and North Node in the 2nd House



Work in these areas can help uncover hidden gifts and talents

  1. Loyalty

  2. Awareness of boundaries

  3. Taking things one step at a time

  4. A sense of self-worth

  5. Awareness of personal values

  6. Patience

  7. Honoring expressed needs of self and others

  8. Enjoying the five physical senses

  9. Gratitude

  10. Awareness of nurturing from Mother Earth

  11. Forgiveness

  12. Persistence


Working to reduce the influence of these tendencies can help make life easier and more enjoyable

  1. Attraction to crisis situations

  2. Over Concern with other people’s business

  3. Impatience

  4. Inappropriate intensity

  5. Judgmental tendencies

  6. Preoccupation with the psychological motivations of others

  7. Resistance to cooperating with what others want

  8. Overreacting

  9. Destroying something in order to eliminate one part

  10. Obsessive-compulsive tendencies


The Achilles’ heel Taurus North Node people need to be aware of is seeking self-worth through others (“I can only feel okay about myself through the validation of others”), which can lead them into the trap of an unending search for a soul mate (“If I have this one special person’s energy, I’ll feel complete”). In truth, Taurus North Node people can only achieve a sense of completeness within themselves—it will never come as the by-product of a relationship, even with a soul mate. No matter how much support and validation they get from others, they always think they need more. In fact, for them, others’ validation is a false barometer of whether they are on the right track. Living according to standards they know are right for them, regardless of what others think, will help them develop a sense of self-worth.

The bottom line is that at some point they must stop being enmeshed with others and involved in others’ business, and simply walk their own path instead. The irony is that when they begin to do this, others will support them, both financially and on an energy level.


What you really want is to merge with someone else’s energy and feel mutual empowerment. They are looking for total, permanent commitment. They want a partner whom they can count on to take care of all their material needs, and they will take care of all the partner’s emotional needs (or vice versa)—a synergistic relationship that is mutually empowering and completely dependable. To successfully establish this type of relationship, they must be discriminating and find someone with similar energy and values. The shared goals must be innately valuable to each of them as individuals.

For this to happen, Taurus North Node people must first get in touch with their own values. They must become strong within themselves, aware of what they want, and tune in to what is real and meaningful for them. The challenge is to establish their own energy systems and figure out who they are as individuals. As their energy becomes stronger, they will automatically attract mates of similar energy with whom they can form successful partnerships.


These people are the master builders—whether it’s a home, a relationship, or a business. When they’re willing to follow the rules, they can successfully build anything. They excel in professions that are in alignment with what they consider to be truly valuable. For example, if they consider massage to be a tool for healing others that could also be profitable for them, then they would be successful in that field. They also have talents with money; focusing on ways by which they can make money on their own and be comfortable will also lead to an appropriate profession.

Any field that emphasizes appreciation of the physical aspects of life and the five senses would be enjoyable and profitable: farming, construction, engineering, cooking, or teaching physical education. Genetally, Taurus North Nodes’ best bet is to “do their own thing”: either manage their own project or business, or work for a company where they can feel autonomous. They need to learn to forego immediate results and build one step at a time, becoming comfortable with each step before moving on.

Taurus North Node people also have the gift of being very effective in crisis situations, and they have a natural affinity with psychology. Their awareness of the needs and desires of others can help them further their own aims. By openly acknowledging and using the energies of others in mutually empowering (win/win) ways, Taurus North Node people can help achieve the results that both are seeking. However, if they involve themselves in professions that focus on psychology or crisis management, they are generally not satisfied and end up feeling empty. They are better off using their talents to establish something of tangible value, which gives them an increased sense of stability.


“To win, I need to proceed slowly and persistently, step by step.”

“When I live by my own values, I feel good about myself.”

“Mother Nature supplies me with the energy I need.”

“When I satisfy my own needs and the expressed needs of others, I build a stable base for relationships.”

“If I’m comfortable, I’m ‘on path.’”

“What others think of me is none of my business.”



In past lives, Taurus North Node people entered inseparable, bonded relationships with people in positions of power and influence. They were the Queen or Courtesan behind the King and were privy to the “inside scoop,” but in the end the decisions were made by the other person. They were the Counselor to the Chief, Prime Assistant to the President, or Confidant to the General. They fed all their power, energy, and charisma to their more powerful soul mate and in exchange received validation and appreciation from that one person as acknowledgment of their worth.

In past lives, the person of power clothed, fed, and pampered Taurus North Node. All Taurus North Node had to do was stay bonded to that person and help fulfill his or her desires, and the native would experience the finest of lifestyles. So now Taurus North Node tends to be careless with money (as though someone else is going to pay off his credit cards), but in this lifetime it’s not set up to work that way! Taurus North Nodes’ past life dependence on another person robbed them of the knowledge that they could earn their own way with their own talents. Thus, in this incarnation they need to assume financial responsibility for themselves as a way to regain their self-confidence; when they are not conscious of how they spend money, they can create disastrous debt.

Other past lifetimes relevant to this one were spent in “ill repute”—the business of prostitution in one form or another. In those lives, Taurus North Node people’s success was dependent on not having their own boundaries so they could successfully merge with another’s energy field in ways that generated more power than either person could have done alone. They developed a sensitivity to others’ needs, which worked very well for them in those lifetimes. However, such intense merging with others caused Taurus North Nodes to lose a sense of their own needs and values as a separate entity. In this incarnation, therefore, when they merge too closely or quickly with another person, they experience betrayal as a warning that they should keep their own boundaries, values, and spiritual ethics.

