom and adventure

  4. Direct communication free from censorship

  5. Trusting oneself

  6. Spending time alone and in nature

  7. Patience

  8. Intuitive listening—hearing the meaning behind the words


Working to reduce the influence of these tendencies can help make life easier and more enjoyable

  1. Second-guessing what others are thinking

  2. Indecisiveness

  3. Perpetually seeking more information

  4. Saying what others want to hear

  5. Invalidating intuitive knowing with logic

  6. Gossiping

  7. Impatience—wanting immediate answers

  8. Trusting others’ perceptions instead of one’s own—including others’ perceptions about oneself


Sagittarius North Node people’s Achilles’ heel is mental security (“If I can figure out what other people are thinking and then say the right thing so they’ll agree with my ideas, I will always feel secure”). This can lead them into the trap of an unending search for information (“If I can just get enough facts, I’ll be able to find the ‘truth,’ and then I will know what to do”). But it’s a bottomless pit: They can never read people’s minds well enough to assure themselves that they will say the right thing. They need to let go of control and heed their own intuition. Trusting and acting from their own truth brings out their integrity, which will draw the right people to them to help them gain the security and peace of mind they seek.

The bottom line is that they will never have enough information to know what the “truth” is. At some point Sagittarius North Node people simply have to go beyond logic to their intuition, and demonstrate what their higher truth is telling them. Ironically, when they have faith in their spiritual guidance, they will also gain a correct perception of what is occurring around them.


What you really want is to feel connected with others while confidently being themselves. You want the total agreement of everyone around them—for everyone to understand their point of view, to accept and support them, and to recognize their positive motivations. To achieve this, they try to manipulate people into thinking their way. Using their talent for understanding others, Sagittarius North Node people think they can say exactly the right words to make others change their minds and agree with them. But it doesn’t work; in order to reach their goals, they need to refocus their attention on their own truth.

When Sagittarius North Node people speak the words they intuitively feel, situations in which they find themselves come into harmony. When they live and speak from their higher self, companions who are not suitable withdraw and new people appear who are compatible. As Sagittarius North Node people act in accordance with their higher truth, others who are similarly attuned innately understand them and prove the most trustworthy of friends, as they share the same spiritual values.


These people are highly intuitive and excel in the psychic fields, channeling and “reading” for others from their intuitive awareness. They can also be highly successful in situations involving interactions with foreign countries. These folks are the happiest, as well as the most financially successful, when they use their talents to find solutions. Good choices include: lawyer, religious or spiritual leader, professor, publisher, or a role in advertising—any way they can be involved in distributing ideas on a mass level or promoting a cause they believe in.

Sagittarius North Node people have inherent gifts for understanding the mindsets of others, so they often foresee probable outcomes—the “writing on the wall.” When they verbalize the truths they see through their intuitive process, their natural communication skills create a win/win situation. However, if they work in professions where understanding and reporting how others think is the goal, they may not fare as well. Teaching mundane subjects, or writing projects that deal with fact rather than inspiration, can promote their uneasiness and fears of being hurt unexpectedly. They are better off when they use their innate writing/speaking abilities as a means of communicating and implementing higher truths.


“When I follow my own sense of truth, I win.”

“My intuition will show me the right road, spontaneously, as events occur.”

“When I let others be themselves, I am free.”

“When I trust my intuition and verbally communicate what occurs to me in the moment, I win.”



Sagittarius North Node people have spent many past lives in positions where it was essential for them to understand how others think: as teachers, writers, orators, and salespeople. Teachers aren’t successful unless they understand their pupil’s thought process and impart information in a way the pupil can accept.

Sagittarius North Node people came into this incarnation with the talent of seeing everyone else’s point of view, but in the process they have lost touch with their own truth. Now they need to connect with their spirituality—and rediscover themselves.

The gift of understanding also means that these folks can talk to anyone about anything—they have the gift of gab. They can see into the mindset of the other person and keep small talk going for hours, making the other person feel comfortable through an easy exchange of friendly conversation and acceptance.

But they are so aware of the mindsets of other people that they often overtranslate the others’ ideas. They think they need to speak the other person’s words to be understood, and soon they get lost and forget what they really wanted to say. Thus, when they “get something” from their intuition, they should say it directly without trying to edit or “translate” it.


Sagittarius North Node people have a tough time making decisions. They are accustomed to seeing both sides, so even when they know what to do they also see the alternative viewpoint and get confused. For example, if they ask themselves: “Should I go to the party or stay home and rest?” they have an instinctive “knowing” or “feeling” that tells them which choice will make them happy. But then they question their knowing: “Yes, it would make me happy to stay home and I need to rest, but if I don’t go to the party, maybe I’ll miss something… . On the other hand, I really need the rest—I’ve been out three nights in a row… . And yet this party might be attended by some very interesting folks …” and on and on. Pretty soon they can’t make a decision. To avoid this problem, they must not allow themselves to question their first feeling of “knowing.” Their intuition is almost 100 percent accurate. They are learning to recognize it, rely on it, and allow it to lead them. Additionally, they need to trust that they won’t “miss” anything or anyone that is truly destined for them. When they follow their spontaneous inner knowing, they will always be “on track.”

These folks are indecisive because they think of so many reasons for going in any direction. It’s never just between yes and no—it’s “yes, because of such-and-such” and “no, because of something else”—until it becomes so convoluted that they can’t decide at all.


