and North Node in the 8th House



Work in these areas can help uncover hidden gifts and talents

  1. Self-discipline

  2. Choosing constructive change

  3. Releasing whatever causes stagnation and low energy

  4. Eliminating non useful possessions

  5. Enjoying things without having to own them

  6. Accepting support from others (ideas, money, opportunities)

  7. Enjoying high-risk situations that make one feel alive

  8. Awareness of others’ psychology (their desires, wants, needs, and motives)

  9. Openness to partnering, supporting, and merging power with others


Working to reduce the influence of these tendencies can help make life easier and more enjoyable

  1. Attachment to comfort and the status quo

  2. Possessiveness

  3. Over Concern with accumulation and ownership

  4. Questioning past decisions

  5. Stubbornness

  6. Getting bogged down in sensual appetites

  7. Repeatedly doing things one way (the hard way) even though another way is easier

  8. Resistance to change and others’ input


Scorpio North Nodes’ Achilles’ heel is comfort (“The goal of life is to be comfortable; I need lots of possessions to survive”), which can lead them into the trap of an unending search for accumulation (“When I finally have enough money and possessions, I will feel good about myself and can relate to others”). This thinking leads to stagnation on all levels: material, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Life experience has shown that Scorpio North Nodes never get enough “stuff” to feel comfortable in making the changes that will add vitality to their life. Scorpio North Node people need to be willing to risk losing their current level of comfort to gain a higher state of power and vitality.

The bottom line is that they will never have enough money and personal property to think they can afford to bond with another and feel that there is enough to take care of all their needs. At some point they simply have to let go of self-concern and put their full power into the partnership. The irony is that when they finally bond with another, the mutually empowering relationship can make them rich!


What you really want is money. They want to accumulate financial resources and material possessions to gain a sense of comfort and stability so they can begin to “really live.” To achieve this, these people need to be willing to form partnerships with others, finding those who have similar values and resources (money or talent) that they can share.

If Scorpio North Node people use their talents to enhance their partner’s energy, truly linking with the other as a team rather than maintaining a sense of separation (my money/your money, my resources/your resources), the result can be great financial rewards for both parties. With the contractual understanding that they will get a percentage of the profits, Scorpio North Node people are free to focus on enhancing their partner’s energy and power in ways that the other person feels will increase the success of the team. In terms of financial arrangements, Scorpio North Node people are; better off asking their partner what would be fair, because others appreciate them more than they value themselves.


These people are great editors, since they have the ability to delve into the minds of others, discern their intentions, and bring the material to light in a clear way. They have a talent for empowering the projects and businesses of others, and when they do so, the other person tends to generously reward them. This can be especially true in working with other people’s money—as in banking, insurance, or investments. They also excel as psychologists (in the process of helping others to change, they can also change) and private investigators, or in other lines of work that involve delving into secrets.

Scorpio North Node people have innate gifts of thoroughness and determination, which can build lasting results. When they use these past-life gifts as a means for creating stability in crisis situations, their dependability creates an environment that feels comfortable and safe to all concerned. However, if they involve themselves in professions that are status quo oriented, that require maintenance without growth, they may soon become stagnant, bogged down, and lacking in vitality. They are better off in professions that are crisis oriented or involve constant change and growth, as this brings excitement and the potential for personal evolution.


“Embracing change will lead to vitality.”

“When I choose energizing change, I win; when I choose the status quo, I lose.”

“The alternative to change is stagnation.”

“As I empower others, they recognize my worth.”

“When I look deeply into others’ values and motives, I know whom to trust.”



Scorpio North Node people came into this incarnation with rigid past-life ideas about what they have to do to feel good about themselves—which is a very heavy burden for them.

Most babies are born naked, but not these folks! It’s as if Scorpio North Node people were born wearing ten shirts, fourteen sweatshirts, twelve pairs of pants, and a half-dozen overcoats. They bring all their past-life burdens with them, and this makes walking through life a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Their primary challenge in this lifetime is to let go. Otherwise, too many material possessions, unreasonable attachment to past-life values (“the way things ought to be”), and reluctance to relate with others may cause these folks to stagnate.

They need to be open to life’s energy and listen to others’ ideas. When someone says: “Look—that overcoat isn’t attractive. It would be much better to take it off and wear the one underneath,” their first instinct is to hold on to what they’ve got. But if they listen and discard that overcoat (the old value), they feel much lighter. If they look at a value and their energy level starts going down, that is a value they need to release.

For example, if these folks hold a value requiring that every morning they get up, light a candle, and touch each corner of the bedroom before starting their day, the ritual can bog them down. Their past-life ideas of how things should be may keep them “stuck.” But they are learning to recognize that these values are no longer accurate and are actually draining their energy.

They can do two things to help themselves let go: First, they need to reevaluate the values and ideals that are holding them back—values regarding work, religion, relationships, self-worth, ethics, creativity, family, goals, and so on—about what people have to do in order to be “okay.” When they think: “I need to do this to be okay,” if they feel a sense of heaviness around it, they know they can release that idea and feel lighter. Second, they need to become more interested in other people’s values. They need to truly listen to what others think is important, since other people can offer valuable perspectives that energize the Scorpio North Node person and lighten his or her load.

Scorpio North Node people also benefit by helping others attain their goals, because this process shows what the other person thinks is important about them. In this lifetime, others often have a clearer sense of these folks’ value than do Scorpio North Node people themselves. This is because Scorpio North Nodes’ job is to help others build tangible results, and others know what they need from the Scorpio North Node person in order to do that.

As they empower other people and help them manifest their dreams, others reciprocate by feeding these folks the energy that lets them change and grow. They need to allow other people and other people’s values to help them expand beyond the confines of their limited world into the vitality of the present.