These folks were experts at psychology in past lives as strategists and counselors, penetrating the psychology of others to understand their motives and needs and predict their behavior. They were around people who were unstable, helping them uncover their mental or emotional dysfunction, healing them, and receiving financial protection in return. Their psychic sensitivity enabled them to predict the mindset of the enemy, as well as attend to the unspoken needs and desires of their soul mate. However, in this incarnation their attunement to others distracts them from effectively pursuing their own direction in a solid, consistent way. Now it is in their best interest to pull back from deep involvement with other people and to be more focused on their own business.

Some Taurus North Node people have had past lives in which they abused power and reacted with violence. In this incarnation they are learning not to abuse power, and for some this may mean being victims of abuse themselves. Lessons in this lifetime are not easy for these folks. They can experience real extremes in life—ranging from periods of drug or alcohol abuse, to dealing with severe psychological problems, to sitting in boardrooms in corporations, to being on a strict spiritual path. Their lives run the spectrum from the depths of darkness to the highest place of light.


Lifetimes of power struggles with others have resulted in a consciousness that attracts crisis, trauma, and “living on the edge.” Taurus North Node people are addicted to the adrenaline rush that comes from crisis. In order to experience that “high” they disregard their bodies, their health, and the peacefulness required to sustain a state of well-being. Time after time, even when it’s unnecessary, they take risks that throw them into a state of crisis. Then they thrash and struggle and allow their destructive intensity to wreak havoc in all areas of their lives. Sometimes they abuse drugs or alcohol, which creates new crises on a daily basis. Or they may have a partner in that situation—a person who they saw was wounded and thought they could heal.

When confronted with an apparently inflexible situation that runs counter to what they want to create, Taurus North Node people often overreact with so much intensity that they create a crisis where none existed. These overreactions are most likely to occur when Taurus North Node people face a possible separation from a symbiotic relationship, or feel that the other person may not be 100 percent bonded with them. Lacking a sense of their own self-worth, they are utterly dependent on the constant approval of their “primary other” (the person who provides money or energy)—the dependence means survival. They keep “close tabs” on the other person’s psyche so they can mitigate their own behavior according to what the other person considers important. In this way, they feel they will become indispensable and their survival will be ensured.

If they fear the other person is doing something to hurt them, their first response is to take action based on revenge. However, if revenge is their motive, they always lose. They need to focus on getting their needs met by approaching people and situations in a practical way. Then they can drop their defensiveness and say to the other person: “Look, this is really important to me.” Rather than resorting to power, following the humble approach will work for them.

The idea is to stay focused on the positive results they want to create. To take care of their needs is valid for these folks; and if they fear being wounded or betrayed, they need to do something to protect themselves. The problem is that they have a tendency to overreact and blow the whole thing out of proportion.

Taurus North Node people are so passionate that their drive to experience intense emotion sometimes blots out awareness of what they’re doing. One of their challenges in this lifetime is to take charge of that passionate energy and redirect it in constructive directions. Passion pursued for its own sake and taken to its limit results in destruction. In this incarnation they are learning to build rather than destroy, and successful building takes more time than the intensity to which they are accustomed.

When they are coming from fear, they destroy; when they are coming from love, they build. They are learning to dedicate their passion, energy, and mental power to create something worthwhile—and when they do that, they feel great about it! They are learning that there is more to life than a stubborn indulgence in taking risks (financial, personal, or sexual) that lead them into crisis and destroy their bodies. It is not necessarily what they do but their drastic approach that wreaks havoc in their lives. They need to slow down and recognize that by working on themselves, slowly and steadily, they can establish the sense of grounding and substance that has eluded them.

These folks have a tremendous need for peace after so many lifetimes of power struggles with others. They are learning that when they indulge in a desire to force a situation, the entire situation will collapse. Conversely, when they add the ingredient of peace, the situation will shift to their advantage in a way that works to the good of all concerned.


In this lifetime, Taurus North Node people are learning to experience their own self-worth. In past incarnations they gave up what was important to them in order to integrate their power with another. They used validation as a barometer of whether they were “on track” in successfully empowering the other person—and this worked in past lives. But they became attached to receiving validation and began doing whatever was necessary to get it, sometimes violating their own personal morals and ethics.

Because they have extinguished their own value system, they came into this lifetime with no sense of self-worth apart from the feedback of others. This makes them incredibly vulnerable to adopting the values of those around them.

Although it was correct in the past, in this incarnation it is not set up to work when they focus on empowering their partner with the silent expectation that the partner will take care of them financially or validate them in some other way. In this lifetime they are learning to build a sense of self-esteem directly, by living according to their own value system. They need to empower others only when it is what they want to do, it fits with their own values, and they have no expectation of getting anything in return.


Taurus North Node people have a tendency to toot their own horns. They often jump in and use something another person says as a springboard to focus the conversation on a past victory, a way they have helped another, or a story illustrating how powerful they are—then they talk incessantly! Subconsciously, what they are seeking is validation.

During interactions with others they begin to feel insecure, so they try to compensate by focusing attention on themselves in order to gain outward validation. They hope that others will see their worth and appreciate and respect them so that their insecurity will subside. Unfortunately, it’s a “temporary fix.” They have to keep doing it; and in reality, the habit of focusing on themselves turns other people off. The irony is that Taurus North Nodes’ feelings of inadequacy only arise when they begin to judge themselves or compare themselves with others.

These folks carry a lot of anger. However, if they take a deeper look, they will see that their anger is really based on fear: fear of not being respected, not being liked, not being treated like a human being. So when they feel angry in a specific situation, they can ask themselves: “What am I afraid of?” This will help put them in touch with a resolution.