Sagittarius North Node people go through a lengthy and nerve-wracking process of second-guessing themselves (and others) owing to insecurity. They don’t trust their intuition. In past incarnations, they were so accustomed to being part of other people’s lives and ideas that they lost touch with their own identity. All their past lives of identifying with society have taught them reliance on others. But now they need to rely on themselves—without trying to “explain” their intuition. When they apply logic to intuition, they become even more confused.

This process is very painful for them. They become so internally conflicted that they feel they have no stable base. These people can see the pros and cons of any decision, and by the time they’ve thought through all the possible ramifications it feels like a “no win” situation. The entire process is associated with loss: What do they stand to lose with each of the different options? By focusing on this negative aspect, they become more and more insecure.

Yet what these folks really want is to win something. They have to stay focused on their goal, and when they consider others, it should be in terms of who can assist them in getting what they want. The irony is that the minute they make a firm decision, the universe supports them and everything works smoothly and beautifully!

However, before they reach this point, they drive the people around them crazy because they want to check each decision with everyone they know. Their good friends can hear what these folks really are seeking behind their frantic, “logical” points of view and lovingly point them back to their original, intuitive knowing. Sagittarius North Node people need a lot more help to make their dreams come true than they realize. They need spiritual help—straight from the universe itself—to reach their goals, and it is available to them in this lifetime if they are open to it.

They are learning that to take the next step toward their dreams, it is necessary to let go of the step below. Loss is always part of a greater gain. To gain the benefits of an independent lifestyle, they must let go of dependency on their parents; to gain the benefits of a promotion, they must let go of their former job. They need to stay focused on gain—the new growth, environment, and people that surround them as they work toward their goals and follow their spontaneous inner prompting.

Sagittarius North Node people need to switch their sense of responsibility from evoking a desired response to being an accurate channel for their gift of inner guidance. Instead of being the caretaker, in this lifetime they are to be the initiator. It’s so simple if they let it be! The minute they make the decision: “I’m choosing this,” or “I’m taking that road,” they reach a new level. They don’t have to go through the painful intermediate process of second-guessing themselves. All they have to do is to trust what they intuitively feel to be right, decide to follow their intuitive path, and use their logic to figure out the best way to make it happen.

When they’re trying to figure out how others will react, what they are seeing is how others would react before they make their decision. But when Sagittarius North Node people make the decision, it actually changes the other person’s reaction. Thus, Sagittarius North Nodes cannot logically predict how others will respond to them. All their experience with decision making brings them back to the same point: In this lifetime, it works when they trust their intuition and follow their own path.


Owing to past lives of being enmeshed in society and dependent on others, these folks have learned how to “get along” with just about anyone. And in past incarnations they used deductive reasoning to reach their goals. They came to a conclusion based on the information they gathered, together with their awareness of the desires of those around them. Their decisions were based on a complex system of weighing all the factors, which led them to the “right answer” for their situation. The process worked well for them in past lives; however, in this lifetime deductive reasoning is not scheduled to work for them. What is scheduled to work now is inductive reasoning. This process is based on intuitively knowing the “right answer” and using logic to figure out how to make it happen on the practical level. It involves seeing the solution first and then working backwards to determine how best to implement it.

Sagittarius North Node people have permission to be illogical in this lifetime. In past lives they overused logic, and now they will see everything as “somewhat right” because they can see the truth in any point of view. Therefore, logic cannot bring them to any accurate conclusion.

Overthinking causes other problems for these folks, too. They have a tough time saying “no,” chiefly because they hate the possibility of missing a potential opportunity for anything. Also, they don’t want to alienate anyone’s goodwill. But when they communicate a decision they have made, it’s perfectly fine for them not to give all their logical reasons. They should just be honest about it: “Thank you for offering me the opportunity. It sounds wonderful, but I feel I should go in another direction right now.” They will be surprised at how easily people accept their decisions without the need for justification. If pressed, they can always say: “It’s just a feeling; I really don’t have an explanation for it.” It’s much better than doing things they don’t really want to do simply because they can’t think of a good excuse to decline. It’s also better than lying: In this incarnation, lies tend to confuse their identity.

Thinking or speaking in terms of options is counterproductive for Sagittarius North Node people, and it doesn’t work for them to give others options, either. They need to be direct: “This is what I want and when I want it.” If the other person doesn’t like it he or she will leave, making room for someone of greater affinity. If the other person does like it, he or she will support and respect the Sagittarius North Node person and the relationship will become closer.

Facts are also not helpful to these folks, unless they are using them as a springboard to launch their intuitive process. If they are seeking more and more facts for the purpose of finally making a decision, it’s an endless process. They can never get enough information to feel certain about their decisions. When a decision is based only on information, they change their mind when new information becomes available.

But truth doesn’t change; so when they are making decisions based on an inner feeling or intuitive knowing, they have the power to stay with it. For example, I had a client with this nodal position who was having digestive problems. She read a myriad of books but was unable to heal herself. She would start down one path, read new information, change her mind, and go in another direction. Then one day she started a program that put her in touch with her own truth: She fasted for three days and then gradually began to reintroduce foods in a prescribed order, noting how her body reacted to each one. She then concluded—from her own personal, internal experience—which foods caused her problems. She is now committed with 100 percent certainty (rare for these folks!) to staying within her dietary guidelines because the decision is based on her own personal experience.