Scorpio North Node people can even become attached to spiritual values in a way that leads to contraction rather than expansion. For example, let’s say the native values honesty, integrity, and loyalty. These values are always correct when practiced in the here and now. But if Scorpio North Node people remain in a job for twenty years when, after five years, it severely suppresses their life force, they are not being loyal to themselves. Even their spiritual values need to be translated into the moment. What is loyalty? Loyalty means being true to the deepest part of oneself, and that may change as life progresses.


It will also be useful for these folks not to become single-minded and overly focused. Once they define their goal, they need to deliberately approach the project or task by expanding their view. When they allow other people and other creative styles to participate, the endeavor is more fascinating and fun. Then the purpose becomes enjoying the close relationships of bonding with others to reach a common goal. This helps Scorpio North Node people put the emphasis on the people involved, rather than the task.

If they don’t deliberately experiment with keeping their mind expanded, they may get so locked into seeing only “one way” of doing things that they create a compulsive energy around having things go a certain way. They suffer more than anyone, as it leads to immense amounts of overwork on their part.

The key is to become aware of their “tunnel vision” mode. Once they realize what they are doing, they can stop, take a deep breath, expand their thinking, and see that maybe getting their way isn’t so important after all.

To gain mastery over this “tunnel vision” tendency takes a great deal of effort on their part. It really is difficult for them to move out of that emotional space—trying to prove that their way is right—to a space where they can listen. It’s a new habit; but once they begin really focusing on the other person’s motives, needs, and desires, they have more talent than any other nodal group in combining with the other to create more power and vitality for both.


Scorpio North Node people have had many past-life experiences of comfort and pleasure; they are no strangers to the sensual side of life. Actually, this past-life tendency can lead to overindulgence in food, drink, and accumulation. Because of their instinctive attunement to the sensual, they think that if something feels good it will keep feeling good as long as they repeat it. But in this incarnation, that idea doesn’t work. For these folks, repetition of pleasure leads to the burden of accumulation—whether possessions, pounds of flesh, work habits, or stagnation.

For example, if they like soft-shelled crabs, they can eat them without limit. Or if it’s a good wine or bourbon, they could drink it forever. Ultimately, the only way to rein in their senses is to eliminate excess and recognize that the long-term consequences are not worth the momentary joy. There’s no middle ground for these folks—it’s a matter of totally giving up things that hold them back and not indulging anymore. Their sensual and physical pleasures need to be mitigated by self-discipline in order for them to attain self-empowerment.

Sometimes it takes an external crisis to prompt them to change excessive habits. For example, if they have a health scare involving their heart, they may instantly switch gears to a healthy diet. Then they are in a new rut—but one that is beneficial.

These folks derive a lot of genuine pleasure from all their physical senses: touching, tasting, smelling—they were born with an attunement to Mother Nature, and the physical realms yield a great deal of nurturing for them. That’s why they often enjoy gardening: They like working with their hands and gain satisfaction from relating to the earth. They gain a sense of calm-’ ness and joy when they are in touch with the energy of nature rather than their mental pictures of how things ought to be growing. When they become aware of what each plant needs in order to thrive, and provide it, it teaches them the value of tuning in to an energy outside themselves to determine individual needs.



Scorpio North Node people were hard workers in past lives: farmers, landholders, and builders. These were lifetimes where survival depended on their self-sufficiency—forging their own way and building what they thought was valuable. They earned their way through their own efforts; possessions and accumulation of wealth were the prizes that validated their worth.

These folks were master builders. Thus, in this life they approach everything with the mindset of a builder—slow and steady, not skipping any steps. They have an attachment to pride in their work, to thoroughness and doing things “their way, the hard way” to be sure the results are exactly what they want. Although this approach worked well in past lives, in this lifetime it bogs them down and slows their progress to the extent that they often give up—the task becomes too much for them.

In past lives, wealth, possessions, a full larder, and material comfort were the goals. To concentrate on meeting their families’ material needs, they had to tune out their sensitivity to psychological needs. They developed the habit of considering only the task at hand.

Their sense of self-worth was based on what they did, not on who they were as individuals. The irony is that in this life, real material success is denied them until they link with a partner. In past lives they built what they thought was important, but now they have to build what is useful to society. To achieve this, they need to link with others. They are not allowed to do it “on their own” any longer, as that would only increase their sense of isolation, powerlessness, and stagnation.

Although in past lives these folks did not notice the value of the people around them, now their challenge is to recognize the strengths and talents of others and join with them for mutual empowerment. In this incarnation, they are scheduled to let go of resistance to partnering and sharing resources. They are learning how to merge their power with others, reenergizing their life and making their path easier. They can regain their power through supporting—and being supported by—those who have power in their own right, and through gleaning material and spiritual benefits from the mutual energies exchanged.


Scorpio North Node people are attached to thoroughness: “my way, the hard way.” In this lifetime, other people are supposed to give them fresh ideas, materials, money, and so on to help them. But they don’t want help. Even in simple things like mowing the lawn, they have their own way of doing it. They make life much more difficult than it needs to be; at the time they may think “there’s no other way,” but in the end they feel exhausted.

Although they are generally unaware of it, their extreme task orientation can be defeating for those around them. They are learning to delegate in a way that is empowering for others and enlists the other person’s creativity. For example, if they are teaching their daughter to make a cake, and they allow her to do it her own way, it gives the child the opportunity to develop her skills, apply her creativity, and gain confidence in her own ability.