Taurus North Node people often become frustrated and feel robbed of self-worth when they do not get the validation they think they deserve from others. All their fears are around the issue of: “How am I going to be acknowledged or recognized?” They feel afraid and angry because they’re giving and they’re not getting back what they need. But this need can never be satisfied externally. They can never get enough validation from others—no matter how much wealth, prestige, and power they have—to feel good about themselves on a deep level. The resolution to their anger involves beginning to live in ways that are self-validating, in accord with their own values. When they stop looking to others to provide their sense of self-worth and start looking inside themselves, suddenly their anger becomes productive energy.

Sometimes Taurus North Node people pursue careers that are not really what they feel called to do, but are what they think will draw validation from other people. They are vulnerable to pursuing professions that others view as “lofty” so that they can get applause. Then if they’re not feeling appreciated, it can poison their enjoyment of their job. In such a situation, their best bet is to reflect on what aspect of their job makes them feel good: Is the job furthering values that they think are important? Are they using skills that make them feel good about themselves? Are they doing an outstanding job that gives them confidence? Are they making the money they think their work deserves? They need to get in touch with what they appreciate about their job and consciously validate themselves for being “on path” with those values. This is validation they can count on consistently—appreciating themselves for being themselves rather than for meeting someone else’s needs.

Validation from others is “energy food” for these folks. They always enjoy a phone call or visit from a friend because it’s an acknowledgment of their existence. They need to establish ways of feeding themselves energy so that they become self-contained. Then they can interact with others because they want to, rather than out of neediness.

One positive, self-validating action would be to set up a financial plan for themselves. In addition, spending time each day putting energy into things that are personally meaningful for them is self-validating—such as preparing good meals. The idea is to engage in regular activities that nurture and help them feel good about themselves, regardless of the input of others. When they do this, they are “on track.”


In childhood, the parents of these natives sought to impose their values on the Taurus North Node child. This is “normal” parental behavior, but most children simply discount parental values that are noticeably different from the internal values they are born with. However, Taurus North Node children have no preestablished internal values, so they are totally open to absorbing the values of their parents. They cannot see that they are separate from the parents. Breaking the subconscious bond with their parents is one of their major life challenges.

These folks are learning to express what they need and to avoid thinking about others’ needs first. They often feel they are moving through life reacting to other people’s situations and “falling into” things, as opposed to consciously recognizing where they are and where they want to go. They tend to be too focused on the motivations of others—subconsciously seeking what they need by first defining what the other person wants. However, they often go off track when they do this. They may think they fully understand another’s motivations, and take action or respond to the person on that basis, only to find that their appraisal was incorrect.

It works best when they avoid tuning in to the desires and opinions of others, and instead focus on their own needs: “This is what I need… . These are my reasons.” To build an unshakable sense of security and successfully reach goals, Taurus North Node people need to keep in touch with their level of comfort and determine their boundaries. When they are considering a goal, they need to ask themselves: “Do I feel comfortable about this goal? Does it feel right?” They can also use their internal sense of comfort to determine when they are moving too quickly; if they are, they need to slow down and continue at a pace that is comfortable for them. When they stand firm within their own boundaries, progressing in the development of what is truly important to them, they will find others more willing to make adjustments to accommodate what these folks deem important.


Taurus North Node people have a tendency to “shoot themselves in the foot”—to do things that keep them from experiencing success. Their goal is important to them, and they’re pledged to it wholeheartedly. But they also feel unworthy and subconsciously put up roadblocks so they can’t achieve the goal. And then they keep banging against the door, knowing that it won’t open.

The motive for defeating themselves is generally something they are not aware of; thus, some introspection or psychological probing is necessary for these folks. Sometimes it is self-punishment for a real or imagined experience, or something they feel guilty about, that pulls them back from successfully reaching the goal. For example, when they were five years old, they may have pushed their little brother, who hit his head and had to go to the hospital—and subconsciously they still feel guilty.

Reaching goals involves taking tried-and-true, systematic steps for getting there. But these natives have so much inner resistance that they leave out the one obvious thing that would ensure their success. If they want to go to medical school, are fully qualified, and have good grades, they may apply to several top medical schools but not also apply to an easier-entry medical school. Then if they don’t get accepted at any of the top schools, they’ve blocked their entire path.

Another way Taurus North Node people subconsciously defeat themselves is by going too far out on a limb without a safety net. It’s like jumping without a backup parachute or driving without a seat belt: They take unwarranted chances. The bottom line is that they need to rely on their own energies to reach the goals they seek. They can hope that the promises of others will come through, but in the end it’s up to them to ensure that all the bases are covered regardless of what unexpected things may happen. They need to use more than logic: They have to use common sense and strategize their lives.

The key is a practical, step-by-step approach focusing on the next step they need to take rather than becoming fixated on the exact means of reaching their goal. Since they don’t have a lot of practical past life experience, it’s fine for them to check out their strategies with others who have successfully created results similar to what they want.

These folks sometimes want to be “more” than they are (they like to impress other people), and this can lead to problems. They are learning that they are okay just as they are. The self-sabotage comes from wanting to move too fast or to be “bigger” than they are at the moment. They need to stay with themselves, grounded in their bodies.


Taurus North Node people are largely unaware of the serious damage they do to others when they make harsh judgments. Without regard for the other’s feelings, they thoughtlessly rip to shreds another’s belief system with a great deal of righteous enthusiasm. They hold nothing sacred and therefore have no qualms about destroying what may be sacred to another.

Needless to say, being judgmental does not win them any friends. In fact, it alienates them from those who would otherwise want to be close. People don’t trust them because they fear being judged. These folks are learning to stop destroying what others have built, and instead focus on building what is important and valuable to themselves. The best way to fight “evil” is for them to make energetic progress for “good.”