If these folks have really lost touch with their intuitive knowing, they could make a list of pros and cons regarding the matter (“Should I buy a new car?” “Should I apply for this job?”). They should write down all the pros (“A new car would boost my spirits, give me more self-confidence, provide reliable transportation, etc.”) as well as all the cons (“I would have to come up with extra money each month; my mother will say I’m being extravagant; I’ll have to sell my current car; etc.”), leaving nothing out. This helps empty their minds of all concerns and considerations. Then, once everything is written down, they can stand back and assess the situation objectively. The process releases them to see the “bigger picture” and puts them back in touch with their intuitive truth.



Too much “explanation” generally does not work for Sagittarius North Node people. For example, if someone says something that they interpret as “against” their goal, they insist on a full explanation of what the other person meant. They will go over it again and again, trying to use logic to talk the other person out of his or her perspective. By hashing it out this way, they are actually doing what they fear most: bringing negative ideas into powerful focus and injecting negativity into the relationship. They are better off letting the “small stuff” slide, unless their motive for questioning the other person is actually to listen and learn more about the other. If their motive is to talk someone out of his or her point of view, they will generally lose in the interaction.


Debates do not work for Sagittarius North Node people. They have too great a need for others to see life from their point of view. For them, a debate is not a stimulating interchange between two people meant to give both parties a broader view—these folks want their point of view validated, so debates are about control. Others sense this and tend to pull away.

When Sagittarius North Node people are trying to force their idea of truth on others, they do very little listening. They focus on manipulating the other person’s mind into alignment with what they want. This approach can temporarily overpower the other person, but the battle will continue!

These folks sometimes enter a debate inadvertently. If they haven’t made a decision in their own minds, they may try to involve another person in their intense logical process of wrestling it out. The other person often gets angry and feels manipulated or forced to come to a prearranged conclusion. Sagittarius North Node doesn’t understand why the other person gets angry, but the other person thinks Sagittarius North Node is trying to force acceptance of a personally inappropriate opinion—the other person feels in a battle to maintain his or her own integrity.

These folks are much better off staying away from debates altogether. Whenever they try to win a point by getting their “logic” involved, they are treading on thin ice. In such moments of temptation, they should pull back to a peaceful place inside themselves.


If Sagittarius North Node people use their capacity for understanding others to deceive others, they can get themselves in trouble. Sometimes they get away with it for a while, but eventually it backfires.

They may see a situation unfolding that—when they look at the logical, linear progression of events—seems likely to leave them with the short end of the stick. They panic and try to figure out how to secure their position. They look at different ways the situation could play itself out, then they go about influencing others’ thinking so the results will turn out in their own favor.

However, when these folks get what they want by manipulating others, they can only hold on to it through unending manipulation. And it’s exhausting!

Their destiny in this lifetime is to channel healing truth, optimism, and faith into the world. If they violate their destiny by resorting to trickery to get their way, they inadvertently attract an opponent stronger than themselves. All the opponent has to do to win is be honest. If they refuse to align themselves as a channel of honesty, they attract a situation where the truth will defeat them.

Sagittarius North Node people often panic when they view life only from a logical base. For all of us, there are times when things don’t go our way and the possible scenarios look pretty scary. This is the time to remember faith. Logic does not include goodwill or the fact that in the big picture, everything is working to our advantage. If these folks look back over their lives, they will see that every change has meant increase and improvement for them. There are a thousand ways that a situation can unfold as people add their own unexpected ingredients. If one has faith in an ultimately positive outcome, the positive path will reveal itself.


Because Sagittarius North Node people are so friendly and want to get along with others, they can slip into the habit of telling white lies. Sometimes they seem to get away with it, but they are filled with uneasiness because they know they are not standing on solid ground. They have to stay alert to keep the lie going, and this creates tension. Misrepresentation is not good karma for them, and it inevitably backfires in unpleasant ways.

If they indulge in only a “little white lie”—hoping the other person will forget the original agreement or will go along with a “slight” lack of integrity on their part—they might as well forget it. The discrepancy they sought to “cover” will inevitably come to light in a way that is most embarrassing for them. But once they are aware of the repercussions, these folks are too intelligent to waste their mental energy on “covering up.”

Using manipulation to deal with others also severely limits Sagittarius North Node people on a personal level—it is painful and unnecessarily restrictive of their freedom in ways they may not even recognize. These folks fear that if they can’t manipulate the other person, they will have to go along with the other person’s will. Aside from artful manipulation, they feel they don’t have any power. But quite the contrary is true. Their strength in this incarnation—their special gift—is truth. When they honestly and directly reveal their own point of view, others respect what they say. Other people will yield to them or respond in a straightforward way that leads to greater understanding and trust.


Winning is very important to Sagittarius North Node people, which is another reason they carefully consider all their options before making a decision. The desire to move forward is so strong for these folks that every decision becomes monumental—they don’t want to make a mistake. Yet, if they look back over their lives, they will see that when they followed their intuition they never made the mistakes they feared they would. When they follow their inner prompting, they don’t have regrets. The bottom line for these folks is their desire to win and reach the next level—the desire to win is correct and healthy for them.

In this lifetime, they want to escape the maelstrom of other people’s thoughts; they want vitality on a new level. Thus, to base their decisions on thinking from the old level will not help them win; it will keep them “stuck” in the same place. They need to trust whatever gives them a sense of energy and vitality, and that’s the “win” they’re seeking. The “win” is a feeling for them—it’s growth and the desire to move forward and up. So when an idea occurs to them and they intuitively feel: “Yes, I should do that,” accompanied by exciting, vital energy, that is an energy they can trust and a path that will lead to the new level they seek.

