November 22–December 21

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Quality: Mutable

Day: Thursday

Season: autumn

Colors: purple (all shades)

Plants: hydrangea, saffron, rosemary

Perfume: peony

Gemstones: amethyst, turquoise, garnet, tanzanite

Metal: pewter

Personal qualities: Generous, cosmopolitan, humorous, optimistic, well traveled, and honest to a fault


We call the following words “keywords” because they can help you unlock the core meaning of the astrological sign of Sagittarius. Each keyword represents issues and ideas that are of supreme importance and prominence in the lives of people born with Sagittarius as their Sun sign. You will usually find that every Sagittarius embodies at least one of these keywords in the way she makes a living:


world travelerphilosophyexpansionenlargeincrease

integrateencourageprosperjovialpositive outlookluck

wealthgenerositybountybroad perspective

higher educationlawphilosophyreligion

broadcast journalismpublishing worldexotic cuisine

tolerancesouvenirsidealistic friendship


Sagittarius’ Symbolic Meaning

The symbol for Sagittarius is Chiron, the bow-wielding Centaur—half man and half horse. Chiron the Centaur was the first doctor of herbal medicine and a wise sage. In Greek mythology, he was the teacher of the great warrior Achilles. Chiron’s archetype is the Wounded Healer, who, through his own pain and experience, learns to heal others.

The legend of Chiron may have begun with stories of a wise and skillful hunter, perhaps the leader of the first tribe to hunt from horseback. The other tribes might have seen them as being half man and half horse. Travel on horseback made it possible for people to see many different places and tribes with unique customs. When they returned, they kept their own tribe hypnotized with stories of these far-off lands and peoples.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius share this love of travel, animals—especially horses—the great outdoors, natural healing, and all things foreign. They are the philosopher-teachers of the zodiac, and without this vital function each generation would be forced to start from scratch without the accumulated wisdom of the ages to guide them. Not only do Sagittarians keep the torch of learning alight; they actively seek out knowledge and the wisdom to use it properly. They are interested only in the ultimate truth because, otherwise, it would not be worth knowing and teaching to others. The aim of every Sagittarian is to learn as much as she can about as many subjects as possible.

Sagittarians have a reputation for being blunt. Sagittarians feel that anyone who is telling the truth should be able to defend her position against any question. Sagittarians are in a hurry and want to keep traveling, learning, and sharing what they’ve learned.

Sagittarius is one of the four Mutable Sun signs in astrology (the other three are Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces). Mutable signs are associated with change, motion, and restlessness. People born under Mutable Sun signs understand flow and the need for constant readjustment.

Sagittarius is also one of three Fire signs (Aries and Leo are the other two). Fire signs are impulsive, energetic, quick to anger, and quick to forgive.

Sagittarians are not uncomfortable exposing even the most private areas of their lives to public scrutiny. Although they are often learned and sophisticated by nature, their natural honesty adds a delightful element of naïveté to their personality. Never expect them to apologize for having annoyed someone when they were only trying to get at the truth.

Recognizing a Sagittarius Personality

People who exhibit the physical characteristics distinctive of the sign of Sagittarius look strong and active. Their eyes are steady, intelligent, bright, open, and honest. They are often taller than average, appear self-confident, and retain a youthful look.

A Sagittarian’s face often appears about to break into a smile. Sagittarians use their hands and arms to make broad, sweeping gestures.

Sagittarius’ Typical Behavior and Personality Traits

  • pursues learning, teaching, and study
  • says exactly what is on her mind
  • enjoys taking risks
  • is witty and can tell funny jokes
  • has a good memory for facts
  • needs freedom in relationships
  • can laugh about her misfortunes
  • is kindhearted, though tactless
  • often has unconventional attitudes
  • has to tell the truth
  • can be cuttingly sarcastic
  • strikes out when hurt

What Makes a Sagittarius Tick?

The lesson for Sagittarians to learn is that there is an important reason their life does not provide them with as many opportunities to travel, learn, and teach as they would like. They have come into the world with the astrological sign Sagittarius because they want to learn how to study, travel, and especially teach. They can expand their understanding of the way the world works through travel, certainly, but also through travel in their mind via philosophy and learning.

The Sagittarius Personality Expressed Positively

Sagittarians are naturally playful and good-humored. They have a laid-back, philosophical view about life and people that keeps them from taking themselves, their problems, and their concerns too seriously. At their very best they are self-deprecating and free-spirited. Although they are likely to have some firm opinions on many issues, they are the spirit of tolerance.