In fact, the things that upset them about others’ behavior can be a clue to finding their own values. For example, if they are criticizing another for having two sexual relationships simultaneously, perhaps it is a clue that they themselves value monogamy—and “monogamy” should be written on their “Values Important to Me” list. As they begin to live by those values, they will start to build a sense of self-worth. As they remain consistently true to their own values, they will become less judgmental about others who have different values.

Taurus North Node people also tend to be highly judgmental of themselves and undermine their own self-worth. They have a code of correct conduct against which they measure everyone—and most harshly themselves. They can be their own worst enemy. When things don’t work out in the way they expect, they blame themselves for being out of alignment. Therefore they suffer twice: once with the momentary bad mood, and again by casting themselves as wrong for having had the bad mood.

They often compare themselves to other people and feel jealous of what others have—this makes their lives much more complicated and much less happy! For any of us, if what we are doing in our lives is making us happy, then we’re on track. But the moment we compare ourselves to others, we lose. Someone is always higher or lower, depending on the standards we use. Taurus North Nodes are learning that it’s not their job to judge; it’s their job to simply walk through life handling each situation the best they can and moving step by step in the direction they feel is personally meaningful.


Because they are often unclear about their own boundaries, Taurus North Node people have a tendency to meddle. These folks feel free to get involved in other people’s business but are shocked when others get involved in their affairs—and they can be terribly opinionated! When they speculate on the subconscious motivations of another, they form all kinds of conclusions about the other person. Then they become upset because they’ve decided what the other person ought to be doing, and he’s not doing it.

The problem is that these folks are projecting their own values onto others and then judging them when they don’t measure up. The other person’s goals may be totally different, and the path she is traveling may be exactly correct for her. For example, if the Taurus North Node person wants marriage and commitment, she may be extremely judgmental about a friend who enjoys dating men who are not “marriage material.” However, the friend may not want to settle down at this point in her life, so dating men with whom she has nice, short-term relationships may be correct for her. Taurus North Nodes must have the humility to understand that others may have different values and goals. They need to stay out of other people’s business and focus on their own self-development.

Taurus North Node people also tend to inadvertently communicate their ideas in an intense and judgmental way that causes discomfort for those around them. They are pointing out others’ dysfunctions without admitting that they have that same tendency. Because they have not yet “owned” these qualities in themselves, they are unable to make comments without heavy emotional overtones. The key is to recognize that trait or behavior in themselves and forgive themselves for it—then they won’t have to justify themselves by trying to define Right Action for others.

As their personal conduct becomes grounded through exemplifying the qualities they value, they will feel at peace. They will no longer be tempted to be judgmental when they see qualities they don’t admire in others, because they will have gained the knowledge they need: They will know who they are and what they stand for.

Another aspect of Taurus North Nodes’ tendency to get involved in others’ business comes from past lives as mental healers (psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, witch doctors) specializing in exploring the depths of another’s subconscious. However, in this lifetime it is in their best interests to separate themselves from the energy fields of other people’s minds and focus on their own business instead.

These folks are very sensitive to the judgments of others, and if someone affects their energy field in a negative way, it’s okay for them not to spend a lot of time around that person. In past lives, they developed attunement so they could be as close with the other person as possible. They became very aware of how that person viewed them so they could adjust their behavior instantly to better accommodate the unit. However, in this incarnation, using their sensitivity to pick up on how others may be viewing them will disconnect them from the power of just being themselves. Their job is to stay out of other people’s minds and business. A good affirmation for them is: “What others think of me is none of my business!”


Sometimes Taurus North Node people are drawn into positions of great influence. They become attorneys in high-powered law firms, executives in large corporations, and so on. Holding these positions sometimes triggers an unscrupulous side of their nature. When that aspect emerges, they are not loyal to their employees, their own ethics, or themselves—they become attached to ego gain. When they opt for full ego involvement they are willing to do anything to get ahead, and they begin to think they are “selling their souls” to progress in the world of money and power. Often they “sell out” by allowing other people to give them things with strings attached. Pretty soon they’re going along with someone else’s game, living according to others’ values.

These folks are so accustomed to giving their power to others that when temptations arise in this incarnation, it’s easy for them to yield in order to gain power and special privileges. And they have a lot of power in that position: They hire, they fire, they can make or break people. This inflates the ego. They may abuse that power by letting employees “sweat it out,” worrying about whether or not they still have a job. However, these tactics lead to a breakdown of employee morale, and Taurus North Nodes lose the goodwill, trust, and loyalty of the workers.

They are learning to resist temptations to abuse power. After all, “what goes around, comes around”; when they abuse power, it always comes back to haunt them. They are learning that they cannot go against their own values without severely undermining their self-worth. And that’s pretty serious, because self-esteem is what Taurus North Node people are aiming for in this lifetime.

Even when these folks have chosen the path of Light, they are aware of their “dark side.” For example, I had a Taurus North Node client who worked as a waitress. Her Higher Self was very aware that the most difficult customers are those who need love the most. When she consciously gave them love and positive energy, in most cases they became more agreeable. But she would go back to the kitchen and pantomime punching somebody! That action was her past life tendencies being released. She would then go back to the customer and come from the loving place she knew was “correct.” But sometimes these natives’ instinctive response is to let their past-life side “beat the heck” out of someone.

Taurus North Node people sometimes live on the dark side, suspecting others’ motives and projecting evil (looking for it) on those around them. They will learn much about themselves by viewing the evil they see in others as a reflection of their own subconscious. Also, when they look for evil they become vulnerable to negative energy that holds them back. To avoid being victimized by this tendency, their best bet is to stop focusing on the “dark side” in others and pay attention to the strength they are building in their own lives. They need to be like a horse with blinders, focusing on the positive things they want to manifest. As they use their powerful psyches to focus on the Light, they will attract positive forces.