The opposite is also true for Sagittarius North Node people. Whatever seems oppressive and makes them anxious is not an appropriate choice. It’s better for them to say “no,” because something about the situation will not turn out to their advantage. However, their overactive mind will try to intervene and say: “It’s a good thing and you have to do it, etc., etc.”

But when they give themselves permission to follow their intuition, they can respond authentically. However, they must wait until they have decided where they stand before responding. When these folks are clear within themselves, they automatically present their decision in a loving way the other person can accept.


The logic developed in past lives allows Sagittarius North Node people to realize that it is self-defeating to view life from a negative perspective. How we view our lives and circumstances determines our emotional state. To augment the positive makes us happy and confident.

Unfortunately, from so much past-life reliance on logic and mental agility, these folks lost touch with the power of truth. They tend to ignore the warning signals of their keen intuition and continue to think positively, only to see important situations fall apart. Then they feel totally unprepared—they didn’t see it coming.

To prevent this from happening again, they develop a “logical” structure of fear to “protect” them from future pain. The following scenario unfolds: Using logic, they think positively about a situation and feel happy. Then, remembering past disappointments that occurred when they felt confident, fear sets in. To avoid disappointment, they think of all the possible negative outcomes and become afraid and unhappy. The result of these mental gymnastics is a basic distrust of life, of other people, and of themselves. Therefore, in this lifetime, they need to learn to trust their intuition in order to avoid pain.

Their logic tells Sagittarius North Node people that no person or situation merits total trust. People change, situations shift, unexpected events occur, and we ourselves make mistakes. Who is to be trusted? If they look back over their lives, the one thing that has always accurately shown them the outcome of a situation is the clear voice of their intuition. That is the factor they can trust.

As an illustration of how their gift of intuition works, recall old horror movies. A familiar theme would repeat itself: The haunted house would be on an isolated hill, way out of town. A carload of teenagers would be driving by, laughing, carefree. As they passed by the haunted house, the camera would zoom in on one of the tires, and suddenly it would go flat. From the camera work and the scary music, the audience would think: “Don’t go in that house!” The camera would show a close-up of the face of one of the teenagers, and intuitively he knew it, too! If they went into that house, terrible things would happen. But his friends were careless and confident, so he discounted his inner prompting and followed them into the house—and, in fact, terrible things did happen.

This is a perfect story for Sagittarius North Node people. They always know what’s going to happen beforehand. When they discount their intuition and walk into a situation because of “logic” or out of concern for what others will think, they always lose—and sometimes terrible things happen. When they listen to their inner prompting and follow their intuition, they always win. Their lives become magical; they avoid pitfalls and keep experiencing successes.


Sagittarius North Node people ate positive, cheerful, and outgoing. They have happy, lighthearted connections with others, and they have a helpful disposition. They are attuned to insight from their Guides and Angels, and are open to higher inspiration. These folks have a natural optimism and are willing to work hard to get the results they feel are awaiting them.

Even if their thoughts are giving them negative messages, these folks still act from their positive expectations for the future. They may talk about their fears, but in their behavior they follow their optimism. They know good things will happen for them if they do their part.

Sagittarius North Node people have a feeling they’re going to make it—and that’s what supports their cheerful disposition. They see all the things that could go wrong, but they go forward and do it anyway—no matter how much it costs. When they become negative, it’s because they’re thinking too much. Their minds have been very overactive in past lives, so their best bet now is to turn things over to their higher self and ask their Guides to lead them in the right direction. As they relax their minds, their natural faith in positive outcomes will be able to re-establish itself.

One of the greatest gifts Sagittarius North Node people can share with others is their unique ability to help people overcome negative thoughts and to show them how to take a positive point of view. When their writing or speaking takes that slant—directing people’s minds toward faith in positive outcomes—their message is welcomed by all who are exposed to it. Also, when they help others focus on the bright side, these natives become brighter in their own thinking.





Although in past lives these folks were accustomed to surrounding themselves with people, in this lifetime it’s essential for them to spend a significant amount of time alone. When they get away from people they gain clarity, connect with their truth, and establish a sense of peace and well-being. Sometimes they are better off when they don’t communicate and share their ideas. They may get an insight and, because they were teachers in past lives, their first instinct is to generously share their knowledge with everyone else. But as they share, the power of their insight begins to dissipate.

First, if people disagree with Sagittarius North Nodes’ truth, they immediately try to see it from the other’s point of view. Even if the other person doesn’t overtly disagree, Sagittarius North Node people are so sensitive to the others’ reactions that they can feel any objection at all; then they become insecure and the energy dissipates. Instead, they should keep a new insight or revelation to themselves until they have been nourished by it, integrated it, and begun to demonstrate its effects in their own life.

For example, if these folks think that facing fear head-on turns it into laughter, they should work on translating that insight into action in their daily lives. In this way they become a personal demonstration of this truth.


It’s very healthy for Sagittarius North Node people to retreat from society: to spend time outdoors and get back in touch with what is natural. It reminds them about being themselves and strengthens their confidence in the power of their authenticity. Nature’s cycles give them peace of mind and help them remember that there is a plan unfolding that is larger than the manipulation of people’s minds. The minutiae that tend to obsess them lose importance. Spending time in the country gives these folks an expanded view. Without that perspective, they can short-circuit: Their minds are so active that they become overstimulated when they spend too much time around people and the city.