On a Positive Note

Sagittarians displaying the positive characteristics associated with their sign also tend to be:

  • inspiring and stimulating
  • optimistic and enthusiastic
  • interested in diversity
  • honest and fair-minded
  • spiritual
  • frank and open
  • adventurous
  • forgiving, without holding grudges
  • generous

The Sagittarius Personality Expressed Negatively

When Sagittarians channel the negative side of their nature, they may appear to be rather priggish and self-righteous. If they are extremely religious they can have problems getting along with people who don’t share their moral view. Also, because they are never hesitant to share their opinions with others, they can find it difficult to keep from lecturing people, hoping to convert them to their point of view.

Negative Traits

Sagittarians displaying the negative characteristics associated with their sign also tend to be:

  • feisty and impatient
  • blundering and careless
  • preachy
  • afraid of any heavy responsibility
  • gamblers at heart
  • indulgent of their own cravings
  • roamers, never settling down
  • failures at planning adequately
  • potentially fanatical

Ask a Sagittarius If…

Ask a Sagittarius if you need a worldly perspective on a spiritual matter, since many Sagittarians have the sort of wisdom that is able to cross the boundaries of both points of view. You can also depend on people born under the influence of this sign to spin a good “yarn.” Not only do they seem to have read just about everything, but their own life experiences are about as interesting as it gets. They’re never too shy to talk about them, either.

Sagittarius Personality As Friends

Sagittarians respond to all calls for help. They take in stray animals and stray people and support any cause in the name of friendship. They lend friends money without expecting to be repaid. Sagittarians have friends from many walks of life. Among them are likely to be a mixture of ethnic groups, both men and women, a range of ages, and straight and gay people; they are all treated as equals.

Sagittarians accept any friend who lives up to their personal standards. They defend their friends with great loyalty, but they also say exactly what they think. Close friendship with just one or two people is not the Sagittarian norm. In fact, anyone who tries to get too familiar with or who takes advantage of the Sagittarian natural friendliness may be struck by Sagittarians’ brutal honesty, which can sometimes cut like a dagger.

Looking for Love

If a Sagittarian does not have a relationship, taking or planning a trip may very well bring one. Learning a language and going to the library or other places to learn would also expose a Sagittarius to new ideas and people. She might even find herself involved with someone who is foreign or different in some way, or whose family is from a different part of the world. A Sagittarius might be involved in broadcasting, publishing, travel, philosophy, or research, and those interests will lead her to meet a mate.

More often than not, Sagittarians do not consciously look for a partner. Instead, they purposefully put themselves in a variety of social circumstances where they have the opportunity to meet a great many interesting people. Many times a Sagittarian romance begins with friendship, which may be one of the reasons the people born under this sign have so many friends! Or, because they always seem to be surrounded by friends, it is natural that at times a Sagittarian is set up on a date by those same well-meaning friends. Occasionally this works out favorably, but sometimes it can backfire. Ultimately, Sagittarius is the best judge of whom he will find interesting.

A Sagittarius cannot live his life based on the opinions or the gossip of others. Keeping this in mind will bring awareness of influences for finding a mate that may be coming from newspapers, magazines, books, TV, radio, or other outside sources, and not just through people a Sagittarius actually knows.

Finding That Special Someone

Casual conversation has the potential to lead to true love for Sagittarians, since it is by sharing experiences and ideas that they are most likely to find their special someone. If Sagittarius is looking to find a partner, going on a singles cruise or even just taking a trip can lead her to her soul mate.

Sagittarius Personality First Dates

Sagittarians don’t really like “dates” in the traditional sense. They prefer spontaneous meetings. An afternoon coffee date can turn into a conversation that lasts till midnight. A Sagittarian can find love in the great outdoors. Taking part in or even watching sporting events is a favorable way for Sagittarius to find, maintain, and improve a relationship. A nature excursion or picnic would be great for a first date. Just going out for a walk together—especially to a library or bookstore—would make a Sagittarius happy.

Sagittarius Personality in Love

Sagittarians enjoy the physical pleasures of love. They are inventive, very generous, and good-natured when they are in a relationship. Although affectionate and loving, Sagittarians are totally honest with their loved ones. Sagittarians are not apt to be too demonstrative: not much cuddling, showering of gifts, or gifts of flowers—a character trait that may be misconstrued as lack of warmth and consideration. However, they will make it exciting for their beloved in other ways—deep philosophical discussions and good intellectual compatibility.

Sagittarius Personality Undying Love

Sagittarians see romance as an adventure, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Any fears they harbor about falling deeply in love are because they feel they will give away a piece of their soul, or need to change more about their life than is comfortable for them. They rarely second-guess their choices in love, but because they are a Fire sign, the sparks may die down and Sagittarius may want to go back to being “just friends” again. They may feel wistful, but more likely they sense that this is a favorable experience that has simply come to an end.