The reason Taurus North Node people become so dependent on another person is because they have moved out of their own internal sense of comfort. Then they have nothing to hold on to except their connection with the other person—a vulnerable and unstable position at best. If they consciously stay in touch with their own comfort level, their relationships work much better because they have created something solid and stable within themselves. They’ve been through so many radical changes in past lives that in this incarnation they are scheduled to rest, accumulate possessions, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life: good food, good sex, and a comfortable, stable home environment. An inner feeling of “comfort” is an accurate barometer of being on path. They will win if they remain true to the boundaries of their own comfort zones.


From time to time, jealousy arises as an issue for Taurus North Node people. They see others’ possessions and covet them. These folks often have an endless chain of “wants” based on longing for others’ possessions. They see a neighbor’s new car and right away a mechanism inside says: “I want that.” But when their wanting is based on insecurity, it never works out for them—it’s a bottomless pit. To gain the sense of substance they seek, their best bet is to turn their focus away from what they don’t have and begin appreciating the bounty of what they already have.

This is a lifetime of material accumulation for Taurus North Nodes, so desiring things is not a mistake. However, they have to be willing to earn the things they want through their own efforts. When jealousy arises, they can use it to identify whether or not it’s triggered by something they actually need; then they can decide whether it’s worth striving for. Rather than be victimized by “wanting,” they are learning they can have whatever they want if they are willing to earn it.

Taurus North Node people have a tendency to be distracted by others’ wants and motives. Underneath, their issues around survival motivate their concern with others. They need to simplify things: to stop “getting into other people’s minds” and just get in touch with themselves. “What do I need here? What do I need in order to feel comfortable with this situation?”

What these folks really want is for their insecurity to be resolved—to know that all their needs will be met. This is a lifetime of appreciating the bounty the universe is offering, not grabbing what others have. If they panic and try to speed up receiving bounty in their lives, they lose touch with the comfort of their natural timing.

Taurus North Node people are destined to accumulate that which increases their inner sense of substance. Their challenge is to slow down long enough to receive the gifts that life offers. By taking the emphasis off of specific people as their “source,” and by partnering directly with life itself, their insecurities over survival can finally be healed. They will find that life sends the right people—who often show up unexpectedly—to ease their journey as every new need arises.


Taurus North Node people are “in a hurry” about everything. Even when they are taking a drive, instead of enjoying the scenery they just want to get there, and they wonder why it’s taking so long. These folks want instant results. They are incredibly intense and ate learning to rein themselves in, remain within their comfort zone, and stay connected to their own strength.

These folks are learning to build slowly so that their foundations are secure. It’s tough for them to go slowly because they are not accustomed to it; however, in this lifetime they are destined to replace fast intensity with slow and steady progress.

To give an example of the transition required of them, when a skyscraper needs to be replaced, there are two teams of people involved. One team destroys and removes the existing skyscraper with dynamite, crane, and bulldozers. They may take only a week, but the process of rebuilding the new skyscraper may take a year. In past lives, Taurus North Node people were on the team of destroyers—but now they are here to build. Building takes much mote time, and no stages may be hurried or skipped or the entire structure will collapse!

These folks are learning to slow down and carefully build what is important to them—without rushing: a relationship, a business, or manifesting a dream. If they feel uncomfortable, it is a warning that they have missed a necessary step in the building process. They are learning to trust themselves and to appreciate the peaceful feeling they gain from slow and steady progress, accomplished on their own.

Although they need to go slowly to create successful results, Taurus North Node people also require a certain amount of stimulation to get themselves going. In a crisis they are motivated to action, and not having that crisis energy can keep them from progressing with their projects. When there’s no crisis surrounding their goals, one thing that could help them is to establish time limits for themselves.

Time limits can act as an “artificial crisis.” Taurus North Node people can look at the steps they need to take and write them down. For best results, the process should be in black and white: what the goal is, what the steps are, and the completion date for each step. This gives them built-in “crisis energy.”

These folks need to make their plan a top priority: Reaching that one goal has to become the most important thing in their lives, and everything else needs to be subject to that consideration. For example, if they want to lose 30 pounds, they need to make that the most important thing—their “first value”—for a predetermined time. Everything else takes a backseat: job, recreation, everything. At work, their diet comes first; regardless of what others are doing, they eat precisely what is on their diet because that is their first value. If they feel low energy in the afternoon, they have a cup of coffee or take a Chinese herb—anything except break the diet. If they are tired, they go to bed early—but they do not break their commitment to the diet. Everything revolves around that.

It’s important for Taurus North Node people to be realistic and choose practical times for attaining their “first value” goal. For example, if a Taurus North Node works in an accounting firm, it would be a mistake to make losing 30 pounds his first value during tax time. His job will probably be first value, and rightly so, during that time. So he needs to choose a time for reaching this goal that will not be unusually stressful. Once Taurus North Node people are committed to a direction, they can use their obsessive energies from past lives to fixate on their first value, and then they’ll get there on schedule no matter what!


The first step toward self-acceptance for Taurus North Node people is to acknowledge that there is a needy person inside and to take personal responsibility for filling those needs. If they try to appear self-sufficient and suppress that needy part, it will come out full-blown to make itself recognized. They have denied and postponed their own needs in so many incarnations that now the needy part is overenergized. And that is to their advantage—they have earned the right to embrace and encompass that part of themselves.

They cannot hope to experience truth and honesty in human relationships if they do not demonstrate this behavior in their own lives. This includes no more “sins of omission” (for example, letting what someone says pass by without acknowledging feelings of hurt, or pretending to be in agreement). These folks must start communicating their discomfort or hurt with what another has said or done. To discern and build healthy new patterns of behavior, they must release the old. Self-revelation will enable others to see who they really are, discern their needs, and help them further their aims.