Spending time with animals also helps Sagittarius North Node people relax and gain clarity. When there is another living being in their environment that is basic, simple, and real, they can center on a calmer frequency. These people really benefit from seeing the world through the eyes of a creature that is less complex than a human. They need to keep their perception focused on simple things.

Likewise, foreign travel is good for these folks. With a foreign language and an unfamiliar mindset, they are forced to see the people around them in an uncomplicated, basic way. They become aware of the simplicity and beauty of their fellow beings: their customs and manners, and how they dress and interact with one another. Sagittarius North Node people may think that what they are enjoying is a simpler culture, but what they are actually enjoying is their own capacity to view people and events in a simpler way.

These folks are hungering for simplicity. And for them, the path to simplicity involves taking people at face value and trusting their own intuition. As they learn to simplify and remain honest with themselves, they automatically begin to view others in the same way. As they begin to operate from a place of authenticity within themselves, they will be able to imagine others also operating without deceptions or ulterior motives. As their minds relax in this way, their lives become more joyful.

On all levels, Sagittarius North Node people must get back in touch with what is natural. For example, I had a client with this nodal position who had a new puppy. One day while I was visiting her she became agitated, repeatedly looking at her watch because it was time to take the puppy for a walk. But the puppy was sleeping! According to her “how to raise a puppy” book, it was time for a walk—and all she could see were the rules.

This client was out of touch with what was actually occurring. The puppy was sleeping, so, let her sleep! These folks need to get back in touch with the miracle of life’s natural, peaceful unfolding—and to trust the natural rhythms of people, relationships, and events.


For Sagittarius North Node people the key to being understood and accepted—not on a temporary basis, but on a deep, permanent level—lies in being themselves. Although these folks can often predict how those around them will respond, sometimes they can be surprised. For example, I had a Sagittarius North Node client who had written a play about her early years and the people in her family. She was terrified for certain family members to see it because she thought it might be hurtful to them. While writing it, she was second-guessing herself and trying to predict their responses to every line.

She was particularly concerned about how her mother would react to the play. Ultimately, the play was performed off-Broadway and several of her relatives attended the opening night, including her mother. Much to her surprise, they loved it! Her mother was beaming with pride at her daughter’s success. The relief my client felt was incredible. Communicating her truth the way she saw it created a win/win situation for everyone involved. Also, because the play was honest (she told the story from her point of view, not from everyone else’s) it was a success with the general audience as well.

When the motive behind direct communication is to express themselves—without intending to hurt or manipulate anyone else—it always turns out well for these folks. It can even work for Sagittarius North Node people to get a little bit righteous. They have too great a tendency to go along with others’ ideas—fitting into the nooks and crannies of other people’s lives, allowing themselves to be taken advantage of. But when they say: “Hey—you can’t do that to me! I don’t deserve that kind of treatment!” and stand up for themselves, it works!



Sagittarius North Node people are so desperately seeking a point of view that will give them peace of mind that they can become attached to the philosophy of another person. For a while, this system may work for them. They may even accept the parameters of that belief system as the only truth” and be reluctant to step beyond those boundaries.

This can cause problems in meaningful communication, as these folks tend to insist that others conform to their vocabulary and basic precepts before relating to them on a deep level. But they are using logic to find Truth, and logic can only work when certain assumptions are mutually agreed on. The philosophy they espouse has given them comfort, and they don’t trust themselves to find Truth on their own, beyond the limits of a structured definition. They may try to use rationality and logic, instead of immersing themselves in the energy of Truth itself.

It is fine for Sagittarius North Node people to temporarily adopt the philosophy of another as a springboard to boost them toward Truth; but once they have connected with the energy of Truth, their best bet is to let go of the words that got them there.

These folks have much to learn from others to find the fullness of the truth they are seeking. But they must listen and allow life to teach them, rather than relying on books or outer authority figures. Input from other people can help them see flaws in their thinking, as well as offer alternative perceptions that enable them to achieve practical success.

They are learning that any set belief system blocks them from a living, vital connection with the wholeness of Truth. Truth is beyond any point of view. It is an energy, not a concept. It is eminently practical—it works! Truth is also moving (fluid), and Sagittarius North Nodes are learning to allow Truth to lead them.



Sagittarius North Node people have been teachers in past lives, and they continue trying to teach others now. Acceptance of their ideas—their truth—by others is important to them. However, in this lifetime acceptance of their ideas is not a barometer of whether they are on track. Instead, they should focus on becoming an example of their truth—applying Truth in their own behavior so it is self-evident.

These folks feel a tremendous spiritual void: They think they lack something that is needed to give them strength and self-confidence. Indeed, what is being overlooked is their own self. They have had so many incarnations enmeshed in society that they have lost touch with the silence and presence of their spiritual connection. Thus, they have a deep need to reattune themselves to their spirituality. Taking up the spiritual quest as a primary aim in this incarnation is altogether appropriate for Sagittarius North Node people.

On one level, this need can be satisfied by reading spiritual books and spending time by themselves in prayer or meditation. On a “daily life” level, they can strengthen the connection with their spirituality by acknowledging their desires. They tend to hold back in communicating what they want for fear that their desires will not be accepted by others. Yet desires are a prompting from the internal, spiritual part of ourselves, urging us to go in a certain direction so we can experience our own completion. Thus, when these folks accept their desires and communicate them to others, they take a step toward accepting themselves.