Expectations in Love

Someone who shares her ideals, a sense of fun, love of ideas, and zest for life would be the right companion to make a Sagittarius feel secure in love. She expects her loved one to be open-minded, to stimulate, to amuse, and to give her freedom of movement, not tie her down. Sagittarius won’t be attracted to someone who is not able to keep up with her pace and her desire to travel and explore.

Sagittarians are loving and playful people and actually make good parents. But, as risk takers and adventurers, they are often attracted to danger in their love affairs. They want a partner who enjoys spontaneity and who appreciates their honesty, courageous outbursts, and enthusiasm. They also want a partner who does not try to control them. Although passion is an important part of a romantic relationship, they also need to feel as if they are best friends with a lover. For them, friendship is the gateway to true personal intimacy and love.

What Sagittarians Look For

Sagittarians are not looking for a person to validate their attitudes or their views. But they are happiest when they can be with someone who is as intellectually curious as they tend to be. It is the intensity of someone’s dedication to their own ideas and not the ideas themselves that excites Sagittarians. For example, it is not unusual for a Sagittarian to fall in love with a person whose political, religious, or philosophical ideas are quite different from their own views. This makes for lively debate, another Sagittarian fondness.

If Sagittarians Only Knew…

If Sagittarians only knew that they could find much of the happiness they are looking for in their proverbial backyard, they might not feel as if they had to go so far afield to find it. While they congratulate themselves on being able to see things from a wide perspective, they should know that it is the details of day-to-day life that actually make up most of the bigger issues.


The person who contemplates becoming the marriage partner of a typical Sagittarius must realize that Sagittarius values his freedom above everything. In return, the person who partners Sagittarius can expect honesty and plenty of creative ideas.

Frank and friendly, Sagittarius wants a partner who can love him for his outspoken charm, not get hurt by it. His words and actions always show what he is thinking and feeling, so a potential partner should be quite clear about articulating her opinions and feelings, as well. Sagittarians don’t play games when it comes to love; they want a partner who is not weak and who does not retreat. In marriage, a partner must always ask—never tell—the Sagittarius to do something. Sagittarians do not respond well to authority.

Sagittarius’ Opposite Sign

Quick-witted, mercurial Gemini is Sagittarius’ complementary sign, and although there are some definite similarities between the two signs—intellectual curiosity and a love of conversation—there are also many things they can learn from each other. Gemini has an eye for details that helps broad-minded Sagittarius fill in the blanks. Plus, Gemini gives great parties and has a special talent for treating every conversation as if it is the best she’s ever heard. Sagittarius’ “no harm, no foul” attitude toward life teaches Gemini to be less anxious.

Pairing Up

In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between a Sagittarius and another individual can be described as follows:

Sagittarius with Sagittarius: Harmonious; lifetime lovers and best friends
Sagittarius with Capricorn: Harmonious, if Capricorn can learn to be more carefree
Sagittarius with Aquarius: Harmonious; these two are made for each other in every way
Sagittarius with Pisces: Difficult, unless Pisces can be less needy
Sagittarius with Aries: Harmonious; a passionate partnership
Sagittarius with Taurus: Turbulent, if Taurus attempts to control Sagittarius
Sagittarius with Gemini: Difficult, but the partners have the ability to challenge each other
Sagittarius with Cancer: Turbulent, because Cancer is security conscious
Sagittarius with Leo: Harmonious, though Leo can be stubborn
Sagittarius with Virgo: Difficult, since they are emotional opposites
Sagittarius with Libra: Harmonious, with a shared enthusiasm for life and love
Sagittarius with Scorpio: Harmonious, unless Scorpio makes too many demands

If Things Don’t Work Out

Sagittarians need freedom and do not do well with a possessive, clingy, or emotionally demanding partner. Sagittarians are usually quite generous, and so dislike pettiness in others. These differences, more than any other, are likely to be the reasons for a breakup. Sagittarians don’t often suffer through a dramatic parting; despite their winsome ways, they are really quite practical people. Even when they have decided to separate from a lover or marriage partner, they generally manage to remain friends.

Sagittarius at Work

When Sagittarians are required to act immediately, without having the time to think about what they are doing, they possess the courage to do anything they need to do. However, when they are allowed the luxury of enough time to think about what is required of them, they are inclined to be timid and cautious. It is important that Sagittarians not become so inspired by each new piece of wisdom they learn that they decide to put off the plans of yesterday to make yet another grand plan to change their life, and then cancel their plans tomorrow when new information becomes available.