Creativity is energy. For a person to want to put energy into something, she must feel she’s being creative and can do it her own way. This idea is new for Scorpio North Node people. Rather than thinking of the child’s creativity, they would normally focus on: “We have this job to do, to make a cake, and of course you always follow the recipe, and of course you always use the right utensils, etc.” Their focus is on the task rather than the person. Now they are learning to refocus on the person and how to support him or her in developing confidence to do the task at hand. The rewards of shifting focus from the task to the person are enormous.


These natives have had so many lifetimes where survival was physically difficult that in this incarnation they may feel “comfortable” with life being one long, hard process after another because, subconsciously, they are accustomed to it. This is not correct, even though it feels like it is. Scorpio North Node people need to trade “being comfortable” for the excitement and vitality of doing things with others.

Also, these folks’ resistance to receiving help from others is based on a feeling that they already “know it all”—so they don’t want to listen. They insist on doing everything their way to validate themselves through their own efforts. Unfortunately, it’s a bottomless pit. In this incarnation, they can never sufficiently build up their sense of self-worth—on their own—to feel good about themselves.

Recognizing this pattern is the first step in escaping it. But when they are going down a “tunnel” of preprogrammed actions from past-life experiences, it can be very tough to listen to others, even though the answers that worked in a past situation usually don’t fit the current problem. By being open to others’ input—the way their energy and psychology alters the situation—the native can see how to adapt what was learned in the past to the current problem, and his or her efforts become more effective.

Scorpio North Node people have such good and simple hearts, others want to help them if they’ll only accept it. This takes the humility to let others in and the willingness to release sole ownership. The ability to do this comes through appreciating the goodness of the other person. As they begin to value others, they naturally open to accept the help that others offer them.

They are tired of all the hard work of past incarnations—and the hard work in this lifetime—but they equate change with more effort, and thus resist it. Actually, change is the key to their revitalization, freedom, and joy! So a willingness to take risks and go through changes—even if it means a loss of control and comfort—is the right path.

Their lives can become hard because they’re trying to do everything on their own and they don’t want to have to deal with one more idea. Actually, they don’t even hear what the other person says (they don’t want to hear it) because it feels like “one more thing” to make their load heavier. They think people are going to require more energy of them, but if they open to the input of others, others feed them the energy they need. In fact, they need the knowledge of others to get out of their ruts and be freed from their monumental tasks.



To some extent, Scorpio North Node people have an innate resistance to other people being “right,” which works to their detriment. Without realizing it, they can turn away those who are seeking to add to their energy and resources.

They have a tendency to be extremely stubborn, and they are victimized as much by this trait as those around them. In past lives, they had to muster absolute determination and single-minded intention to reach their goals; through overuse, their determination has become irrational stubbornness. Now this blocks them from accepting the ideas that they need to revitalize their energy and free themselves from obstructions.

Stubbornness can be a major roadblock for these folks. If someone tells them to do something, they may deliberately not do it; if someone says “Don’t do it!” they may do it anyway simply because they don’t want to be told what to do. These folks are so stubborn because they look at things as “my way versus your way,” which turns everything into a win/lose situation. Instead, when someone tells them to do something, their best bet is to investigate and ask the other person: “Why are you telling me to do that? What is your goal and your intention?” There’s an energy in stubbornness that repels the other person. But when the native investigates: “What are you trying to accomplish by doing it this way?” the feelings of competition and stubbornness disappear.

Once they understand the other person’s purpose, Scorpio North Node people are more willing to support him. By asking the other person what his motive is and what he is trying to achieve, it opens these folks to thinking: “Wait a minute, maybe this is something we could do together and create a win/win situation.”

Often, when these folks get stubborn, it’s a matter of timing. They tend to proceed slowly, step by step, thinking this is the best way to reach their goal. Then, when other people offer suggestions that could help them achieve their goal more quickly, they may feel frightened of speeding up their timing. They fear going too fast, missing a step, and losing control. Then the results may not be 100 percent “their own,” and they are so attached to ownership that the thought of sharing it makes them insecure.

And in some ways they may be right. If they indiscriminately trust all input from others, they take a chance that some of it may lead them in a different direction rather than streamline their process. So they need to attune to the motivations of others, temporarily allowing themselves to join with the other person’s force field to see if they feel more empowered and energized by combining. If the answer is yes, then it behooves them to relinquish sole ownership, blend with the other person’s timing, and join in creating a mutually empowering partnership.

When they are going slowly, they feel reassured and comfortable because they can see that, step by step, they will reach their goal in a predictable manner. When people with faster timing enter the picture, they’re afraid of speeding up lest they encounter instability and failure. What they are overlooking is the power of the other person.

For example, they may not want to risk missing the train from New York to Delaware because the next train doesn’t leave until tomorrow, even though the partner who has come along owns a private jet! They need to consider that people with faster timing may have talents and resources that can help them reach their goals more quickly by a more direct route—with exciting adventures along the way. Although they may miss the ponderous feeling of ownership, they will gain the vitality of achieving mutual goals much more quickly and easily, and the process itself will be far more enjoyable.


As long as these folks think they know everything, they limit their field of experience. This is how they get stuck in ruts. Also, they think they know everything because they know it from their side. They know their needs, so they think they know what’s going to work for them and the other person, and they are surprised when the other person doesn’t automatically agree. When they forget to investigate things from the other person’s point of view—the other’s values and needs—they may be shocked when their plans are resisted. The secret is in taking the extra step of investigating where the other person is coming from before assuming they know how to proceed.

Scorpio North Node people do have special knowledge about building things (a relationship, a business, etc.); they can build things in a way that will last forever. However, they can become so locked into making things tangible and solid that they miss the excitement of change—of appreciating the joy and intense energy from expanding beyond old boundaries into new dimensions that evoke freedom, love, power, and self-confidence.