The irony is that as they begin to practice self-acceptance, they find themselves feeling less desperate about being accepted by others. They have been honest, true to themselves, and had the courage to reveal their own desires. As a result, they feel a tremendous satisfaction, fulfillment, and peace—a sense of completion within.


An important goal for Sagittarius North Node people is to practice the art of direct communication. This can be intimidating, because in past lives they were manipulative and indirect. In this lifetime they dislike those qualities in others but can inadvertently participate in such behavior themselves.

These folks have the gift of words from past lives. They can frame their communication so that others will agree; and they referee arguments between groups or individuals who don’t understand each other, not just by being diplomatic but by manipulating both sides. They don’t like confrontations. If they can make others agree with their point of view, they won’t have to risk being direct because the other person will already see things the way they see them. But in that process everyone loses, because the interaction is not based on directness and truth. And then these folks feel awful. They have betrayed themselves and betrayed the truth, and some part of them knows it.

It’s better for Sagittarius North Node people to look at the truth behind the situation and simply communicate what they see, without logically “figuring out” what would be to their best advantage. By trusting this, the power of Truth itself paves the way for their success. The good feeling they will have is confirmation that they are on the right path. It takes remembering and practicing, but as they experience positive results, they will learn to trust it more.


These folks tend to mitigate what they have to say by first considering how the other person will accept their words. This results in an indirect communication, which means they’re sharing only whatever they think will lead the other person to accept their point of view. They fear losing the acceptance and support of others, and they seek to keep the conversation on a light-hearted, social level.

However, when Sagittarius North Node people communicate directly, a happy exchange of mental energy can resume after the issue has been openly addressed. If they see every “obstacle” (that is, the other person having a different point of view) as the next step in creating greater rapport, trusting that the universe is providing things that will bring them closer to others, then each obstruction becomes simply the next area of focus that will take them to their goal.

Owing to past conditioning, these folks have a tendency to “pull their punches,” fearing they’ll get in trouble if they speak up. But habits that worked in past lives are not scheduled for success in this incarnation: When they don’t speak up is when they get in trouble! If they don’t tell others where they stand or what they want, they are overlooked or ignored—which they really dislike.

Sagittarius North Node people have to be very direct. If they compromise their words they’ll forget their point and lose their energy. It can be scary for them to be themselves, but they can do it if they see themselves as being a channel for the truth within.


It’s better when these folks make up their minds about where they stand and what they want before discussing their decision with others. For example, I had a client with this nodal position who was an actress. A well-established New York producer offered her the opportunity to audition for a part that called for a dancer and singer. My client was a strong singer, but not so strong a dancer. Her spontaneous response was: “Oh, no. This is going nowhere. Do I really have to go through the ordeal of this audition?” Then came the “logical” second-guessing of her original “knowing”: “What will the producer say if I decline? Maybe he’ll take it personally and not invite me to audition for his next play. What if this is an opportunity leading to something really big and I just don’t see it?”

Finally, she called the producer and explained that she didn’t feel she was right for the part because her strength was singing, not dancing. After reconsidering, he agreed that it probably wasn’t the right opportunity for her. The interaction ended on a positive note.

My client knew—in advance of the call—where she stood. The conversation was a matter of communicating her point of view. She had reached her decision before talking to the producer, so she could communicate directly and tactfully. The challenge for Sagittarius North Nodes is to figure out where they stand. Once they do this they automatically communicate their decision in a way that allows others to be accepting and cooperative.


Sagittarius North Node people have a tremendous fear of being misunderstood. To a large extent, they base their security and peace of mind on having established feelings of rapport with others. Yet for them to feel a solid sense of acceptance, this rapport must be based on revealing their own truth.

These folks often get a sense of “right and wrong” as soon as something is presented to them. Yet when they share what they sense, others may think they’re “off the wall.” Time usually proves their first impression to be right—so it’s okay for them to speak up and remind others that their past intuitions have been correct. Because of their desire for acceptance, they don’t want others to think of them as “arrogant,” so they often downplay this ability. But in fact, these perceptions aren’t their own ideas; they simply “see” them intuitively. By pointing this out, they can make other people aware of the advantage of connecting with their own intuitive process.

Sagittarius North Node people are learning to trust the accuracy of their first inner feeling and not second-guess themselves later on. Often when they interact with someone who is important to them, they have an “all is well” feeling afterwards. Later, something they said during the conversation comes to mind: “I wonder if he knew what I meant by that? Oh, no! He probably thinks that I think that …” and they have an anxiety attack! The entire conversation replays within their mind. They dissect it, noting all the places where miscommunication might have occurred. Soon they are convinced that there is a huge misunderstanding between themselves and the other person.

They may think about calling the other person to explain everything. But this generally confuses the situation—and the other person may begin to doubt Sagittarius North Nodes’ sincerity. These folks sense this, and then feel embarrassed and even more insecure than before. In questioning the interaction they put negative mental energy into the relationship, which harms their connection with the other person. This entire process works against them.

Sagittarius North Node people need an accurate barometer of what occurred in the original conversation. They have to learn to trust their inner knowing: the feeling they have about the conversation immediately after wards. If they have an uneasy sense that something was “not quite right,” their intuition is most likely correct. Either the person wasn’t “being straight” with them, or there was a misunderstanding. If their first feeling is that things went well, they need to trust that feeling and not rehash the conversation, using logic to tear it apart. For these people, intuition is much more accurate than logic.

Sagittarius North Node people also have an incredible gift of silent communication through the atmosphere. If they feel uneasy about any relationship, they should go within themselves and send love to the other person. That alone can be enough to stimulate a healing.