Taurus North Node people are tuned in to the hidden desires of others. They are often very perceptive in helping others become more self-aware and less victimized by self-defeating, subconscious motivations. But these folks have a blind spot: They can see clearly how others “shoot themselves in the foot,” but they can’t see how they themselves do it. Worse, they strongly resist feedback about their own subconscious motivations. It can be vividly clear to those who care about them that they are hurting themselves or holding themselves back. But when the behavior is brought to their attention, they tend to go into denial. To progress in this lifetime, they must bring into awareness—and release—subconscious guilt and self-defeating behaviors.

Part of their resistance to help stems from the fact that they ate accustomed to being the ones doing the helping. These folks are not used to accepting that others have power to recognize and help perfect what is valuable in them. They are also so sensitive to criticism that they often interpret the input of others as invalidating their worth, rather than as encouraging their fuller self-expression. The key is to focus on what they want to build: their own ideas and aims. Taurus North Nodes’ job is to allow others to empower them for a change.

A major turning point is when they focus time and energy on projects that are important to themselves, not being diverted by what they think is important to another person. For example, I had a Taurus North Node client who loved to buy people books in their area of interest. It was a very generous act, and she went out of her way to find just the right book with a message she thought would be valuable. One person she sent books to was a friend of mine who doesn’t even read! This is an example of how these folks divert energy from pursuing their own goals for the sake of others who haven’t asked for their help and may not appreciate it.

In this incarnation, Taurus North Node people are here to take back their power. When they stand in their power they can afford to be loving and helpful to others—not from a place of neediness but from a sense of contentment that enables them to be generous. Thus, their first responsibility is to themselves: to do things that bring recognition of their self-worth and the contentment of enjoying life. There are no more battles to fight, nothing more to give up, no part of themselves that has to be thrown away. This is a building lifetime: building a sense of comfort through their connection with themselves.


In order to achieve full self-acceptance, these folks must release those who wounded them in the past through the process of forgiveness. This includes people in the present lifetime, as well as any feelings of suspicion and outrage that stem from past incarnations. Forgiveness is essential to keeping their own power intact. And their best motive for forgiveness is not generosity, but rather taking care of their own needs.

In past lives, Taurus North Nodes’ method of protecting themselves was revenge: If someone hurled one stone at them, they hurled a stone back—plus an additional stone to make sure that the person stopped. To stand up to the power of others was enlivening in those incarnations, but in this lifetime it is a waste of energy—a distraction from their new, peaceful direction. They just want to build lives of comfort and stability and enjoy being on the earth.

To achieve this, however, Taurus North Node people need to face the necessity of forgiveness when dealing with abuse or wounding—it’s the only way they can cleanse the other person from their psychic field and regain inner peace. Regardless of what the other person did to them, they need to forgive the abuse and forgive themselves for allowing the abuse to occur. It also helps if they identify the strength they gained from the experience.

If someone has wronged them beyond the point of forgiveness, they may need to confront the person before they can release the situation. One way to accomplish this is for Taurus North Node to go where he won’t be disturbed, close his eyes, and imagine the person he is unable to forgive sitting in a chair, facing him. Through visualization, he can confront that person and let her know how he feels. Then he needs to listen intuitively for a response from the other person.

If in his mind the person responds with sincere apologies, Taurus North Node can forgive. However, if the person responds with arrogance or justification—or obviously is still not aware of the gravity of the injustice—vindication may be in order. In his imagination, Taurus North Node can take the perpetrator through the experience of abuse and allow her to experience the pain that she caused him. Then he will be able to forgive and release her from his life.

Forgiveness is essential for these folks; it is the key to their release from painful early memories. If they are angry with someone and haven’t forgiven him or her, it binds them into a negative psychic connection with the other person.

One reason they withhold forgiveness is fear. If they forgive the other person, they don’t know what that person may do to them, and they’re afraid they will no longer be shielded from attack by their angry memories. They think they might be vulnerable again to someone who has abused them. But actually, if they truly forgive, they break the bond with that person. Then, whatever the other does, Taurus North Node is totally invulnerable.


Taurus North Node people have spent so many incarnations enmeshed in the bonded energy fields between themselves and others that they have lost touch with their sense of physical grounding: being in touch with their bodies and enjoying the physical aspects of life. In past lives they wanted to experience higher realms—to “fly”—so they took one foot off the ground to experience other realities; and then they took both feet off the ground! Thus, in this incarnation they have no sense of grounding or inner stability. Their challenge is to get their feet back on the ground and regain a sense of their own inner strength.


One of the main keys for satisfaction in this lifetime is for these folks to consciously evoke the feeling of appreciation. This practice alone will make a significant difference in their lives. In past lives, taking time to feel appreciation was the last thing on their minds. Their consciousness was geared to crisis management, and they had an addiction to excitement. Their desire was never satisfied, always wanting more. To balance overactive desire in this incarnation they need to exercise the antidote, which is appreciation for what they already have.

Part of cultivating the energy of appreciation involves acknowledging the bounty that is already present in their lives. As they feel gratitude for what life has already brought them, they relax and feel peaceful and loved. The energy of appreciation pulls them back into themselves, and when they are centered in this way they open to life bringing them more.

For example, no matter how much or how little money they have, Taurus North Node people can say: “Thank you, Universe, for providing enough money so that I can afford [whatever they do have: a roof over their head, food on the table, etc.].” If they don’t have a partner, they can say: “Thank you, Universe, for the friends, family, co-workers, children, pets, etc., you have sent into my life to love me.” This is the key to the fullness they have been seeking. It has nothing to do with what is happening externally; it has to do with graciousness in accepting and appreciating what they have. As they take the time to appreciate what they do have—with openness and feeling—they begin to experience the fullness of love inside them, which replaces the agitation they have so often felt.