It is also important that Sagittarians avoid their tendency to resist taking care of the details necessary to implement any successful plan. No sign is as fearless and broad-minded as Sagittarius is when it comes to encountering the new and the strange, yet Sagittarians need to develop tolerance for the necessary and the routine. By improving their education and job skills, especially management skills, they learn how best to delegate. Expending extra effort on studies comes back to a dedicated Sagittarius tenfold.

Typical Occupations

Professions that are good for a Sagittarius include travel, higher education, broadcasting, publishing, research, politics, motion pictures—especially documentaries—and writing books, as opposed to writing articles. Whatever Sagittarians do, they should approach it as a lifelong learning experience, rather than a job. They respond to the grand sweep of ideas and must have a career that allows them to share those ideas with others.

Sagittarians are versatile people. They are by nature teachers and philosophers. Nothing is better play to a Sagittarian than expounding on the moral principles, laws, and ideas that explain the universe. Through these traits they serve well as theologians or scientists.

They are also suited to the law, public service, or social administration. They do well in public relations, advertising, publishing, broadcasting, the Internet, as well as anything to do with the travel industry. Many Sagittarians are found in jobs that allow them to exercise their natural desire to see the world. Working outdoors, in sports or fitness, and with horses or other animals are ideal choices.

Behavior and Abilities at Work

In the workplace, the typical Sagittarius:

  • is versatile and multitalented
  • gets tired when bored
  • needs to do several things at once
  • may have to get outside
  • has creative ideas
  • needs physical and intellectual exercise

Sagittarius As Employer

A typical Sagittarius boss:

  • is generally optimistic
  • can market and sell anything well
  • may be quite blunt and expects people to say what they mean
  • thinks outside the box
  • may be hard to pin down
  • fights for what she believes is right
  • is broad-minded and thinks of the bigger picture
  • may overlook details

Sagittarius As Employee

A typical Sagittarius Personality employee:

  • works best when allowed freedom
  • is cheerful and good-natured
  • lifts everyone’s spirits with humor
  • responds quickly if his help is needed
  • needs to be appreciated
  • is usually a fast worker
  • is enthusiastic and interested
  • learns and expands his knowledge

Sagittarius Personality As Coworker

Sagittarians do well working with others, as they tend to be very generous and tolerant. In this way, they gain their coworkers’ trust and confidence. A Sagittarian’s expanded awareness enables her to deal with any petty jealousies that may arise with her successes. A Sagittarius should have sympathy for and from those she might have envied at one time, but she should also extend her compassion to those who are not as fortunate.

Details, Details

Many Sagittarians think of details as boring necessities. If they can delegate these details, they do so, so that they themselves can concentrate on broader concepts and the creative end of projects. Sagittarians don’t think small. They believe that it is best to think big, as if one owned the company one works for. It is important for them to break out of boring routines.

Sagittarians are better with details than they think. They remember names, birthdays, and other bits of information regarding the people they work with. They have a tremendous grasp of figures and can translate their meaning to more personal concepts. When they are told that they are good at these things, though, they may doubt the compliment.

Still, when they must deal with details on a regular basis, they have the potential to learn something vital. The process can teach them about timetables and how to stick to a schedule. Once Sagittarians understand that being good with detail-oriented matters does not interfere with their talent for big ideas, they are sure to become more amenable to working within smaller facets of a project.


Wealth and success may come to a Sagittarius through sports, everything that is natural and pure, animals—especially horses—philosophy, travel, justice, broadcasting, and publishing.

Handling money is a Sagittarian weakness. Economy does not come naturally to generous, expansive Sagittarians, so a few practical lessons should be taken into consideration; for example, rash spending should be curtailed. These restless, freedom-loving personalities need to learn that there are some financial planning rules that should be learned for their own good. Another weakness can be their certainty that they can gain a windfall through gambling or some other game of chance.

At Home

Sagittarians make their home wherever they happen to be; some have, or would like, several homes, while others may be permanent travelers. It is not unusual for Sagittarians to spend time living abroad, or to divide their time between two different countries.

Behavior and Abilities at Home

Sagittarius Personality typically:

  • is planning for the next trip
  • likes to be casual and laid-back
  • has mementos of travels around the house
  • enjoys making and receiving social visits
  • loves informal decor
  • is not a “neat freak”
  • loves to entertain friends and associates

Leisure Interests

Sagittarian leisure interests are varied and versatile. Sports are natural activities for Sagittarians, who enjoy the social contact as much as the competition. Long-distance travel to foreign places is one of the main Sagittarian interests. Some may prefer to “travel” in the world of literature, religion, or philosophy.