One of the greatest challenges Sagittarius North Node people face is achieving peace of mind. One viewpoint that could help is: “Hey, this is all just an adventure! It’s an experiment, a discovery!” The word “adventure” is magical for them: It means fun, expansion, and learning.

While on the adventure they’ll discover more about other paths, different from the one they’ve known. That requires a leap of faith into the unknown; yet when they do it, everything turns to their advantage and they feel vital and alive. Others see them as enormously brave, but when they view their situation as an adventure, they feel free to take chances and explore.

When they go with their own instincts, magic happens. And the positive response in their energy field will feed them the encouragement and enthusiasm they need to keep going.


Sagittarius North Node people are learning about patience. They often want to rush results. What they see with their minds, they want to have happen immediately. They are so identified with their mental processes, and their mind works so fast, that they end up traveling faster than the “natural flow.” When things don’t seem to be going right, or seem out of order, these folks need to deliberately slow themselves down and have patience. They need to wait and see what is going to unfold next in the natural sequence of events.

But these folks often have the feeling that time is running out, and their nervous energy can be very taxing to their bodies, their nervous systems, and their general health. Sometimes a health warning can jolt them into slowing down and becoming more observant. They are learning to be more receptive to life—not trying to control it. Slowing down allows them to get in touch with the truth within the moment.

Sagittarius North Node people can also practice patience with themselves. If they feel that something is “off” about an opportunity, but something about it also makes a lot of sense, it may be that the timing is not right. Their intuition is simply telling them: “It is not right for you to proceed at this time.” Later on the internal message may change, when the outer environment has come into a more positive alignment.


Because of their tendency to become mentally overstimulated, it can be tough for these folks to relax. Their minds are going constantly, revving up their nervous systems, and they may have difficulty sleeping from time to time. One challenge is to find ways to relax. Many things can increase their sense of peacefulness. Meditation is a great remedy: It calms the nervous system and recharges them with peace. Hot baths and swimming are soothing, as well. In fact, all kinds of interactions with water have a calming effect—even a fish tank, a water view, or a tape of water sounds.

Regular exercise helps balance Sagittarius North Node people, bringing their minds in tune with their bodies. Sports or outdoor activities are great for them: jogging, biking, hiking, walking, rock climbing, or camping. For deeper relaxation involving the mind, they will be amazed at the wonderful results they can reap from studying philosophy and spiritual or religious practices.



These folks have had a lot of people lifetimes: fitting in with others, being interested in their daily routines, getting to know the inner workings of their lives. Consequently, especially in the early years, there’s always a lot of social activity with people calling, “hanging out” with friends, and attending social events. Yet in this incarnation, socializing doesn’t fulfill their deepest needs. In fact, being with people too much drains their energy and makes them overly sensitive and insecure. They feel clearer when they spend time alone.

If Sagittarius North Node people become more direct in their communication and lessen their involvement in conversations that don’t really interest them, they find that people with whom they have little in common begin to leave their circle of friends. Yet their good friends appreciate their directness, so being direct helps them discriminate between people who belong around them and those without any deep connection.

These folks can be great advisors. They readily listen to everyone’s stories and try to help them; because they understand how others think, everyone feels comfortable with them. But it’s to their advantage when the quantity of people around them diminishes, as they can spend more time with like-minded friends who nurture them in return.

Sagittarius North Node people sometimes remain in superficial relationships because they have an insatiable need for attention. They will do anything for it: make up stories, pretend to be curious about people when they are not really interested, and even create unnecessary problems in their lives so they can be the center of attention. Underneath this need is a sense of restlessness and a fear of boredom. They are so terrified of boredom that every time they come up against it, they run the other way and try to distract themselves.

In their friendships, these folks need to be careful about indulging in gossip. Other people seem to get away with it, but whenever these folks participate in gossip, life really lets them have it. It’s just one of those things they are not allowed to do in this lifetime.


Sagittarius North Node people are learning that if they manipulate their partner, they end up being trapped themselves. In romantic relationships, they seek control by forming a close bond with their mate. They keep the lines of communication open all the time—at least superficially—so they can share their partner’s “mind space” and keep the situation under control. These folks stay connected with their partners through constant phone calls and the like, and they are very sensitive to any pulling back on the other person’s part.

Unfortunately, this communication is happening on a superficial, “chatty” level, and it never addresses the underlying, significant issues in the relationship. But these folks feel very insecure without the constant checking-in; they’re afraid they’ll lose control and the other person will leave. They can spend the whole day “chatting”: discussing this and that, bringing the partner up to date on the latest news, and sharing their thoughts.

Over the years, Sagittarius North Node people grow weary of the constant mental interaction they think they need just to maintain control. They may become bored and think about leaving the relationship, especially if they haven’t been able to manipulate the other person into doing what they want. Yet by that time, they have not only trapped the other person into dependency—they have also trapped themselves. And they become increasingly confused and mentally weak the longer the co-dependency continues. Often they try to break the bond they have forged, becoming angry with the partner to create mental distance and regain a sense of freedom and independence. Sometimes they devise a “plan of escape,” taking the partner totally by surprise when they leave.

There is nothing wrong with having preferences regarding a mate’s behavior; however, these folks would save time and energy by taking a more direct approach in the beginning of a relationship. They have the idea that after marriage, through cheerful manipulation of the other person, they will slowly change the partner’s behavior. But this technique is not scheduled to work for them in this lifetime.