Everyone needs to receive nurturing energy in order to feel renewed and satisfied. In past lives, Taurus North Node people became dependent on soul mate relationships to provide that nurturing. In this lifetime, whenever they depend on others to fill these needs, they feel let down. It’s set up this way, because their lesson is to become independent in meeting their own needs.

In this incarnation, these folks have a magical relationship with Mother Nature and with the earth, and that is where much of their nurturing is destined to come from. Their attunement to Mother Nature empowers them to connect directly with her energy and absorb it in a healing and reenergizing way. For peace of mind and inner strength, Taurus North Node people need to spend time in nature on a regular basis, consciously appreciating the support Mother Earth is giving them. This process will magically shift their basic emotional state to one of serenity. Situations with others that evoke insecurity will occur less frequently when these folks are consistently reinforcing a base of calm support inside themselves.

Some of these folks have a green thumb, and they may find working with plants or spending time gardening soothing. It is in their best interests to fully absorb the energy from Mother Nature—to touch a plant or tree and let the earth nurture them. Hugging a tree can evoke the same energy and happiness for them as hugging a person. Hugging a person is also good (sensual affection is always beneficial for them), but if they feel any reservation about whom to hug or what their motives are, a tree will always provide the “connectedness” they need.

Their ability to receive energy from nature is a gift they can share with others. For example, if they’re walking in the park with a friend and share their knowledge of “tree energy,” the friend will be more aware of the gift of nature’s energy while in the presence of the Taurus North Node person and will be permanently enriched by the experience.


To keep themselves focused on furthering their aims requires facing the issue of self-worth. These folks may feel unworthy spending time and energy on themselves; however, such feelings are totally off track. Taurus North Node must spend time doing things that they consider to be important, as this will build the resources they need to experience life and relationships from a foundation of self-sufficiency.

The fact is that for spiritual balance, their destiny in this incarnation is to experience the sensual enjoyments of life, to become grounded, and to regain a sense of their own earthy substance. In past lives, Taurus North Node people developed a deep enjoyment of the spiritual/psychic senses. Now it’s time to develop a deeper awareness of the five physical senses. In this incarnation, their senses are generally quite sensitive and well developed. The idea is to pay attention to the pleasure their physical senses offer them: the smell of springtime, the taste of a good meal, a perfume they enjoy, or the touch of their lover. Even lifting weights or other physical exercise can be sensual—anything that gets them in touch with their bodies in a way that results in pleasure and/or self-esteem.

Music is an excellent source of enjoyment for these folks that eases their mental frequencies into harmonious patterns; they may benefit by having music playing regularly in the background. They are attuned to the sounds of nature—waves crashing on the beach and birds singing. To enjoy their sense of hearing is altogether “on path” for them. They also gain pleasure from their sense of sight—noticing beauty around them, appreciating artistic creations, or taking time to enjoy a sunset.

Taurus North Node people generally have well-developed taste buds; fully enjoying the pleasure of a good meal and going to posh restaurants are totally “on path.” To become aware of their sense of touch is also beneficial. Taking the time to touch a tree, a leaf, a piece of wood, or fabric—and to experience physical comfort—is altogether appropriate. Even being aware of the sensation of snow crunching under their feet can be a sensual pleasure.

Another way to enhance their sense of grounding is to become more conscious of their clothing in terms of how it feels on their bodies. Does it feel sensual or comforting? Do they like the touch of that fabric? These are the clothes they should put on their bodies in order to take care of and pamper themselves. Clothing can also be a powerful vehicle for establishing self-worth. For an important appointment, if the choice is between an outfit in which they are comfortable and confident versus an outfit they think will impress the other person, their best bet is to wear the clothing in which they feel comfortable. That way, regardless of the other person’s response, they feel comfortable within themselves.

Other sensual experiences that are “good karma” for these folks include giving or receiving a massage or being pampered with a manicure, facial, body wrap, sauna, or Jacuzzi. When they spend time giving themselves physical rewards and sensual pleasure, they won’t need as much from others.



Taurus North Node people are born looking for their soul mates. This can lead to promiscuity during their youth, with a tendency to jump into relationships too quickly because they want the bonding so intensely. Their challenge in this lifetime is to focus less on bonding and more on building their own values—then they will attract the right mate.

From past lives, these folks are accustomed to giving everything and having the other person reciprocate. But in this incarnation, much to the natives’ surprise, it’s not in their charts for others to take care of them in the same co-dependent way. This is the universe’s way of helping them break abusive co-dependency and learn to be more self-contained. Deep in their hearts, more than anything in the world, they want a soul mate—that special person to travel with through life in a state of mutual vulnerability, commitment, and empowerment. To have this dream come true, they need to first experience being complete within themselves. When they no longer need another person to make them feel whole, only then will they attract the right life partner.

Taurus North Node people feel acutely lonely sometimes, aching for their mate. They long for the comfort of consistent, dependable companionship, and this is a lifetime where loyal companionship is their birthright. But as with everything else in this incarnation, they must earn it. As they work to experience their own wholeness and direction and become a powerful river in their own right, they can merge with another powerful river that is going in the same direction, and together they can flow to the sea.


Yearning for the soul mate causes Taurus North Node people to probe the psychology of others. In past lives this technique worked for them: Their understanding of another’s psychological makeup facilitated a bond of mutual empowerment. However, they became so accustomed to stepping into other people’s psyches that they lost touch with their own boundaries! Now, when they enter another person’s force field they go too far and become invasive—and both people begin to lose their sense of autonomy. Also, the other person can sense that Taurus North Node wants the bonding energy, rather than simply appreciating and empowering the other as a person in his or her own right.