There are two kinds of security: the security of owning so many material possessions that one is insulated from change, and the security of having grown beyond personal limitations to gain a sense of power. From that position, personal security is also ensured—because regardless of what changes occur, one is secure, confident, and powerful inside oneself. And for that to occur, Scorpio North Node people need the expertise of others and the personal humility to appreciate that others may be bringing them a knowledge that could be more valuable than anything they had in the past.



As long as Scorpio North Node people focus on material needs, their needs seem endless. The irony is that when they stop feeding the inner mechanism that urges them to possess, they begin releasing what they own and feel much better. A new energy enters their lives. The peace and contentment they seek come in a new and unexpected way: a spiritual way. In this lifetime they are scheduled to give up trying to fill the emptiness inside through material things and instead pursue pathways that will lead to fulfillment of their spiritual needs. Acknowledging the intangible, spiritual part of themselves will bring them a sense of self-worth. Any step they take in the direction of gaining insight—by keeping a journal, undergoing psychotherapy, or learning self-mastery through taking risks and having transformational experiences—will reap immediate rewards.


These folks often seem to have money at the forefront of their concerns. There is a feeling of crisis around money, and always the desire to accrue more. There can also be a lack of logic around money, either holding on to it too tightly or spending it too freely. Often they feel they are constantly struggling—working incredibly long hours “just to get by.”

They have serious “money karma” and a lot of ideas about money that are not accurate; by allowing other people to advise them about money, they would experience a lot less stress. But they are stubborn and want to do things their way—the hard way. Every time they do that, they lose. For example, someone might say to them: “Well, all you have to do is get rid of this electric heater and your electric bill will go down by $50 a month.” The Scorpio North Node person will say: “No, no! I have to keep this electric heater because my daughter used it in college, etc., etc.” Such attachments keep them poor. To gain prosperity and ease, they have to let go.

The secret to accumulation is proper distribution. If they want to be wealthy, these folks must learn to be stewards of money rather than hoarders of money. They think the key to having money is holding on to it, whereas in fact the opposite is true. Money loves to circulate and is attracted to people who will keep it in motion. If they don’t allow money to flow to others through them, only a certain amount can come back to them because they are not a clear channel.

They are beginning to learn that as they release money with love—gladly using it to increase the wealth of others—more money comes to them. It is an attitude about money, as well as appropriate action. They need to love both parts of the process of money—the receiving and the giving—in order for money to be easily attracted to them. However, these folks often have a difficult time letting go of anything—and money most of all!

There are many things Scorpio North Node people can do to foster the habit of releasing money with love. When they pay their bills, they can consciously feel love around the process (they have to spend the money anyway; they might as well feel loving about it!). When they write the rent or mortgage check, they can consciously send love and wishes for prosperity to the person or bank. If they add the ingredient of gratitude (“Thank heavens I have enough money to be able to pay my bills”) rather than begrudge their expenses, they become receptive to more money coming in to meet their expenses and thereby strengthen the energy of good financial karma coming into their life.

Another key to increasing their capacity as money magnets is to consciously praise the universe for the financial bounty currently operating in their life. Even if it’s only a little, the idea is to appreciate and feel grateful for what is there rather than desiring more—which, on an energy level, translates into fear and anxiety about not having enough. Gratitude for what they have releases anxiety so they no longer block the flow of money and material things. If they let money and possessions pass through them in love, more will always be there.


These folks are so used to accumulation from past lives that they think solutions have to do with more accumulation. They think that if they can describe their problem they will own it. They know themselves—all their functional and dysfunctional areas—so they think there’s nothing else to know.

If they share a problem with a friend, even if the friend offers a solution that could lift the problem from them, when they leave they take the problem rather than the solution. They don’t want solutions. They want the feeling of accumulation, and that means holding on to their problematic patterns. They don’t realize that through the process of accumulation and ownership they are accepting limitation after limitation, until soon their life is boring and stagnant. For Scorpio North Node people, gain is equivalent to letting go of limiting ideas. In this incarnation they are learning to value the input of others and to gratefully allow the solutions coming through others to lift their self-imposed limitations. Then they become free and begin enjoying life’s vitality.

The theme of accumulation was a primary focus in past lives for these folks, and it carries over on every level in this incarnation. In this life they tend to save everything long beyond the point of usefulness or need. They are learning that too many possessions are an encumbrance, slowing down their mobility and the vitality of change. Having excess possessions is like weighing an extra 40 pounds—it’s tiring!

In the Bible, the old wine had to be poured out before there was room to receive the new. If Scorpio North Node people want new activity in their lives, they must get rid of excess. For example, they have clothes in their closets they haven’t worn in fifteen years—maybe even of a different size—yet they think they “may need them in the future.” The best thing they can do is go through their closets and pack up stuff for Goodwill or other charitable organizations. The idea is to have more trust in life: If they have a need, the universe will fill it. They don’t need to hang on to things to protect themselves from lack.

They will be amazed at how this re-energizes their lives. Once they have decided to give something away—or walk away from something—they must not look back. These folks have such strong accumulation karma that if they look back at a relationship they’ve left, or think about a possession they’ve decided to part with, they’re goners. They’ll bring it back into the house again.

Scorpio North Node people make their lives a lot easier when they release attachment to ownership on all levels. They are even reluctant to allow the input of others because they want total ownership over ideas as well as material things. They don’t want to say “It was his idea” because they want the ownership and the credit. Also, they want to be part of the deal—they’re afraid that if it isn’t completely “their thing,” they might be left out. In fact, as long as they are a source of power for a project, others won’t want to leave them out because they depend on these folks.