Once mutual attraction has been established, Sagittarius North Node people should reveal their ideas about creating a life filled with a sense of adventure and fun. When they have openly shared their fantasies of their future, they will see whether or not the other person resonates with their dreams. If they meet resistance, no amount of mental manipulation over a thirty-year marriage will change the other person. If they meet with enthusiasm and support, the potential is there for a good relationship.

These folks occasionally get so caught up in their mental processes that they lose touch with their bodies and their sexuality. They almost seem to get lost in their minds! To come down to earth, they might try a camping trip or an outdoor adventure. Being in natural environments calms their high-frequency nervous system and allows them to re-establish their natural sensuality and bodily rhythms. Also, when they view sex as fun or an unexpected adventure, they reconnect.

Sometimes these people think they don’t attract the right romantic candidates. But this happens because they are not being themselves; they’re being a chameleon in order to be accepted. They use logic to pick a romantic partner, then they use their ability to understand how the person thinks to create artificial harmony. But when they constantly alter their ideas so the other person will accept them, they dilute their own sense of who they are and what they want.

Relationships based on truth maintain themselves naturally. Just by being oneself, the other person stays happy and giving. Relationships based on manipulation must be maintained by manipulation. When these folks respond naturally and directly, those who are attracted by their true nature will draw closer. Sagittarius North Node people need to be with a mate who can resonate with their truth! And they can only find such a person by being themselves and speaking directly.


Sagittarius North Node people are learning that loyalty is not based on pitting one person against another. This is temporary loyalty that breaks down under stress. Loyalty really means consistently supporting loved ones in reaching goals and doing what they say they are going to do. Until these folks learn to keep their word—simply because they have given their word—loyalty from others will elude them.


In close relationships, these folks face the temptation of using their mental agility to trick the other person into changing. They are trying to be tactful, but it is really manipulation—and the other person will resist. For example, the native may say to herself: “He’s perfect, but he has to change in this one area. If I make him see life differently, he’ll change.” But this tactic doesn’t work over the long haul. It results in resentment, anger, and wasted time.

A direct approach works much better. For example, Sagittarius North Node could say: “Look, I love everything about you. However, the right man for me will also have this one certain quality. Are you willing to develop that quality within yourself?” These folks have natural tact. They don’t need to worry about saying the wrong thing. Their challenge is to take a stand and then see how the other person responds.

Being direct does not mean being angry with the other person. Being direct simply means they have to tell the truth. They should be assertive but not aggressive. Assertiveness involves stating things as they are; aggressiveness involves having anger as a motivation. Aggressiveness is aimed at the other person, but Sagittarius North Nodes need to aim for their own truth.

Sometimes when these folks speak directly, they become very emotional. They feel vulnerable, and their feelings are very intense because they’ve been bottled up for so long. Initially, when these folks begin to speak, these emotions may flow out with their words. But that’s fine—it will work to their advantage.


Sagittarius North Node people see everything from so many points of view that they have a tough time holding any belief or perception as “sacred.” Because of this, they may mislead others about their motives or intentions. For them, it can be a matter of deciding what they have to say to get what they want. They may even put others down for being honest: “Why did he say that? That was stupid! Now he won’t get what he wants. He should have just said what they wanted to hear.” These folks often don’t recognize the inherent value of telling the truth. They lack faith in the goodness of life and the benefits of following natural law. They think everything depends on their ability to outmaneuver others. But they are discovering the strength, calm, and confidence that emerge when one’s words are a true reflection of one’s inner being. There is nothing to hide, no reason to be “on guard,” and no need to use mental energy “covering their tracks.” They are also learning to trust in positive outcomes—if they are honest, the “right things” will happen.

When they are not operating with integrity, they often project this onto others and become suspicious about what people are “up to.” This leads to paranoia, mistrust, and anguish, since they assume that others are also trying to trick and outmaneuver them.

Honesty—Truth—Freedom … these three energies are interdependent. Without Honesty, Sagittarius North Node people will never see Truth and obtain Freedom. The habit of dishonesty leads to confusion, and when we confuse others, we end up being victimized by confusion in our own lives. Sagittarius North Node people are learning that their greatest protection against ambush or trickery from others is to be straightforward themselves.



In spite of the fact that these folks have a strong ability to understand others, they often do not truly listen to what the other person is saying. They get so distracted by sharing their own predetermined point of view, or by what they want the other person to think of them, that there is no true communication or mutual growth.

Sagittarius North Node people need to develop more peacefulness in their conversations—a stronger desire to find Truth through a mutual sharing of ideas. In this process they will retain their own truth at the same time that they heed their intuition regarding others’ words being accurate and relevant. They have had so many past lives as teachers and interpreters that they tend to listen too “exactly” to the words people use. In this lifetime, rather than listening to the words with both ears, they are better off listening with one ear and attuning their other ear to their own intuition. When they listen with their intuition rather than with their logic, they will truly understand what is being said and will be able to create a nurturing rapport with others.


Because these folks have a tough time defining their own personal truth, they assume that others have the same problem. But this is not the case. They are learning to accept that what others say about their (the others’) motives, desires, interests, and values generally is true. True communication requires a willingness to go beyond logic to the truth the other person is offering. The tendency of Sagittarius North Node people to reduce conversation to a sharing of predictable words, rather than allowing it to be a vehicle through which a higher truth emerges, can lead to misunderstanding in relationships.<