These folks think everyone wants the same emotional things they do: love, acknowledgment, appreciation. So they give others this emotional support and encouragement. But if they rush in and try to change another’s mood, sometimes they are surprised when that person responds with anger because he feels his boundaries have been invaded.

Also, Taurus North Nodes often inadvertently become too enmeshed in another person’s force field and begin to feel uncomfortable. If they get too absorbed in another’s moods it dissipates their own energy. When this happens, their best bet is to excuse themselves and take a break to get grounded—walk around the block, or touch a tree and allow nature’s nurturing energy to pour into them. Then, when they feel calm, confident, and centered in their own energy, they can again approach the person or situation and know what to do.

In this lifetime, Taurus North Node people need to be able to maintain their own psychic energy field as a separate entity before they attempt to bond with another. When they do bond, they need to create “space” in their relationships. They tend to do anything in front of their partner that they would do in private, which isn’t necessarily a good idea because the partner may begin to feel like a part of them rather than a separate individual. Establishing boundaries that support their individuality and self-worth is essential in creating the space Taurus North Node people need for their relationships—and themselves—to thrive. Being unaccustomed to boundaries, at first they have difficulty recognizing other people’s boundaries and establishing their own. Yet if they stay calm, they will gain the awareness to define their own so that their lives can be strong and they can have a greater sensitivity to the boundaries of others. Healthy boundaries promote self-respect and respect for others.


In Taurus North Nodes’ previous incarnations, abuse was a factor—both giving and receiving—owing to the power struggles that resulted when bonded relationships became too consuming. One of their primary challenges in this lifetime is to separate their identity from that of their parents. They have to establish boundaries for themselves in order to break this bond, otherwise it continues to create a power struggle.

These folks are learning not to abuse power; sometimes they learn this lesson by being victims of abuse themselves. By being victims in early life, they have a choice: They can abuse others when they become adults, or they can break the pattern and not retaliate for the abuse they have received. They are learning about love and forgiveness; those lessons may follow on the heels of having been wounded unfairly themselves.

Sometimes Taurus North Node people are in denial about their difficult childhoods, even when the abuse was blatantly apparent to others. They tend to portray their parents as good and see themselves as having evoked abuse as rightful punishment for being “bad.” They are all too willing to carry guilt. I had a Taurus North Node client with two children whose parents had severely abused her during her childhood: sexually, physically, and emotionally. Yet she thought they had been good parents. This woman eventually sought psychiatric care, and one day the doctor asked her: “What would your children have to do in order for you to feel they deserved the punishments you received as a child?” This stopped her dead in her tracks, as she realized there was nothing her children could ever do that would justify being treated in that way.

When Taurus North Nodes experience abuse as adults, they have to first acknowledge that it’s happening. Then they need to extricate themselves from the situation and break the psychological bond through forgiveness. Often they do very well with psychotherapy or some other form of intervention that enables them to uncover and release past-life and early childhood memories of abuse and feelings of guilt. Their tendency to perceive themselves as intrinsically “bad” and disliked by others is actually their oversensitive probing to evoke validation from others. When these folks stop seeking validation, they will no longer be so vulnerable to feeling disliked. Sometimes the people who have abused them do shun them, and the reason is understandable: When one has abused another, there’s a lot of guilt involved.

Taurus North Node people are the master builders. When they focus on building a relationship and do it their way, in tune with their own level of comfort, it will last forever. Their challenge is to not allow other people’s energy to disturb their sense of what’s comfortable—it’s not to their advantage to allow themselves to get “knocked around” in any way.


Because they were not born knowing what is important to them in life, Taurus North Node people tend to investigate others’ values. But this never works because when others share what is important to them, Taurus North Nodes say to themselves: “That’s not important because of _____,” and the other person feels invalidated. Not only do Taurus North Nodes lose out on what they are seeking, but the process throws the other person off track in pursuing his values, and he often ends up feeling upset.

Taurus North Node people have spent so many incarnations being subject to the value systems of others that they sometimes hide what they want if they think it’s not socially acceptable or not okay with those close to them. But in this incarnation in order to build a sense of self-worth they need to discriminate between others’ values and their own and honor what they want. Only when they go after what they really want do they feel good about themselves. For example, if making lots of money is important to them, their tendency is to allow the values of others to invalidate them: “Oh—that’s so materialistic, and you’re a spiritual person.” Then they feel badly and try to suppress that desire in themselves. This is typical of how they undermine their own self-worth.

However, if these folks try to suppress their desire for wealth because of someone else’s disapproval, they will end up with money problems. If they try to solve their money problems, something will work against them—because they feel guilty about financial success. Then they will be “stuck,” not knowing why they can’t get that aspect of their life together, and feeling badly about themselves. Thus, if they desire wealth, their best bet is to openly pursue it.

Discrimination is also an issue in that Taurus North Node people attract “troubled” types as candidates for close relationships. Perhaps owing to past lives of working with emotionally disturbed people, or their attraction to “living on the edge,” Taurus North Nodes tend to be drawn to people who are poor risks for closeness. When they bond with and put their trust in one of these people, they always end up being disappointed.

These folks are aware; they know when they are dealing with someone who is so troubled that she doesn’t have the ability to give anything back, but they are attracted nonetheless. They think they can help heal the other person, and then they expect the other person to be grateful and offer reciprocal support. But this equals “how to lose” for Taurus North Node people! Their job is to discriminate and form relationships with those who are already psychologically healthy.

One way they get involved with the wrong people is when they seek to gain validation from others by taking on their values. For instance, even if they don’t take drugs, they may talk about them and put up a front if they think it will make them look good. This confuses both themselves and others: They repel those who would normally be attracted to them, and they attract those who have the same values they are espousing. If they get in touch wit