To regenerate their lives, make money, and gain a sense of power, Scorpio North Node people need the help of others. That requires the humility to say: “Look—you’ve got an energy I need. What do I have to do to get an interaction going?” They need to experiment to find out what is going to get the energy they need coming back to them on a practical level, since identifying and feeling that kind of energy in the physical world is new for them. They are not familiar with it because they are not used to looking to others to get their needs met. But the energy they need can only come from other people—who will only give it to them when these folks are giving the other person exactly what that person needs. Scorpio North Node people need to tune in to what others are telling them and support them in exactly those ways. If they feel bogged down in any way, they can team up with another person who is willing to invest time, energy, or money with them—and suddenly that area of their lives will be bursting with vitality.


Scorpio North Node people may think they have self-discipline, but actually it’s a character trait they need to develop in this lifetime. These people tend to excess and often don’t set healthy limits in their lives. In fact, they have no choice but to accept discipline imposed from without because they don’t have it within themselves. Sometimes they mistake “being driven” for self-discipline, but their compulsive overdoing is really a sign of excess. Self-discipline involves leading the self in a balanced, self-aware way to a predetermined goal—the ability to conceive and execute a plan.

Once these folks do decide to discipline themselves, they go for it! They postpone for a long time with halfhearted efforts, and then suddenly they just do it—they don’t give themselves any alternatives. It’s easy for them to stray; when they do, they often slide back into excess and feel terrible about themselves afterwards. Eventually, they learn that they experience more self-esteem when they maintain their self-discipline.

For these folks, self-discipline also means directing themselves in ways that are in their best interest. They need to begin treating themselves in the way they are learning to treat others: being kinder, more sensitive, and less driven. They need to periodically ask themselves: “In this situation, what is going to give me a sense of power and a feeling of freedom and vitality?” Rather than going from task to task, they should notice their own needs for rest and recuperation and then to do those things that re-energize them. The idea is to be open to forces outside of themselves—whether people or nature—to redirect them in ways that make their tasks and their lives easier.

So-called obstructions can actually be helpful ways of breaking their stubborn and debilitating single-mindedness. For instance, if it’s a rainy day and they can’t fix the shed, maybe it’s the universe’s way of saying that they need to slow down and rest. When other people appear to be “opposing” them, the universe may be saying: “You’re working too hard. Here’s some outside intervention to make you take a breather!” If they look at it that way, they will relax their overfocused energy and accept others’ input.

Sometimes Scorpio North Node people hear advice from others and know it’s something they “should” do, but they have an inner resistance to doing what is in their own best interest. When they focus on their immediate needs for gratification, those needs become magnified and their feelings go totally out of control. To prevent this, the key is to stay mentally focused on only what they really want. This will give them the power to rise above the trap of needing immediate gratification, and they will automatically have the self-discipline to teach their goals.

Often Scorpio North Node people have to be pressured from the outside to make a change. When they have a crisis, it stimulates them to action. But rather than wait for a serious crisis (a health problem, bankruptcy, etc.), they are better off accepting change sooner. By “planning” a crisis (giving themselves a deadline of three months to prepare their house and put it on the market, a month to figure out a new dietary plan, etc.), they access the energy they need to change without having to face a situation that threatens their well-being. But either way, they have to make the decision and the commitment to go through a temporary period of hard work and discomfort in order to get out of their rut. And it helps when they let others help them, rather than doing it their way—the hard way.


Scorpio North Node people need their whole value system to be reborn because the old is wearing them down. One way the universe helps them let go is by bringing them into contact with people whose beliefs and values are contrary to the specific things that these natives need to change. If they need to let go of believing that they should wait three seconds after the traffic light changes to green before they proceed, because that belief is limiting them, they will attract a person who believes that “Time is of the essence; when the signal turns green, it’s the universe’s way of prompting us into immediate action.”

As soon as the new value or belief is presented, Scorpio North Nodes’ opposing value will rise to the surface. Right then and there, these folks start feeling tense: What should they do? Which way should they follow? If they “tune in” and feel that the new value is actually more useful and accurate, they need to immediately drop the old value, embrace the new, act on it, and not look back. This is how they change. It takes integrity, courage, self-discipline, and action. When they choose change, they win; when they choose the old way of doing things, they lose.

These folks are learning to be more open in terms of what will work for them—they can be too rigid about their past-life value systems. The principles they are attached to are often correct; but if they become fixated on the form in which those principles are supposed to manifest, they lose the spirit and are bound by the behavior. For example, they may value beauty (a spiritual attribute) and then become attached to everything in their environment being in “perfect order.” They may value devotion in marriage and then become attached to a specific form of devotion. They tend to not take into account other people’s ideas about form, which, if combined with their own ideas, could actually promote a heightened experience of the value they seek.

For example, rather than being compulsive about “Perfect order in the home equals beauty,” they could say to their housemates: “I place a high value on beauty. Do you have any ideas for how we could bring more beauty into our home?” This could lead to an expanded idea of beauty beyond what Scorpio North Node considered. They need to remember that in this lifetime, their source of nourishment will come not from the value or task but from synergistically combining with other people.

Scorpio North Node people are also learning how to meet their needs without going to extremes. For example, if they value beauty and order, putting energy into creating those things is energizing for them—up to a certain point. But then comes the law of diminishing returns: They tend to continue past that point and feel enslaved to what they’ve created. Or they may expect others to continue their efforts (their way) so things can be beautiful and orderly. And that keeps them invested in the task at the expense of other people.

On the other hand, if these folks feed that same energy to a person they want to support, the other person will eventually start feeding them energy back—which will empower the native to feed him even more. Scorpio North Node people think they don’t know how to feed that essential energy to another person, but actually it’s simple. Other people know their own needs, so all these folks have to do is have the humility to ask the others what they need, listen to what they say, and give it to them.