The typical Sagittarius enjoys the following pastimes:

  • reading about other cultures
  • risky sports or gambling
  • breeding animals and keeping pets
  • travel and exploration abroad
  • taking courses in philosophy
  • studying foreign languages
  • gatherings related to religion and spirituality

Sagittarius Personality Likes

  • freedom and being on the move
  • alternative ideas
  • luggage
  • natural remedies
  • inviting friends over for dinner
  • lotteries and raffles
  • new books
  • parties and flirting
  • workout clothes
  • exotic dishes

Sagittarius Personality Dislikes

  • being sedentary
  • disapproval from others
  • making commitments
  • being too confined
  • doing the dishes
  • taking care of details
  • having to get dressed up
  • small talk
  • close mindedness
  • formality
  • having to be on time

The Secret Side of Sagittarius Personality

Inside anyone who has strong Sagittarius Personality influences is a person who wants to be free. Possessive partners, conservative thinkers, and bureaucrats with whom Sagittarius comes into contact should be aware of this. The Sagittarian who is held back in life, in love, or in opportunity for spiritual growth will be unhappy.

Like the Centaur, one of the Sagittarian symbols, Sagittarius exercises conflict between mind and body. His purpose is to overcome this conflict so he may guide others.


Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, rules expansion, growth, the big picture, thinking big, being jovial, and being fortunate. Jupiter rules plain luck, but also the fortune that is the result of expanding one’s mind through learning and being open to new ideas. It rules expansion of all kinds, whether buying another business, adding a room, or increasing the size of our waistlines. When Jupiter energies are operating in your life, things will not go badly even if you do nothing at all.

Influenced by Jupiter, a person may go overboard in his enjoyment of the finer things in life and become a real “high liver.” It’s no wonder that Jupiter is said to rule the liver as well as the blood, veins, and arteries, as they carry life to the farthest reaches of our bodies, and our hips and thighs, which help to move us around the Earth.

Bringing Up a Young Sagittarius Personality

Most young Sagittarians enjoy learning but dislike being held back by what they see as needless rules. They are capable of setting their own standards and should be encouraged to do so. Sagittarian children hide their hurts, disappointments, and sorrows behind an optimistic belief that everything is bound to get better. The clown who laughs while her heart is breaking is behaving in a very Sagittarian way. It is important that the Sagittarian child be allowed to take advantage of opportunities for learning and socializing. It would also be an excellent idea to ensure that she has a higher education waiting for her when she is ready.

Sagittarian children may often question adult values and are eager to point out any adult hypocrisy that they notice. The best thing that the parents of a Sagittarian child can do is to be totally honest. In the case of young Sagittarius, there should be no pressure or possessiveness, but love should be given by way of encouragement and by showing pleasure. Broaden young Sagittarians’ horizons in every way possible. Giving them the means to travel is a good way, though traveling with them is best.

The Sagittarius Personality Child

The typical Sagittarius Personality child:

  • is impulsive and adventurous
  • is happy and playful
  • is active and gets bumps and bruises as a result
  • is interested in many subjects
  • expects total honesty
  • enjoys being with others
  • loves to play outdoors
  • asks endless questions
  • adores pets and animals
  • rarely sits still
  • enjoys being read to

Sagittarius As a Parent

The typical Sagittarius parent:

  • thinks globally, not locally
  • always answers questions honestly
  • has faith in children
  • provides access to a good education
  • is eager to talk and play with children
  • is stimulating company and fun, too
  • encourages children to travel when older
  • may expect too much intellectually
  • exposes children to diversity


Adventurous and active, Sagittarians fear being ill or confined. As they are so full of life, their energy levels fluctuate and often get depleted. They should watch out for excess weight around the hip and thigh areas, which are the parts of the body that Sagittarius rules.

Typical Sagittarians are healthy and energetic. Any kind of routine taxes the Sagittarian optimism. However, their positive outlook helps them to overcome illnesses quickly.

Sagittarians tend to take physical risks, so accidents arising from dangerous sports can be expected from time to time. The jovial Jupiter influence can lead a Sagittarian into indulgence in food or drink, which may lead to health problems.


Woody Allen

Kim Basinger

Ludwig van Beethoven

William Blake

Noel Coward

Winston Churchill

George Armstrong Custer

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Emily Dickinson

Joe DiMaggio

Walt Disney

Jane Fonda

Christopher Fry

Uri Geller

Jimi Hendrix

Bruce Lee

Bette Midler

Julianne Moore

Jim Morrison

Brad Pitt

Frank Sinatra

Steven Spielberg

Ben Stiller

Tina Turner

Mark Twain

“Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer.”