Scorpio North Node people are learning to let go of old patterns. To do this, they need a partner—or partners—with whom to build a relationship and empower one another. Often these folks are fine in group situations but are fearful of one-on-one connections, because they have not asked themselves: “What does the other person need? What would support him? What would empower him?” When they take the focus off themselves and truly tune in to what the other person needs, it establishes a feeling of rapport.

To do this, they must overcome the fear that they won’t be liked or that people will be angry with them. In fact, these responses from others only happen when Scorpio North Nodes are not exercising their innate talents for mutual empowerment. If their motive is to support the other person regardless of the response, they won’t get hurt. In the process of sincerely exploring what will work for the other person, these natives open up—and that’s when they connect with the reciprocal, rejuvenating energy they need.

Scorpio North Node people may come across as nice, humble, salt-of-the-earth individuals, but true modesty involves being receptive to the input of others and does not seek to dominate the situation. Underneath, these natives have an arrogance and stubbornness—an ego encrustation from past incarnations—that needs to be released. They are learning to relax their tight grip on controlling outcomes and let go of the rigid past-life values that oppress them.

Scorpio North Node people need the validation of others, as this is what allows them to open and change. The energy of other people recognizing and valuing their worth is nurturing for them and is an accurate barometer of whether they are on the right path. This is another reason why they work so hard—they think if they follow a hard work ethic, others will notice and value them. So they put out tremendous time and effort to reach a goal, yet others don’t give them the positive feedback they’re looking for. The problem is their method for gaining validation. If they try to get it by being passive so as not to displease others, they start boiling inside; and it’s not empowering for either person. The task itself can’t give back energy to them; and if they do it their way, without integrating the needs and contributions of the others, they won’t get the validation they seek. The resolution involves taking time to ask: “What does this person need? What is important to him in this situation?” If they take the other person into account, when they make their contribution they will be appreciated.

In this lifetime, Scorpio North Node people do not have to be “right” or prove that their way of doing things is best. They’ve already done that. A higher value involves learning how to combine with others to build a greater success than either person could have accomplished alone. This requires being receptive to others’ ideas and truly supporting the others’ spirit. Scorpio North Nodes must be careful not to superimpose their values on the other person, but to do what they can to enhance and help that person’s values to work more powerfully. This will create the synergy these folks need for completion.


Scorpio North Node people think they have a solid sense of their own self-worth—and in some ways they do—but at times they exaggerate their worth and at other times they undervalue themselves. Because they are accustomed to doing things on their own, they seem very independent. They are confident in that they know they can rely on themselves to pull through any situation. They are aware of their talents, abilities, and willingness to work hard, and they value their own resourcefulness.

The problem is that they only value themselves from their own perspective and tend to underestimate their value to others. This is one reason why they may have money problems. They inadvertently limit themselves because, by the other person’s standards, they are often worth a lot more than they realize. Thus, it behooves them to take the time to learn what the other person values about them, and then to strengthen those qualities.

Underneath, Scorpio North Node people have deep feelings of unworthiness. However, these feelings only surface when Scorpio North Nodes begin comparing themselves to others (in terms of talent, beauty, money, ability, popularity, etc.). Whenever they compare themselves to others, they feel inadequate. However, when they focus on the gifts and talents that others have, enhancing those gifts by making others aware of their abilities, suddenly these folks become aware of their own value. In the process of helping others to manifest their dreams in practical ways, they shine. They know they’ve played a part in making the other person successful; and if the other person’s values are similar to their own, then what they consider important also becomes actualized.

But these natives need to guard against being so focused on the task that the people become secondary. They may not even realize that is the message they are projecting. Their self-worth is largely based on what they do, not who they are; so to feel good about themselves, they think they have to constantly prove their abilities. In this lifetime they are readjusting their definition of self-worth—learning that it has to do with who they are as a person, the qualities they possess, and how they relate to other people.


In this incarnation, Scorpio North Node people are destined for major changes. Only through complete transformation can they escape the ruts they so easily fall into and regain the vitality and sense of aliveness they desire. For them, transformation has to do with other people: getting in touch with what others consider important and pursuing new directions that trigger excitement.

These folks need highly creative energy to rouse them out of their comfortable routines. Crisis situations stimulate them in a positive way to disengage from the steady, reliable pace that has become oppressive. They change, grow, and gain excitement in their lives when they’re rising to the occasion and taking risks that require reaching into the unknown. This type of creative stimulation and “living on the edge” needs to be expressed on a regular basis if they are to enjoy life.

Scorpio North Node people were once master builders. However, in this incarnation, in order to build they first must clear the ground for fresh, new structures. They can’t expect to build one skyscraper on top of another. It’s time to let go of everything that oppresses them: the past, excessive material possessions, anything that has outlived its usefulness in the present.

But these folks are afraid to let go of things lest they’ll forget the past. And the fact is, they will. That’s good; that’s part of transformation. When misunderstandings are transformed, they dissolve—much as the caterpillar turns into the butterfly. Why should the butterfly look back to its caterpillar days? It needs to fly away and enjoy its newfound beauty and freedom! Likewise, Scorpio North Node people need to let go of the past in order to better enjoy what they have become.


It’s important for Scorpio North Node people to discriminate in their risk taking. There is a difference between taking inappropriate risks that bring a sense of carelessness and appropriate risks that bring a sense of growth. If Scorpio North Nodes are in doubt, their best bet is to ask others to appraise the situation.

For example, I had a client with this nodal position who found a house she fell in love with. Everything about it was right, but on some level she didn’t feel comfortable with it. So she asked her father-in-law for his opinion, and he said he didn’t like it because of the woods in back of the house. It made him nervous, as she had two small children and spent a lot of time at home. So she drove by again on her own and let the energy of the house impact her, and she didn’t get a happy feeling. Then she investigated the schools in the area and heard things about the curriculum that made her uncomfortable. As she investigated, the feedback she got did not stimulate a sense of vitality for her, but rather a sense of fear. However, since her desire for accumulation was strong, she had an engineering report done. It indicated structural problems with the house. So she finally let others’ input help her make her decision, and in spite of her desire for ownership she did not take the risk. This is a perfect example of how these folks can combine their highly attuned sense of “comfort” in a constructive way with input from the outside.

But there’s a difference between comfort on a psychic level and comfort on a physical level. When these natives make choices based on what’s physically comfortable (that is, what is easy and predictable), it is usually not the road that will stimulate change and make them happy. When they link up with a person or project outside themselves and they feel psychically happy and energetic, that is a signal they can trust. In pursuing that, happiness awaits them.


In this incarnation, Scorpio North Node people have strong spiritual needs that must be honored: quiet, relaxing time for reflection, creativity, and renewal. They are so tired from the hard work of past incarnations that in this lifetime they need to rest. The problem is, they are not accustomed to resting! They are so used to being responsible for keeping their material world in order that they are still preoccupied with survival.

These folks need to recognize that in this incarnation, their spiritual and psychological needs are as important as their physical needs. In fact, their spiritual needs are more important. They’ve already mastered the material realm; now it’s time to explore the spiritual realm, involving themselves in experiences that promote personal transformation: psychology, consciousness-expanding seminars, or self-help classes. They need to be involved in pursuits that will free them from the bondage of the material realm.

As long as they base their sense of self-worth on material outcomes, they depend on the external world to maintain their sense of well-being. This leaves them with a deep feeling of powerlessness, as it is impossible to prevent change—change is the one absolute that underlies all material existence. A primary lesson for Scorpio North Node people is to embrace change, because trying to hold on to anything material is hopeless: Everything material is born, matures, disintegrates, and dies.

But spirit never dies, and these natives are learning to align themselves with the spiritual side of life. Rather than saying: “I want things to go my way,” they are discovering the spiritual power of saying: “I want it to be exactly the way it is.” And then they win—they see what actions to take and their lives become magical! They are learning to attach themselves to universal energy and trust the natural unfolding of life.

Scorpio North Node people are finding out that “When one door closes, another door opens.” As they allow things to pass out of their lives without the emotional attachment that is so draining, they gain an independence, strength, and freedom they have never before experienced. Their load is lightened enormously, and they can experience life without being “sucked in” by changing material circumstances. When they align themselves with spirit and take chances that are in alignment with the universal plan, they are “on path.”

In the material realm their needs are endless, and they never accumulate enough or do enough to feel complete. The only thing that will give these folks the feeling of satisfaction they seek is the spiritual realm. So the key is to stop making more material commitments and begin making commitments that will increase their spiritual awareness. If they can pursue spiritual matters in the company of other people, the participation of others will give them the energy they need to change.



Scorpio North Node people approach relationships in the same way they do everything else—from the perspective of the master builder. From past incarnations, they are accustomed to the seasons and the natural progression of time and effort leading to predictable, lasting results. In relationships they are willing to take their time with the other person, hold hands, talk, and discover what they like to do together. Each thing becomes a building block, and the relationship either grows or doesn’t, based on their enjoyment of each stage and the extent to which they respect each other as individuals.

Yet at the same time Scorpio North Nodes can be largely unaware of others and not really address the other person’s needs. For example, I had a Scorpio North Node client who was a workaholic. He was driven to make money to provide a good lifestyle for his family and send his four children to the best colleges. His wife, whom he deeply loved, kept telling him that she didn’t need the luxury houses; what she needed was for him to spend more time with her. He couldn’t understand why she didn’t value his spending so much time making money—after all, he had to pay for the children’s college; that was the main thing.

So he postponed spending more time with his wife, thinking that when the children had graduated from college they would begin enjoying their lives together—which he greatly anticipated. Before his fourth child had completed college, his wife died. Needless to say, he felt a lot of remorse. Perhaps subconsciously his wife was in touch with how little time she had. Her need to spend time with him may have been based on an awareness that he had no way of understanding—except by valuing what was important to her.

Sometimes these folks get so focused that they become brusque without realizing it. One client with this nodal position, a grandmother, was so task oriented and efficient that one of her grandchildren grew completely silent around her. She had so much to take care of in shepherding everyone around, her voice sounded impatient: “Come on, come on! We have to get going!”—and her grandson would clam up. After a week with the kids, she noticed what she was doing and said: “You all need to understand that when Grandma gets in that frenzied state, it doesn’t have anything to do with you. Sometimes I feel so worried about getting everything done that I don’t notice how I’m talking to you and what my voice sounds like.” Right away her grandson started talking again.

Scorpio North Node people are recognizing that when they become overly focused on the goal, they affect other people negatively. They don’t mean to; it’s something they don’t even recognize until they begin paying attention. But when they communicate to those around them about what’s going on, others don’t take it personally.


These folks are comfortable with a certain way of doing things and a certain set of values. They don’t want to be challenged by other people’s value systems. If they discover that someone they respect lives according to values different from their own, their first instinct is to react personally and be disappointed, rather than expanding to allow for a fuller understanding of the other person.

They are learning that other people’s values are not a threat to their own. Values are a reflection of inherent personal needs and tastes. For example, a person who is very thin and gets cold easily may value bulky winter coats, whereas another person may prefer a different type of coat more suited to her own body. One person may value refined elegance, whereas another feels more at home in a sporty environment. One person may place a high value on physical affection in relationships, whereas another may place more emphasis on mental rapport.

There is no “right” or “wrong” about any of these values. The more these natives are open to learning about another’s values, the more they can understand and appreciate the other person and his or her reality. Then they can more easily accept what others are offering without thinking they have to change them—or themselves—in order for constructive interaction to take place.

Scorpio North Node people have great business karma, since, in the business world, they tend to be more open and accepting of new ideas. In business, people share a common goal: making money. When it comes to making money, very little conflicts with Scorpio North Nodes’ value system because they are able to focus on the larger goal. Someone could approach them with a business idea based on ideals very different from their own, but they would still listen because the end result would be something they value. And that is the key. In any area of their life, these natives need to focus on shared values and be willing to adapt their process to work with the other person.

If their values in any area are too limited or narrow, they are in constant conflict with others to maintain their ground. For example, if their religion is limited to only one belief system, they must be on constant alert to repel all contrary beliefs. However, if they search for a deeper value (for example, the purpose of religion being to promote universal values of love, forgiveness, harmony, self-understanding, ethics, etc.), then they can accept different pathways for reaching those larger goals, which could be enriching.


In relationships, Scorpio North Node people tend to take over the decision making for the team. Their partners may say: “Why can’t you just be in partnership with me? You always go off on your own and do it the way you want to do it.” Scorpio North Node people don’t realize that when they leave their partners out of the decision-making process, they inadvertently invalidate the others’ worth.

These folks have a tendency to “push against” the other person, to use the other’s energy as motivation to do things their own way. They can use the energy of the partnership to fuel their own direction, without recognizing that it is the partnership that is empowering them. They need to be aware of and have the humility to acknowledge the difference in their own personal power that their partner has made. Once they realize how much the other person has contributed, it will be easier for them to include their partner in the decision-making process. Sometimes Scorpio North Node people just want to go off on their own and not have to consider others, but they will have better quality time alone when they include their partner in their plans, because then the other person will support them.

If they have a problem, their first instinct is to keep it to themselves rather than invite the perspectives of others, and they tend to project that other people are also that way. They assume that others want them to stay out of their business, when in fact the opposite may be true. When these folks attune themselves to the other person to see how they can truly help, others welcome their ideas, perspectives, and suggestions—the Scorpio North Node person feels validated, and everyone wins! And just as they have the power to help others, others have the power to help them when they have the humility to receive.

In becoming involved in other people’s business, motive is the key factor. If Scorpio North Nodes’ motive is to make a judgment or try to “fix” the other person so he’ll do something their way, the other will sense it and become resentful. Or if the silent message is: “You should have done more,” the other person will sense it, become discouraged, and rebuff the Scorpio North Node person. But if the motive is truly to become lovingly involved with the other person, he’ll feel that and respond with appreciation.

These folks are in charge of their underlying motive. If they are in doubt about whether to approach another person and ask about his or her affairs, they can first ask themselves: “What is my motive for asking?” If the motive is to change the other person, their best bet is to back away because they will lose. If the motive is to gain a better understanding of the other person, they can trust that their interest will be welcomed. They are natural therapists who heal people by listening and sharing their deep understanding.

When Scorpio North Node people “tune in” to the other person, with the motive of truly wanting to lighten the other person’s load, they always see what they can do to help. Sometimes it involves taking a small part of the load on their own shoulders: offering to do the other person’s laundry, fill out a form, or run an errand. They may be “off path” if they offer advice about how the other person should do it: “If you would just do your wash the same day each week, you wouldn’t run into this kind of time crunch!” If the other person responds with irritation, the native will know her suggestion wasn’t helpful. If she says: “Look, I have a few extra minutes, would it help if I put in a load of wash for you?” and the other person responds with appreciation, she will know that was the help the other needed.

When their motive is to be supportive, Scorpio North Node people can see what is easy for them but would be a tremendous relief for the other person. When they offer to do it, the appreciation that comes back is enormous. If they are unsure of what to do, they can always ask: “What can I do to support you?” And the other person will tell them—it’s very simple and practical. Through such interaction they will forge a loving bond with the other person that will bring rewards far beyond their expectations.

It’s a new habit for these folks to approach people in this way; but the more they do it, the easier it will become. Their lives will gain a new dimension of fullness and love, as they experience the unique satisfaction of being deeply connected with other people.


To increase their power, Scorpio North Node people are learning to validate the worth of others so that they can be open to successful merging. However, sometimes they reverse the process and tear others down—their importance, value, and good qualities—in order to demonstrate their own worth. It’s as though they subconsciously feel that to devalue someone else will make them more valuable. But it never does; it just leaves them feeling isolated and drained.

At work, for example, if someone says the head of the accounting department is doing an excellent job, a person from this nodal group may say: “Well, I knew the head of another accounting department who could run rings around this fellow.” When an employee does a good job, instead of complimenting her on her success and good points, Scorpio North Nodes may make light of the accomplishment while faulting her in another area. Something in other people’s performance is always wrong or “less than” it could be, according to these folks’ appraisal. As a result, those around them become discouraged—they feel their light has been diminished and their value discounted. Scorpio North Node people truly do not realize how much damage they do to those around them or how they lose points in the eyes of those they would like to impress. It would be in their best interest to become aware of and release the habit of downgrading others.

One experiment that can help them break this habit is to begin noticing one good thing about each person every day. Perhaps the secretary has â pleasant voice or a way of putting customers at ease when they are waiting for appointments. Perhaps the accountant goes out of her way to have the figures the decision makers n